5 Trendy Danglers You Will Love to Pair With Your Western Wear

5 Trendy Danglers You Will Love to Pair With Your Western Wear

With the Met gala in current affairs, one thing that is established in earring trends are the danglers. Dangler earrings are hands-down the trend in earrings, and they are ruling the earring world with their different designs and styles. Dangler earrings, originally designed to be worn with western outfits, are now incorporated into Indian looks as well. However, they do their best to match the western outfits with all their might. A pearl dangler or a stone dangler are at the top of the trend due to the variety of colours and versatility of the material.

Drop danglers

trendy earrings for western wear

One of the most popular danglers in fashion is the drop dangler. They generally feature a stone or a pearl that drops below the earlobe. Made in gold, rose gold, and silver and decorated with pearls and diamonds for the best modern look ever.

Geometric danglers

Trendy earrings for western wear

Geometric danglers are enamel or metal danglers made in geometric patterns and designs. They are the most unique and fun-looking designs. Paired with a casual t-shirt and jeans look for a college day or a formal suit look for an office meeting.

Thread danglers

Trendy earrings for western wear

Thread danglers are the modern adaptation of the traditional sui-dhaga design in gold earrings. A thread dangler is threaded in through the piercing and hangs down the lobe. They are a nice date-night accessory because of their elegant and chic vibes.

Tassel danglers

Trendy earrings for western wear

Tassel danglers feature a nuch dropping down the ear like a corn tassel. They are made in gold, rose gold, and silver. A perfect statement-making addition to an ensemble. They are eye-catching and posh at the same time. Wear them with an off-shoulder dress or a party gown, and they will make you the diva of the evening.

Chandelier danglers

Trendy earrings for western wear

Chandelier danglers are the most worn dangler earrings at weddings and traditional events. They are a perfect fusion of modernity and tradition. They are the centre of attention and attraction wherever they are. Wear them on festivals or weddings and they will become the centrefold of any event.

These are some dangler earrings that are bound to make your western look a fashion statement. Explore the latest and most contemporary designs in dangler earrings in our long earrings collection. They are trendy, fashionable, and statement-making; add them to your wardrobe, and you won’t be disappointed.

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