All You Need To Know About Jewellery Being A Beginner

All You Need To Know About Jewellery Being A Beginner

Learning the basics is the most important step when entering any new field. If you are new to jewellery and want to know a little more about it before buying one for yourself, we’ve brought you a handy guide to tell you all about jewellery and jewellery sets.

Jewellery is a significant partner to any look and requires a great deal of thought to go well with your imagination. Jewellery comes both in sets and single products. A necklace, with earrings and a head ornament called “maang tikka” is a standard Indian jewellery set while a jewellery set can differ according to occasion, style and preferences.

What Exactly Is A Jewellery Set, You Ask?

When buying jewellery one can either go shopping for the articles one by one or just get a set consisting of the matching articles. A jewellery set is a set of articles of accessories like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, nose rings, a girdle, an armlet, anklet basically everything that matches an ensemble.

Jewellery sets find a common place in weddings, family functions,festivals and religious rituals like pooja, katha,etc. The versatility in the designs of jewellery sets makes it a suitable choice for formal parties as well.

Types To Choose From

Broadly, jewellery sets can be classified into two types i.e. imitation or fashion jewellery and fine metal jewellery. These further have different styles and patterns all available for you to choose from.

Fine Metal Jewellery Sets

Jewellery sets made up of gold, silver, diamonds or pearls come under this category. Gold jewellery sets, silver jewellery sets, diamond and pearl jewellery sets have been in tradition for a long time now. It’s mostly composed of a necklace, a pair of earrings, a nose ring and a maang tikka. It follows the basic Indian tradition and style and is good for weddings and cultural programmes.

Imitation Jewellery

Modern world is a fashionable world to say the least. To be fashionable and economical together, imitation jewellery makes the best choice. Imitation jewellery is made up of gems and plated metals, designed and produced in all kinds of styles like formal party style, or wedding style,or the casual daily wear style. The fact that the names imitation and fashion jewellery are used interchangeably tells a lot about how they have become the norm in our society.

Elements In A Jewellery Set

A jewellery set comprises a number of accessories that come together to form a matching addition to an ensemble. Here are some of the types of jewellery that constitutes a jewellery set.


These are the pieces of jewellery that adorn our necks with beauty and glamour. They come in various styles, suitable according to the occasion and the preference of the bearer. The pendant style for formals, the choker style for a wild party night, the statement style for that classy family function, or the traditional wedding you are to attend. They are available in all ranges from the heaviest to lightest or the simplest to the most complex designs.


Earrings are the piece of accessories that make our ears look pretty and help give a totally different look to our face. The earrings therefore are mainly based on the preference of the person wearing them. Various forms of earrings can be the funky studs, the classy tops, the casual hoops to the long dangling earrings that grace our prettiest occasions.

Nose Rings

Nose rings decorate our noses with a single floral nose pin or a big round nose ring for the brides to mark their special day. These come in all forms from the stylish and modern designs to the traditional long ‘naths’.

Maang Tikka

Ornaments that adore our heads, styled as a bindiya in the middle or at the side of our heads. These have been an integral part of an Indian jewellery set from centuries and still are frequently seen in traditional functions like weddings.

Armlets And Bracelets

These are ornamental pieces to decorate our forearms and wrists like the royals. The armlets can be seen in weddings. The bracelets have gained a total new exposure and gained a big market for them. Bracelets can be found in all kinds of patterns and are now a must-have among accessories.

Girdle Or Kardhani

Embracing our waist with elegance and beauty are the girdles or “kardhani”. They are a part of traditional clothes of many Indian states and cultures. Looking like a belt, they can make any simple outfit stylish.


This is a chain-like jewellery piece that is worn on the ankles, generally made in silver and oxidised metal with pearls and beads. They find an important part in Indian households. They have various meanings to them based on which part of the country you are from.


Our beautiful fingers that do so much for us all without getting tired, must be rewarded with an ornament of their own. Rings are like a part of us that stay with us almost all the time. The fact that they can be used regularly and do not require much effort in maintenance make them a great choice of jewellery for daily use.

How To Make Your Own Jewellery Set?

You can style your own fashionable jewellery set. First take a look at the event you have to put on the ensemble for.

For an office party at your workplace, a simple pendant necklace with a matching tear-drop earring and a pearl bracelet can give you a perfect formal but stylish look.

For a casual family outing, a set of hooped earrings with a chain necklace or a riviere necklace makes a good look with a link bracelet and a band ring to provide that funky look you might be looking for.

For a traditional Indian wedding, a nice and heavy lariat necklace with long jhumkas, a nose ring that you prefer and a girdle at the waist is good to go.

A jewellery set can be anything you are comfortable wearing and you think suits you the best. So mix and match, colour coordinated or contrast, just go for it.

Jewellery Sets For Women, Online

There are some basic sets of jewellery available in the market based on occasions. These sets can be directly purchased both offline and online.

Bridal Jewellery Set

The most commonly searched and purchased jewellery sets are for the brides. It consists of all the jewellery that one can wear from necklace to anklets and nose rings to bracelets. It makes it easier for the bride to get all that she needs at the same place.

Gold Jewellery Set

Gold jewellery sets, like the name suggests, are made up of fine gold metal or gold-plated jewellery. These can again be found in stores and online. The gold plated jewellery sets are among the choices of today and the fact that a whole set of jewellery can be easily found makes it all the more convenient.

Imitation Jewellery Set

The imitation or fashion jewellery sets are one of the most sought out categories in the jewellery section. They are available in trendy designs and modern patterns. The bright and colourful appearance is the attraction for most young females.

Where To Find Your Pick?

There are various physical stores and online stores where you can get the exact jewellery piece you are looking for. Especially with the online stores, nothing can be more convenient. They are easily accessible from any device and most even work well on cell-phones. The customer care services, and easy return and exchange policies give us the freedom to choose the best we want.

Now that you know almost everything you should before your experience with jewellery. Here at Blingvine, we have got a great jewellery collection you must take a look at for your first ever purchase.