Best Anniversary Gift for Mom in 2022: Gifting Guide from Blingvine

The marriage anniversary of parents is one such occasion that is shared equally by the whole family including the kids. It brings about a different kind of celebration that intends to reflect on the time spent together as a couple and thereafter as parents.

As children, the marriage anniversary of our parents was one of the annual excuses or rather, annual rituals to do something fun, something out of the ordinary since we celebrated the union of two people that brought us into this world. After having grown up, it is rather doubtful if much has changed, only one usually becomes aware of is the need to be expressive towards your parents or all that they have done for our sake.

In an attempt to express one’s devotion towards their mother, one can opt for various jewellery pieces as anniversary gifts. Blingvine puts together a neat list of items that you can gift your mother on her marriage anniversary. For more tips on selecting anniversary gifts you can also checkout our complete guide of anniversary gifts for all the special women in your life.

Pearl Earrings - A gift of class

The image of pearl earrings is generally associated with royalty and aristocracy however in the present times pearls are adorned both for daily wear as well as party wear options. Since pearl earrings complement both Indian and western outfits with their naturally unique appeal, they will be a meritorious addition to your mother’s jewellery box.

Gifting Pearl earrings to your mother on her anniversary will reserved a special spot for them in heart. A perfect mixture of simplicity and versatility, Pearl earrings will never disappoint a woman in elevating the style score of an outfit.

Meenakari Luxury Necklace Set - A beauty that matches your mother’s inner beauty

Since celebrations and festivities call for something extraordinarily special, Meenakari luxury necklace sets are just all about that grace. Gifting a classic Meenakari luxury necklace set can symbolize your felling of resonating with your mother’s inner beauty.

Any elaborate outfit needs the perfect necklace to complete the look and Meenakari necklaces will just come through with flying colours, both literally and figuratively. They can be beautifully paired with a silk Anarkali or a trendy organza saree and live up to the expectations of a real queen mother.

Floral Enamel studs - A trendy affair with earrings

Nowadays, every little occasion merits the use of the most exclusive, trendy and fashionable jewellery which is also picture perfect yet effortless to put on. One such jewel is the floral enamel studs. The sheer brilliance and elegance of enamel jewellery has garnered spotlight for them.

Floral enamel studs can be appropriately paired with for any attire, whether casual or formal, both however making a fashion statement of their own.

Dahlia Floral Studs
Dahlia Floral Studs
₹ 2,400

Simple, yet feminine, this pair of Dahlia studs will exude a touch of freshness to your ensembles for a more sophisticated look. You can effortlessly pull off any style for any occasion.

Stylist’s Notes:

Just when you thought that it was impossible to make stud earrings any better, these stunning White and Bright stud earrings came into existence. These studs are perfect for professional or traditional setting and can easily take you through day or night!

What's Included:

  • 1 pair of stud earrings


  • Professional Enamel work in white color
  • 18K rose gold plating
  • High grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Length of studs: 2.4 cm
  • Width of studs: 2.4 cm
  • Refer to the model pictures for the size

Crystal Bracelet - The shine’s always around your mother’s arm 

Crystal Bracelets is one of those jewellery items that save the day whenever a woman is hurry and can’t decide on which jewels to match the outfit. The grace and aesthetically appealing nature of a crystal bracelet makes it exactly fit any dress so that a woman wouldn’t have to think twice before putting it on.

Making the loudest noise in terms of simplicity and sophistication, crystal bracelets are sure to be one of your mum’s favorite and most versatile jewellery items.

Jhumki - Cherishing the up’s and down’s

The way a classic Jhumki sways from left to right and right to left, it reminds of the up’s and down’s between a relationship and the way you have stood that time. To cherish these moments, gifting a jhumki is absolutely finesse and highlights the careful thoughts put behind.

A stunningly crafted Jhumki looks sensational with all the Indian attires, be it the sarees, suits, lehangas or Indo-western attire making a woman radiate great confidence and poise.

Danglers - Slaying the everyday outfits

On those days when your earrings just don’t match the whole outfit, wear danglers and trust us, they will never flop. An extremely useful piece of jewellery, danglers add that pinch of spice missing from a basic, everyday outfit.

Danglers can also be worn for basic get-togethers, tea parties and are often the first choice of many school principals, teachers, doctors amongst others.

The fuss of getting your hands on these classic and rare pieces of jewellery might be overwhelming but it’s actually nothing worth worrying. The simple task asks for checking out the best of pearl earrings, meenakari necklaces, crystal bracelets, jhumki, danglers, floral enamel studs and many other such jewel items at Blingvine. With multiple quality checks and one year warranty on all the products counted from the date of purchase, Blingvine is the right shop for your shopping needs!