Best bracelets for weddings: Blingvine Style Guide

Through their evolution, bracelets have been an integral part of the quintessential Indian women and girls attire. Traditionally, bangles have always been an accessory that adorned the Indian women's hands. In contemporary times, many find bracelets to be the perfect in between traditional style and their own individual style. Here are a few kinds of bracelets that you can wear for the upcoming wedding season. 

Bracelets for pre-wedding functions

In a traditional Indian wedding, there are functions like haldi and sangeet, which are essentially lighthearted in nature. For these events, you could for a a simple bracelet with stones or something more formal like Fiona Twist Bangle or Nehal Bracelet, its a personal favourite for a haldi or mehendi function. You’ll be keeping it classy yet fun and who doesn’t like that?

Contemporary pre wedding functions include bridal shower and bachelorette, for these you could style fun and classy bracelets like the Checkers Chain Bracelet from Blingvine. This is a four clover leaf bracelet that is most appropriate for semi formal occasions like these. 

Bracelets for post wedding functions

Weddings aren’t over after a ceremony here in India, we have multiple events like welcoming the new bride in the home and many more events. For these you can wear a bracelet like the Feisty bracelet from Blingvine. It’s a green and gold bracelet that is also suitable for young girls to wear and green is the colour of hope and optimism, both of which are imperative in the life of newly weds. It’s also made with high quality faux cat eye stone that makes it all the more whimsical and apt for post wedding functions. 

Gold plated Bracelets 

Just like with all pieces of jewellery, bracelets are special pieces that not only adorn the hands of women and girls but also become an integral part of their accessorising routine. This is where gold plated bracelets come in and ensure that you collect pieces that not only last a lifetime but can also get creative in styling in a lot of different ways. A bracelet like the Varji Bracelet from Bilngvine is a very fun and elegant piece that can be dressed up and dressed down. It’s made with white mother of pearl work and being white, it’s a classic and everlasting piece. 


American diamond Bracelets 

Diamonds are like little droplets of the stars from the sky. They make you shine and add an elegance to any outfit you wear. Unfortunately, diamonds are also extremely expensive. So must you lead a diamond-less existence? No, we won’t have it. That is unacceptable. *cue American Diamonds! 

These are much less expensive variants of diamonds and are easily affordable. American diamond bracelets are the perfect to add that sparkle on your hands and the right amount of bling to any outfit you wear. Something like the Aura Crystal Bracelet from Blingvine is right out of the queens collection. It is a luxurious piece that exudes elegance that is fit for royalty. It’s made in such a way that you can wear it to a red carpet and wear it to a fun cocktail event at the next wedding you attend.  

Enamel bracelets 

What's better than a classic white bracelet? A white and black enamel bracelet. Using enamel on bracelets not only adds a fun pop of colour on your bracelets, it also helps in completely coordinating with the colours of your outfit. A Blingvine favourite is the Corolla Bracelet and if you look at it once, you’ll see why. It’s got a lovely floral design and the petals are made of white and black enamel and AAA Austrian Crystals, so really, it's the best of both worlds. These are bracelets that are versatile and you can also get experimental with them. This is all the more relevant with the colours that go in Indian wedding outfits and you want a monochrome look in the colour of your outfit and choice.  

Every piece of jewellery you wear adds a little sparkle and shine to your look and aesthetic. A simple yet elegant way of adding that touch is through a bracelet. These are our recommendation for the best bracelets for weddings in 2022 and we’re sure that these are timeless pieces that will go on to become integral pieces in your collection.