7 Types of Wardrobe Essential Pendants For Every Woman

7 Types of Wardrobe Essential Pendants For Every Woman

Pendants or pendant necklaces are every girl's favorite accessory. It is a piece of Jewelry that can never go wrong. They go from casual to formal to a stylish evening look without putting in much effort. Pendants are a small hanging piece attached to a simple chain or necklace. They add style-defining couture to your look while keeping you minimal.

Pendant sets form an essential part of a woman's wardrobe as they add a touch of femininity and oomph to any outfit. They are the perfect go-to Jewelry from runway to reality.

Considering modern jewelry trends, pendants are everywhere. They have hacked every style and outfit by making it stylish and elegant like never before. Costume pendants or imitation pendants are available in all styles and themes – Vintage or Modern, Minimal, or Statement. Gone are the days of fine, expensive pendant necklaces that burn a hole in your pocket and make you carry the same pendant all year long.

Here, we have curated a list of 7 must-have pendant necklaces to match your charisma and comfort.
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Casual Pendants

Casual pendants are versatile, classic, and fashionable and add a little bling to your everyday look. They are sleek simple pendants that are comfortable yet add personality to your look. Casual pendants can be of metal, enamel, crystal, or stone. They are simple designs like floral, hearts, bows, motifs, or symmetrical patterns. They blend perfectly with any outfit and elevate your look when you're feeling to dress up more than usual.

Business Pendants

Pendants are an elegant addition to your office ensembles. A simple chain with charms goes perfectly with a blazer or a perfectly cut professional dress. A little flash with formal wear adds confidence and appeal to your look. It also completely depends on your office environment and the type of work. If your work allows, you can also go for layering of pendants and statement jewelry.

Gemstone Pendants

If you are looking for something that is effortlessly glamorous, then gemstone pendants are the perfect pick for you. The vibrant colors and vivid appearance of gemstones make them a coveted accessory for a modern woman. It comes in a variety of designs, from simple to bold and minimal to flashy. They add radiance and can dazzle up any outfit. Also, each gemstone holds significance and attributes that can be used to define one's personality. For example, ruby signifies love, sapphire signifies loyalty while emerald indicates faithfulness.

Pearl Pendants

Pearls are the most classic and timeless piece of jewelry than never go out of fashion and can last for generations. They signify sophistication and luxury. Pearl pendant necklaces are versatile and a great selection that can go with any type of outfit or occasion – casual or formal. One can never be over-dressed or under-dressed with a piece of pure and luxurious jewelry like pearls. They make a perfect choice for gifts as no woman can resist the charm of pearls. They are always appropriate and can never go out of vogue.

Statement Pendants

Contemporary and chic designs that allow experimenting and make things playful with your jewelry. Statement pendants are getting more popular as the young modern women look for personality in their outfit and want to gain attention without being obvious. These pendants craft a signature look for you and make you stand out in the crowd. They are easy to layer and fuse with any dress and occasion. They carve out your personal traits and speak for you even before you introduce yourself.

Enamel Pendant

Enamel pendants are the most artistic and exquisite pieces of jewellery. The rich palette of colorful enamel can transform anything into something more than just a decorative design. It is fine-looking and soothing and perfectly complements vibrant outfits. Although it is an ancient form of art, it is still popular among young girls in today's era. A good enamel plating can last for years and even generations. You can pair it anywhere from the office to casual to a night at a party, it is sure to steal hearts.

Heart Pendant

Heart pendants are extremely personal and sentimental pieces of Jewelry. They can be an expression of love, celebrate togetherness or a precious gift from your beloved. They signify love and care for a special someone while making a subtle statement. They come in a broad range of colors, materials, styles, and designs. Heart-shaped pendants or heart lockets make a perfect gift for the anniversary and birthdays of your beloved wife or girlfriend.

So, update your wardrobe today and make heads turn tomorrow. 

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