8 Different Types Of Necklace Chains

Necklace chains are the most flexible pieces of jewellery out there. Necklace sets for women are probably the most important pieces of jewellery when it comes to styling. Chains provide a lot of flexibility when styling and have the ability to adapt according to the occasion. The sheer number of necklace chains that one can get their hands on is unbelievable, which makes them highly desirable and popular among women. The variety that each of these chains is unique to one another and that is what we are going to discuss in this article.

Ball Chain

Probably the most common chains in the market, these chains are considered the most mundane necklace sets for women. Ball chains cannot be worn as they are but should be combined with a pendant to make them look appealing.

Ball chains are made by combining beads that are usually made out of steel and are combined using metal links. The metal links provide a fair amount of flexibility to the chain. Though these chains are common in a collection of necklaces they are rarely worn because of their weak structure and difficulty to repair when broken.

These chains can be paired with a very limited number of outfits and are considered the least flexible necklace sets when it comes to styling.

Figaro Chain

Figaro chains are more stylish when compared to ball chains, thanks to their complex structural design. Figaro chains are made by linking three small oval or circle links and then linked to a much bigger oval link until the whole chain is complete.

These sturdy necklaces are easy to repair when broken, and replacing the broken links doesn't look out of place. These chains are sturdy and can support larger pendants.

Figaro chains are pleasing to look at and can be styled with many different outfits. These chains go well with a mini dress or a kurti. The necklace by itself might be very plain but when paired with a pendant and a chain bracelet to compliment it, the style is beautifully crafted.

Link Chain

This chain is very simple to look at, but the structure is very elegant with its alternating flat and wide linking pattern. This necklace set for women is usually made up of round or oval links and is a perfect styling option for a wide range of outfits.

Link chains are easy to handle and repair. The links can be replaced without much trouble and the overall integrity of the necklace for the most part remains unharmed. Link chains can be best styled with a shift dress or an a-line dress with a simple pendant or just by itself. With a link chain, the possibilities for experimenting are endless. Try it out yourself!

Rolo Chain

Rolo chains are perhaps the most interesting necklace chains out there. Rolo chains are formed when symmetrical circle links are tightly combined to form an elegant chain. Rolo chains are amazing to look at and project a sense of elegance when worn. These chains can either be worn as it is or can be paired with a simple pendant or a pearl pendant to complete the look.

These chains are usually made of stainless steel. A rolo chain can be paired with many outfits and has an element of styling flexibility which makes them very popular. We love to combine these chains with a shirt dress or a sheath dress and complete the look by wearing a pair of dangler earrings and tennis bracelets. Get yourself a beautiful rolo necklace set for women and start experimenting with your looks.

Cable Chain

This chain is perhaps the most popular of all the necklace chains to exist. These chains are made from circular links extended by thin metal strips and this repeats itself until a chain is made. Cable chain necklaces are easy to care for and can be easily repaired when the links are broken.

Cable chains are mostly made of yellow gold or white gold. These chains go well with most outfits and can be styled in various ways with pearl pendants or enamel pendants. Cable chain necklaces can be paired with a tea-length dress or a gown and can be completed with a simple bracelet and drop earrings.

Rope Chain

As the name suggests these chains depict the structure of a rope. The twisted structure also adds to the physical integrity and strength of the chain. These chains are sturdy enough not to break and can support heavy pendants which adds a layer to the entire style.

Rope chains can be worn without any pendants. They look elegant with or without pendants which makes them flexible to style. These pieces of art can be paired with an elegant pair of earrings which helps in more flexible styling. A denim dress when paired with a rope chain brings out a very stylish look. Try this combination and let us know how it worked for you!

Snake Chain

This jewellery set is the sleekest chain one can have in their collection. These elegant chains can be worn as they are and need not be paired with a pendant. These chains are made of thin round links placed next to each other forming a smooth structure that is amazing to look at.

These chains are mostly made out of gold. Snake chains can be worn with kurtis and sarees. Simple pendants can be styled with these chains to create a simple and elegant that completes the entire look with much poise. Snake chains are also very flexible to style which opens a plethora of options in terms of their use in making fashion statements.

Wheat Chain

Wheat chains get their names from the wheat stalk-like design that is replicated by the linking oval links in a certain manner. These chains are stylish to look at and are sturdy in terms of strength.

Wheat chains are mostly made of gold and can be paired with amulet pendants which makes the entire look very classic. Wheat chains can be paired with a blazer dress or any traditional outfit to complete the look with class and elegance.

These are eight of the many necklace chains that are available in the market. The fun part of chains is that they can be styled in many different ways which opens many avenues of fashion making them one the most popular and flexible among women when choosing jewellery sets. Different chains can also be stacked together to create layering styles which are absolutely amazing when it comes to fashion.

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