A Brief Guide on How to Style Pendant Sets with Different Outfits

Have you ever wondered why pendant sets and necklaces are the first ones that come to your mind when you think of jewellery? Well, it’s because pendant sets are the most common pieces of jewellery found in almost every household due to the amount of flexibility they offer to the wearer.

Pendants come in many shapes and designs and each design has its uniqueness and purpose. A locket can have an emotional connection with the wearer and can be a great conversation piece, whereas a teardrop pendant can also have an emotional connection with the wearer but it might have an amazing design and be less of a conversation piece. Blingvine has an amazing collection of pendant sets ready to order. We here at Blingvine always like to keep up with current fashion trends which encourages us to come up with new jewellery often. Keep an eye out as you might not want to miss the chance of getting your hands on our latest pendant sets.

Fasten your seat belts as we dive into the world of fashion and pendants. In this post, we talk about the different types of pendants and how to style them with the most popular outfits of our time. We also give out our recommendations on best outfits to pair with each type of pendant set! With all that being said, let us start!


 Every woman, whatever might be the occasion loves to dress up in a saree, the reason being the elegance that this six-yard piece of cloth brings in. The flexibility a saree has when it comes to styling is unparalleled. No matter which generation you are from, a saree always has something to offer. A saree might be the only outfit that can connect generations by adapting with time. Now let us look at the different types of pendants that go well with sarees and how to style them.

Crystal Pendant Set  

These pendants are minimalistic and revolve around one centrepiece, the crystal. This crystal can further be supported by other elements or can be the crystal alone. This type of pendant can be paired with simple cotton sarees and casual sarees. This pendant helps elevate the elegance of these simple sarees to a whole new level.

Teardrop Pendant Set 

These simple pendants come in various colours and materials but at the end of the day, they maintain the shape of a teardrop. Teardrop pendant sets can be styled with various types of sarees starting from simple cotton saree to printed sarees that have small to medium prints. The main goal is for the pendant to be the centre of attention when paired with a saree. Check out our collection of amazingly curated teardrop pendant sets. 

Pearl Pendant Set

There are two types of pearl pendant sets and when you are going for a pendant set to pair with your saree then we advise you to go with the pearl pendant necklace with multiple pearls. Pearl signifies royalty and luxury and pearl pendants go best with silk sarees and Banarasi sarees.

Medallion Pendant Set 

These circular or oval-shaped pendant sets are a must-have in your collection. The circular shape when combined with a simple engraving or embossing can bring out the character of the jewellery and put the entire look on a pedestal. 

Fancy Pendant Set: Our Choice

A fancy pendant is anything that does not adhere to the standard concept of a pendant style but provides the same functionality. A pendant need not always be a single piece of stone, gem or pearl but can be a set of many. Fancy pendant sets 

go extremely well with Jacquard sarees and linen sarees as they can blend well with a grand saree and also make a simple saree look fancy at the same time. Try out a fancy pendant set from our collection and let us know how it worked for you!

Black Gowns 

The darkest, yet the most preferred colour among generations. Black has us all charmed with its depth and simplicity at the same time. There is something about this colour that draws us and that something, is the amount of flexibility it allows one to style with various accessories. Now, combine this colour with a gown and you have the closest thing to perfection. The combination of black and gown is the symbol of class and elegance. Get yourself a black gown and we will help you accessorise it with the best pendant sets out there.

Gemstone Pendant Set 

The colour black complements all colours and that is why a gemstone pendant is a perfect choice to pair with a black gown. The colourful gemstone can be a lone attraction or be combined with an encasing to secure it. The encasing further adds a bit of style making the overall fashion statement stunning, to say the least. Try a gemstone pendant set with a black A-line gown and be amazed by this combination.

Teardrop Pendant Set 

Teardrop pendant sets are simple to look at and offer that minimalistic look that is desired while wearing a black gown. That is why, we think this combination is one not to be missed. The various colours and extra designs that these pendants come in open many opportunities to try out different combinations. Pair a teardrop pendant with modified A-line gowns to bring out the best of both the pendant and the gown.

Casual Pendant Set 

When we say casual pendant sets, it means that we have many types of pendants ranging from simple floral pendants, heart pendants, bow pendants, and many more. Get yourself one of these pendants and pair it with your black gown to get a fantastic result.

Pearl Pendant Set  

The beautiful combination of a black gown and a white pearl necklace set.  This combination oozes class and elegance. When wearing a black gown you can either go with a single pearl pendant or a one with multiple pearls. There is almost nothing that can go wrong with this combination.  Our favourite of this combination is a single pearl necklace in tandem with a black empire waist gown.

Long Pendant Set: Our Choice  

This combination is by far our favourite. A long pendant with a sleek necklace will look gorgeous with a black gown. A long necklace pendant can come in various designs and we can guarantee you that all these pendants can add an extra flair to a classy black empire waist gown, or a black sheath gown and complete a stunning look. We here at Blingvine have an amazing collection of pendants and we want you to check them out for your next outing!

Loopy Pendant Set
Loopy Pendant Set
₹ 3,000

This Pendant Set is a reminder that amidst the worldly comings and goings, how frequently endings become beginnings. Loopy collection is for those strong women who never give up, learn from their failures and turn them into success. Although, this simple necklace is for daily causal usage, its plating in 18K rose gold and top quality crystals from Swarovski lining the rim assure that they’re a winner in their genre! 

Stylist’s Notes:

This casual to semi-formal pendant set is ideal for workplace, college or for a semi formal occasion. The design is modern and can look perfect with indian as well as western outfits.

The dangling earrings are equally stunning, and they can make heads turn on their own!

What's Included: 

  • 1 chain necklace with pendant
  • 1 pair of dangling earrings


  • Crystals from Swarovski
  • 18 K rose gold plating
  • High grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Pendant Length: 70mm
  • Pendant Width: 15mm
  • Earrings Length: 60mm
  • Earrings Width: 12mm
  • Chain Length: 390mm + 50mm of extension chain


Shararas are probably the most trendy pieces of bottom wear and yet underrated. The most appealing thing about sharara is the sheer amount of flexibility it provides. This flexibility allows us to style our outfits with an open mind and freedom which in turn creates amazing new styles and fashion statements. Let us now look at the pendants that complement the ever-flexible sharara. 

Fancy Pendant Set  

What happens when a flexible outfit meets a flexible pendant set? You get an amazing number of combinations to style yourself! A fancy pendant can be anything from one single amulet to multiple pieces of jewellery combined. Try sharara pants with a crop top and dupatta and combine them with a fancy pendant set to achieve a glamorous look.

Pearl Pendant Set 

When you pair a single pearl pendant necklace set with a plain dark top and sharara pants you are definitely on the path of making a fashion statement that is there to stay. This minimalistic style is not to be missed for a casual meet. Blingvine has curated a collection of pearl pendants just for you! Make sure you check it out and get one for yourself and your loved ones!

Gem Pendant Set  

As gem pendant sets come in various colours, so do sharara pants, and this availability of a diverse number of colours makes the outfit and the accessory perfect for each other. A combination of a colourful top with subtle prints and a complimentary sharara with a simple gem pendant set is the definition of simplicity at its best.

Solitaire Pendant Set 

As the name suggests, these pendants are solitary. These pendants for women usually are made up of a single stone, gem, or crystal which makes them easy on the eyes. You can wear a long top with a suitable sharara bottom, and a matching dupatta, and combine it with a solitaire pendant set, and a gorgeous look is born. 

Long Pendant Set  

Though this combination might seem unconventional, they go very well with each other. Our suggestion is to try a combination of a crop top, a printed jacket, and a matching sharara with a long necklace. Trust us on this and you will not regret this stunning fashion statement. 

Halo Pendant Set: Our Choice 

We are not exaggerating when we say that a halo pendant is the absolute best choice to pair a sharara set with. This combination of a sharara set with a printed jacket is stunning when paired with a halo pendant as it combines simplicity and glamour in an astonishingly elegant manner. Check out our pendant sets collection for your next dress-up for a special event.

Aurelia Crystal Pendant Necklace Set - Blingvine
Aurelia Pendant Set
₹ 2,700

When days go by effortlessly in creating something with utmost love and devotion, a designer piece like Aurelia pendant set comes in existence. Gorgeous design made out of high quality raw material, this stunning piece totally deserves to sit daintily on your neckline.

Stylist’s Notes:

These youthful set can be effortlessly dressed up or down, can transition from casual to formal setting, can complement traditional or western outfits;  you just need to put your imagination to work.

What's Included:

  • 1 pair of dangling earrings
  • 1 pendant necklace


  • AAA Italian crystals
  • 18K white gold plating
  • High grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Length of necklace: 40 cm
  • Extension Chain: 5 cm
  • Pendant Length: 3 cm
  • Earring Length: 2 cm
  • Please Refer to the model photos for size reference


Probably the toughest outfit material out there, jeans are one the most common pair of trousers. Apart from their tough material, jeans are also considered one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. The number of styling options that a pair of jeans provide is truly amazing. Jeans come in many colours, patterns, and different types of fittings all the while maintaining the same denim texture. Jeans are something that no one gives thought to and something that one puts on without much effort. Let us now look at various pendant sets that go with jeans and how to style them.

Teardrop Pendant Set 

These simple pendant sets, when paired with a slender necklace look very simple and aesthetic. This easy-on-the-eye pendant set comes in multiple colours that open up many styling options and help you pretty, without much effort. We like to pair this pendant set with a linen shirt and any dark jeans for that semi-professional look.

Fashion Pendant Set  

This combination of jeans, a t-shirt, and a fashion pendant is a must-try. The pendant in whatever shape it might be helps you up the fashion game in a simple manner. Check out our collection of carefully crafted fashion pendants and start getting ready for your next meeting with your friends.

Locket Pendant Set 

These pendant pieces make for an amazing conversation piece. Apart from being a great conversation piece, the locket pendant also adds to the fashion statement in a minimalistic manner. Our pick for this look is a combination of jeans, a kurti, and a locket pendant for a pleasant look on a nice evening.

Pearl Pendant Set

There is very little that can go wrong when it comes to styling a pearl pendant set. You can combine your cross-over top with a pair of jeans and top it off with a single pearl pendant for that simple look.

Stone Pendant Set: Our Choice 

These colourful pendant sets go extremely well with almost all outfits. However, our favourite combination is a hoodie, a pair of jeans, and your choice of colourful gem pendant set to achieve that simple yet charming look. Check out our stone pendant collection and get yourself and your loved ones a beautiful stone pendant.


Who doesn't like an elegant kurti? Kurtis are simple yet beautifully made pieces of clothing that have a long history in India. Over time the styles and designs have changed but the essence has remained the same. The reason why kurtis are so popular is because of the comfort they provide to the wearer and the number of available designs. Kurtis are also flexible when it comes to styling which is another added advantage. Let us now have a look at the styling options with pendants while wearing kurtis. 

Birthstone Pendant Sets 

These pendant sets are available in many different shapes and colours depending on the birthstone, though they have an astrological significance they also have variety when it comes to styling and hence are popular choices to pair with kurtis. 

Casual Pendant Set 

These pendants are one of the most versatile pendants out there. The sheer number of designs this category of pendant has is amazing. With so many designs your option for styling them with your kurtis are endless. Check out our collection of casual pendants! 

Pearl Pendant Set  

Pearl necklaces are timeless beauties and go extremely well with kurtis. Try pairing an elegant kurti with simple floral prints and a pearl pendant set and let us know what you think!

Contemporary Pendant Set

As time keeps passing by fashion too seems to evolve, and this evolution has given birth to modern-day pendants with unique designs. As we know kurtis have been popular for a long time, and what better way to style them than by pairing them with a contemporary pendant set? 

Teardrop Pendant Set: Our Choice

As simple as teardrop pendant sets might be, they make an impact whenever worn. The teardrop pendant set is our go-to jewellery when styling with kurtis. Visit the Blingvine website and check out our vast collection of teardrop pendant sets.

Little Black Dress 

The Little Black Dress is one of the most stylish outfits out there in the market right now. These cute pieces of dress always make a statement and are very popular among young people. Let us now look at the different types of pendant sets that can be paired with this dress.

Halo Pendant Set  

This pendant set primarily made out of white stones will look perfect when combined with a little black dress. This style not only looks elegant but also makes an appealing fashion statement.

Ring as a Pendant   

This concept has taken off lately and is a very popular type of pendant among young folks to pair with a little black dress. Try this combination and let us know how it worked out for you!

Long Necklace Pendant Set  

The little black dress has a fashion statement of its own. A long necklace pendant compliments the dress as a whole by adding a little bit of flair and charm.

Solitaire Pendant Set   

A single stone pendant and nothing else, this pendant set is the definition of simplicity. Try combining a solitaire pendant set with your little black dress and notice the subtle yet elegant change in the overall look. 

Dangler Pendant Set: Our Choice 

This type of pendant set is our favourite when it comes to styling a little black dress. Dangler pendant set adds substance to the look and lets you feel like the boss you are. Check out dangler pendant sets and add them to your collection on pendant sets, so you don't have to worry about what to accessorise with your little black dress.

Short Dresses 

Short dresses are the most popular and sought-after outfits these days. Short dresses come in a plethora of different styles which makes them a wonderful candidate for styling with different types of pendant sets.

Heart Pendant Set   

This lovely set of pendants is a must-have in every woman's closet. The heart shape adds a certain aura to the entire look and makes the wearer endearing. Combine this pendant set with a skater short dress and you are good to go.

Dangler Pendant Set  

Dangler pendant set goes very well with any type of short dress. Try pairing a dangler pendant set with a beautiful baby-doll dress and look magical! Check out our collection of dangler pendant sets and let us know how it worked out for you. 

Gemstone Pendant Set  

If you are going for a minimalistic look, then gemstone pendants are your go-to option. These simple stones amplify the already glamorous look.

Medallion Pendant Set  

These pendant sets are very rarely used these days. Medallion pendants when used in the right manner can go really well with a short dress. Try styling a medallion pendant with a sweater short dress the next time you go out.

Crystal Pendant Set: Our Choice 

Crystal pendants come in several colours and shapes making them very flexible to pair with different types of outfits. This pendant set combines exceptionally well with a cocktail dress and adds glam to the overall look and is our favourite of all.

Cherry Purple Crystal Pendant Necklace Set - Blingvine Jewellery
Cherry Pendant Set - Purple
₹ 2,800

Infused with the charm of fresh vibrant color, this gorgeous purple piece is all about youth and fun. The metallic design is spectacularly stunning and the Clear Swarovski elements and Purple Austrian crystal just add to the beauty.

Stylist’s Notes:

This chic pendant set is for ladies who like radiate youth. The White High Quality Imported American Diamonds work looks expensive while the gorgeous purple crystals add the vibrance. Perfect for office wear or a casual day out when you want to look gorgeous but don't want to attract too much attention.

The Stud style earrings are equally stunning and can be worn separately or with the necklace.

What's Included:

  • 1 pair stud earrings
  • 1 pendant necklace


  • Purple Austrian Crystal 
  • High Quality Imported American Diamonds
  • 18K yellow gold plating
  • High-grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Length of necklace: 40 cm + 5cm extension chain
  • Length of the earrings: 1.5 cm
  • Kindly refer to model images for size reference

Now that you are aware of how to style pendant sets for various types of outfits, check out our website for the best pendant sets in the market and start experimenting on your next look! Until next time, stay safe and stay blingy!