8 Types Of Bracelet Clasps You Should Know About

When we look at a bracelet, the clasp, the thing that holds the bracelet in place, is probably the last thing on our minds. Bracelets are typically worn on a daily basis, and the proper clasp will prevent wear and tear caused by daily activities, thereby preserving the quality. This most overlooked aspect is critical to an accessory's durability and overall appearance. Clasps, like bracelets, come in a wide range of styles. Choosing the right clasp will make the jewellery look artistic while also providing the best finishing touch. Given the weight and length of the bracelet, they can either stand out as a centrepiece or be hidden. Each clasp is one-of-a-kind, but they all serve the same purpose: security while remaining fashionable. Here is a list of 10 clasp designs you need to consider before buying your next bracelet.

 Fish Hook Clasp 

Perfect for a lightweight bracelet, the "fish hook" clasp, true to its name, looks like a fishhook when it is fastened. On one end, it has a hook, and on the other, an oval box; the hook goes into the box and locks, giving it a sophisticated look. Considered one of the most glamorous options, they are often decorated with diamonds and pearls.

Lobster Clasp 

Ideal for bracelet design that is light to medium weight, one of the most commonly used types of clasps, and considered ideal for bracelets, lobster clasp has a closed loop with a lever to be pushed down to open a path to claw the ring on the other side. To fix it, loosen the lever, and you're good to go.

Toggle Clasp

One of the fanciest options out there, toggle clasps are designed to add style and glamour to the piece. It has a long, slightly wider bar in the shape of a "T," and another end has an open circle. By slightly tilting, the bar locks in place in the circle, fixing the ornament in place. Highly aesthetic and uncomplicated, toggle clasps are the right choice for adding the finishing elements to the bracelet design.

S-Hook Clasp 

One of the simplest designed clasps has a hook in the shape of an "S" attached to one end and a small circular ring on the other end. The hook goes into the ring, and for extra safety, slightly pinching one end of the hook does the job. Basic but safe and ideal for chain bracelets, S-hook clasps are one of the oldest ones used for bracelets.

Magnetic Clasp 

A magnetic clasp is an easy solution for those who find working other clasps difficult. It has steady magnets on both sides, locking the bracelet when snapped together. Though the magnet won't come out very easily, an easy-to-use magnetic clasp may not be the most secure choice. Perfect for chain or thread bracelets, a magnetic clasp gives a textured look to the bracelet design.

Barrel Clasp 

Also known as a screw clasp, the barrel clasp is one of the most secure ways of closing bracelets for women. Some might find it a bit complex to use because of its unconventional design. made of metal pieces attached to both sides of the bracelet that look like screws by inserting one in the other and twisting to fasten, resembling the shape of a barrel. The screw-like structure allows for security, making it ideal for medium- to heavy-weight bracelet design.

Box Clasp

Simple and secure, the box clasp is said to be used more for diamond or tennis bracelets. The box clasp is one-of-a-kind and is locked by squeezing a wedge-shaped metal portion into the other portion shaped like a box. A secure and decorative box clasp can be worn with one hand. To open them, squeezing the other portion is a must. This simple system provides security but is not ideal for something to wear every day.

Hook And Eye Clasp 

A simple take on an S-shape clasp, a short hook like a pin, secured by attaching it to the circular ring "eye" on the other side of the bracelet. Its simple design makes it perfect for daily wear but not ideal for a heavy ensemble. 

Choosing the right clasp for the bracelet is vital for both safety and the overall look of the design. Now that you know all about the security, get your hands on the wide range of Blingvine’s bracelet for women