7 Pearl Necklaces For Gowns: Wear It Like Queens

7 Pearl Necklaces For Gowns: Wear It Like Queens

Pearls have been an ornament for the royals since historic times. From Cleopatra to Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, pearls are a timeless elegance. Pearl necklaces are the epitome of elegance and grace, worn with versatility on different occasions. For a simple office look to a fashionably chic party look a pearl necklace can add its beauty to all these looks.

Pearl necklaces combined with gold, silver and diamonds all have their own characteristic value and beauty. With the variety in sizes, shapes and colours of pearls pearl necklaces are designed in a wide range of necklaces designs.

Pearls are versatile with all kinds of outfits from traditional sarees and lehengas to western wear such as short dresses and evening gowns. A simple pearl necklace chain can add gallons of elegance to any Western outfit, and that goes even for gowns. Black, blue or white whatever colour your gown is, pearl necklaces are the perfect match for a fashionable and sophisticated look at events.

Let us take a look at seven different types of pearl necklaces that can be worn with your gowns.

Simple Pearl Necklace With An Evening Gown

pearl necklace for gowns

An evening gown is often worn at celebratory events like parties, or charity events and fundraisers. Worn as an outfit that provides elegance and grace when combined with the serene beauty of pearl necklaces adds a definition to the ensemble. A simple pearl necklace that is a single-stranded pearl necklace as a statement piece is the best fit for an evening gown.

A flowy or ruffled or a balloon evening gown whatever the type your evening gown is, just a simple addition of a simple pearl necklace can really enhance a look. From white, beige to black and brown pearl necklaces provide the best contrast and a perfect match.

Riviere Or Layered Pearl Necklace With Wedding Gown

pearl necklace for gowns

The layered pearl necklace is among the trends these days. Riviere or layered pearl necklace are best to pair with your white wedding gown. Two pearl necklaces connected in one to form a statement making piece adds to the pure beauty of the bride. Layering two different lights of pearl necklaces or different colours any of the above can be a great match for a wedding gown.

Layered pearl necklaces can look good with all kinds of necklines from boat neck to v-neck and off shoulders. The rich layering of pearl necklaces add a centrefold to the bride’s outfit.

A Statement Pearl Necklace Prom Gown

pearl necklace for gowns

Proms are one of the most important events in a teenage girl's life. Prom gowns may be the centre of attraction for the day but without a matching necklace the whole look may seem empty. Pairing the prom gown with a statement pearl necklace will bring out a memorable look for years. A statement pearl necklace with a prom gown provides the princess look every girl dream for.

Pearl Choker Necklace With A Cocktail Gown

pearl necklace for gowns

A pearl choker necklace is elegant and bold at the same time. A cocktail gown is generally body-con with trails adding a pearl choker can really be a great choice. A pearl choker necklace with a cocktail gown provides the best elegantly chic look. This will be perfect for a fun and fashionable party look.

A Collar Necklace With A Bridesmaid Gown

pearl necklace for gowns

Collar necklaces made with pearls are the perfect fit for a bridesmaid gown. Bridesmaids wearing a collar necklace with their gown will be eye-catching with whatever colour or style they wear. Bridesmaids are the second to the attention after the bride. The necklace worn by bridesmaids shouldn’t steal the bride’s spotlight but they should still be able to stand as beautiful as the bride’s.

Lariat Pearl Necklace With Graduation Gown

pearl necklace for gowns

Another important day in a woman’s life is the graduation day. When a woman graduates it provides her with the confidence to face the world on her own from then on. It is very important that she remembers the day for all the pretty reasons. A lariat or multi strand pearl necklace is simple, casual but fashionable at the same time. Wear it on any kind of outfit and your graduation gown on top and enjoy the stylish lariat pearl necklace in your graduation pictures.

Single Pearl Necklace Chain With Maternity Gown

pearl necklace for gowns

A single pearl necklace chain is the best for a new mother and her maternity gown. Adding a stylish point to the simple maternity gown can bring a sense of femininity and beauty to a new mother. After a woman becomes a mother there comes a sense of insecurity with the change in body and hormonal balance. Wearing an elegant piece of necklace in their neck can make them remember themselves and the beauty within. Wearing a pearl necklace with maternity can even bring the benefits of pearl stone and give them strength and integrity.

These are the seven types of pearl necklaces to be worn with different gowns. Match your gown the best with the type of pearl necklace that suits the outfit and occasion. And enjoy the surreal beauty pearl necklaces bring to any look!

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