Beads Jewellery: Articles of Beauty Since Ancient Times

Beads Jewellery: Articles of Beauty Since Ancient Times

Beads jewellery is one of the oldest types of jewellery still worn by people all around the world. Beads made up of wood, plastic, stones or glass strung into thread provides a nice aesthetic look. There are various spiritual benefits attached to Beads also the reason why most people like to wear them so often. The bead jewellery is worn by men, women and even kids because they are safe, beneficial and add an edge to the look. The most commonly worn beads jewellery are beads necklaces and beads bracelets. Each of these is often worn for its calming and soothing effect on the wearer.

Types Of Beads Jewellery

Beads are made in almost all types of jewellery from necklaces to earrings, bracelets and anklets. The most commonly worn beads jewellery types are necklaces and bracelets. Beads jewellery as a set is rarely seen to be worn as an ornament, it is mostly worn by religious figures as their adornment.
Different colours, sizes and shapes of beads are worn by young adults and older people. Let us take a look at two commonly worn beads jewellery:

Beads Necklaces

Necklaces made of beads are one of the most primitive styles of necklaces. Bead necklaces can be single-stranded, multi-stranded or rope-like wrapped around the neck. They are also used for chanting prayers during religious rituals as it is believed to provide calm and peace to mind and soul.

Pendant bead necklaces are one of the modern designs in beads necklaces often worn by young boys and older women. Bead necklaces are simple, casual and add a distinct value to the look. Paired with a casual t-shirt and jeans, or a skirt-top to college can really add a simple aesthetician to the appearance.

They have been worn in Asian countries like China and India for centuries. Worn with the daily attire they are a popular daily wear accessory for a lot of people.

Beads Bracelets

Bracelets made of beads are a popular kind for young adults. College students love to wear them in multiple for a statement-making look they want to go for. The kind of beads in a bead bracelet brings a different vibe to itself and the wearer. Bead bracelets can be single-stranded, multi-strand, or rope-like. They may even be decorated with charms, threads and metal balls.

Beads in a bracelet often have a soothing effect and are worn to provide tranquillity to the self. However, they are a great addition to steel and fashion too. The rusty and edgy vibe of beads adds the right aesthetics to any look bringing out a whole new vibe.

How To Choose Beads Jewellery?

Choosing a piece of bead jewellery can be both tricky and easy depending on what look you are going for. Bringing out a bling look with beads is almost impossible. Try to keep your style and look in agreement with the aesthetics.

Consider Your Style

If you are somebody who likes flashy and shiny then beads jewellery may not be for you. If you are somebody who likes to dress up all artistic and aesthetic, then beads are the ones to go for.

Consider The Colour

Beads come in all colours like brown, black, pink, red and so on. You can match the colours of the beads with your outfit. Every colour also carries a meaning with it, it can also be the reason why you can go for a certain colour.

Consider The Material

Beads are made in different types of materials from glass, plastic, stones and wood. Every material has its characteristic look that adds to the aesthetic of bead jewellery. The safest of them are the wood beads and stone beads. So, you may try to keep the kind of material you would like when you look for bead jewellery for yourself.

Consider Your Outfit

Beads can really change the whole appearance 360° with their pressed, hence you must take a look at the kind of outfit you are wearing. If you are wearing a casual outfit you can go for rope-like bead necklaces with a multi-strand bead bracelet. As for a more formal occasion, you can just wear a single-stranded bead necklace for the best pair.

Uniqueness Of Beads

Beads are quite unique in their origin, appearance and aesthetics. Bead jewellery has been since ancient times and has survived time to still become one of the favoured types of jewellery. Be it the different colours, sizes or shapes of beads that provide variety or spiritual benefits bead jewellery has managed to stay in the modern jewellery world. Beads sure are unique if you see how so many other materials couldn't survive the evolution of styles and designs. Beads and jewellery were ornaments for the ancient tribes and are still actively worn in many tribes. Getting inspired by beads and their craft, beads are now getting adapted to modern jewellery fashion. Combining them with materials like gold, silver, diamonds and pearls, beads have made it into the main grounds with their unique and edgy aesthetics.

This was something you may have been curious about beads jewellery and their uniqueness. Go ahead and explore our pearl jewellery collection for the latest and modern designs.