Best Bracelets For College: Blingvine Style Guide

One of the essentials for accessorising an outfit is a bracelet. A look can be made or broken by bracelets. They perfectly accentuate anything they are paired with with elegance and style. Both men and women have worn bracelets for millennia. They can be worn separately or in a bold ensemble. Since the time of the Mesopotamian culture, bracelets have been worn and have represented various things.

The old Greek word "brachile," which means “of the arm”, is where the word "bracelet" first appeared. Men typically used leather and metal cuffs for this on the battlefield.Over time, it changed into a feminine accessory, and at that point, the term "bracelet" was applied to this item of jewellery.

There are different types of bracelets you can choose from, each unique and special in its own way. Bracelets make for the perfect college accessory. They instantly add glamour to the look. They are also very versatile and can be worn with different types of outfit. You’ll not only be acing the classes, but also acing your look throughout the semester. Bracelets are sophisticated and also indicates that you’ve having fun with your look. 

College is usually the best time to play around with your clothes and your accessories. Whether you’re going to class, to a cafe with your friends or to a party, a bracelet is the perfect way to make your outfit livelier and cuter. And we all know that with early morning classes and assignments, it’s difficult to choose accessories that fit your look. We have listed some of our favourites that you’ll love adding to your wardrobe.

1. Faux Cat Eye Stone Bracelets

This beautiful faux cat eye stone and swarovski crystals bracelet is perfect for everyday wear during college. You can pair it with a simple kurti set or jeans, and it makes for a stunning look. It’s a simple design which radiates femininity without being too girly. It’s a very graceful bracelet and will add oomph to your outfit even without you trying. 

This bracelet is also very easy to maintain and you don’t have to worry about it breaking down on you as it’s made of high-quality materials.

2. Floral Enamel Bracelets

This stunner of a bracelet will definitely make heads turn on your campus! It’s a delicately crafted bracelet that is inspired by the white night blooms. The floral design is encrusted with swarovski crystals and shining enamel work. 

This bracelet is one piece that will enhance every outfit in your wardrobe. It adds sophistication and elegance. It’s a no fuss bracelet that can be transitioned from college to date nights. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and will always shine bright, just like you!

3. Colorful Stone Bracelets

Are you looking for a bracelet that’s so unique that it’ll make you a showstopper on your campus? If yes, this beautiful heart bracelet is the one for you. Crafted with pink faux cateye stones and studded with golden hearts, this delightful bracelet is one for the books.

You can pair with any outfit, traditional or modern and it adds an instant pop of colour, life and love. It’s one piece that will make you also feel special every time you wear it. We’ll give you a fair warning though, be ready to receive compliments from everyone when you wear this bracelet.

4. Colorful Crystal Bracelets

If you’re someone who loves jewellery that has an edge, is out-of-the-box and also classy, this is the perfect piece for you. This is a very feminine and stylish piece that lends its poise to every outfit you pair it with. The colours of this bracelet are so different, and it’ll perfectly capture your essence. 

You can pair this bracelet with your favourite kurta set or formals and stand confidently. You’ll be the one making an impression with this bracelet, be it in class, during a test or a cultural event.

5. Pearl Bracelets

Do you like jewellery which is tasteful and not too loud? If that’s you, this gorgeous pearl and swarovski crystals bracelet is definitely for you. This bracelet is chic and looks like it belongs on the runway. 

Make the world your runway in this bracelet, as it’ll bring out your feminine side just as well as your sassy side. It’s the bracelet to wear to cute cafes with your friends or candlelight dinners. 

We hope you liked our line-up for the bracelets that will definitely add sophistication, elegance and sass to every one of your college outfits. Be sure to tag us and tell us which one is your favourite. Check out these bracelets and more on Blingvine.