All You Need to Know About Diamond Earrings for Men - Now & Trending

All You Need to Know About Diamond Earrings for Men - Now & Trending

Men’s earrings are back in mainstream and diamond earrings are leading. Earrings for men are not new accessories but have been around since centuries. You would think men’s jewellery is restricted to cuff links, rings, bracelets, or chains. You’d be surprised that kings and warriors have always worn diamond earrings. Round and bold silver hoops was one of the accessories of ancient soldiers. Vintage earrings of legendary maharajas and kings displays their love for jewellery especially diamond earrings. Certainly not feminine, but power statements. It’s rare to find artists and creative folks who don’t have a love for diamond earrings. It’s a bold expression of one’s essence.

Trending designs in diamond earrings for men

Diamond earrings give you that edgy rugged look. Be roguish, macho, corporate, or handsome, and you’ll still find a diamond earring that really works for you.


Simple diamond studs work best. You could go with any colour. White diamonds suit the sophisticated look you want to have. Rule the room with this diamond stud. The black diamond stud is all about glamour and danger. A combination of black and white diamonds can be worn at meetings that demand a show of power. Diamond earrings for men work best with lots of attitude.


Creative and fun. Hoops with diamond stones are your best bet to look glam and artistic. Gold hoop diamond earrings for men in chunky design sums up your confidence quotient. Hollywood celebrities love this style. You’ll see diamond hoops trending, no matter what age. Diamond hoops for men have been a part of Indian heritage and history since ages.


The dangly diamond earring can have a small diamond stud suspended from its edge. Roguish but cute, such diamond earrings for men have a whimsical air about them. When you have a musical drive, a dangly diamond encrusted guitar is the perfect pitch.


A gold or silver cross with diamond embellishment is a religious icon you can carry. Try the one with diamond embellishments for drama and class. Cross earrings with diamonds are for men who love to flaunt their spiritual auras.


Try spikes that rock! Add diamonds to amp up the glam. Black diamonds on spike earrings are for men who own the “wild boy” vibe.

Novelty earrings

For men who have a defined or eclectic fashion sense. You will see many celebrities and fashion designers sport these types of diamond earrings for men. It matches their dress essence and soul spice.

Selecting the best diamond earrings for men

Look closely at the 4 C’s before you invest. Carat weight, colour grade, clarity, and cut are the pillar standards of good quality diamonds. White diamonds look classy and black one’s give you that rugged handsome vibe or the “bad boy” look. Everything depends on how you style the earrings. Go for 10K or 14K gold. This gold doesn’t tarnish and the bonding is stronger. Silver styles in diamond earrings for men are sleek. Other options that go well with diamond earrings for men are titanium and white gold. The princess cut in diamonds is top of the charts in earrings for men.

Styling diamond earrings for men

Diamond earrings suit clean shaven faces and macho beards. It’s all about the charisma you want to create. For the corporate conference dress with diamond studs in gold or silver. At a gala or event, try diamond earring danglers for men. For ethnic Indian wear, try diamond studs in both ears with sherwanis or blazers. Hoops are comfortable and great to wear with jeans and T’s. The norm is to wear one diamond earring in one ear. But you can experiment with styles and trends. When going clubbing, put on something fun like novelty earrings with diamond settings that match your bling vibe.

Face shape matters. Pick a diamond earring that creates a better silhouette. The diamond earring needs to accentuate your face cuts. For a roundish face, pick vertical lines like squares and emerald shaped earrings. Longish face can carry more rounded diamond earrings. If your earlobe is smallish pick a smaller karat size.

When you love jewellery, with two piercings you can wear hoops and stud on one earlobe. Match the colour of your frame with the earrings, if you wear spectacles. Style your other accessories with similar shapes and metal colours. Pick a bold link bracelet in white metal, that will gel with your diamond earrings.

Social norms and diamond earrings for men

For some men, wearing earrings may be daunting. Earrings may seem feminine but are quite masculine. Use clip-ons for trial and go for the gold and diamonds when you are good and ready. Earrings stimulate the energies of your body. Wear a diamond earring in the right ear to increase your machismo. Look into tales of hero’s and Gods. You’ll see while sporting swords and guns, they also wore earrings. Before you wear that diamond earring to the office, check with the company policy on jewellery for men. School policies matter too.

Diamonds are also for men. The first diamond was owned by a man and it’s on display at the Smithsonian. There was a phase when diamond earrings for men were out of fashion. Now their back and how! In India, men’s jewellery is quite common. Diamond and pearl earrings were worn by men with stature. Social standing demanded that men wear earrings with diamonds and gemstones.

The feminine opinion

Do women think men who wear diamond earrings are not macho? It’s not about wearing the diamond earring, it’s about styling it well with your outfit and attitude. The opinion is that diamond earrings on men are grand. They add to style and charm. Bluntly said, diamond earrings make the man more attractive. The earring shows he has a love for style and beauty. That’s always appreciated by women. Long hair, overalls, a macho beard or clean shaven, and a matching diamond earring, that’s a look no woman can ignore.