All-time Best gifts for your Wife: Gifting Guide by Blingvine

A woman’s many characters in the world includes the part of being a wife where the love, care and devotion towards her husband becomes a priority, exactly alike the feeling in the husband’s heart. Recognising the efforts that one’s wife makes for them calls for a similar recognition and what better way to convey so than a gift of jewellery.

With the ever increasing pieces of jewellery and the non ending list of trends, Blingvine sorts out the best of jewellery that you can choose to gift your wife. Here’s a heads up on the market’s best gifts to give to your wife

Enamel Danglers - Exquisitely endearing jewel

One of the many fashionable ways to stay one step ahead of the curve is by always going with trendy fashion jewellery and today’s fashion trends are all about Enamel. Enamel danglers have always lit the eyes of fashionable women who keep up with the latest happenings of the sphere. 

Exuding a designer vibe, enamel danglers are the first choice for celebrities, and models to show off their couture outfits and click the season’s most memorable picture-worthy memories. Paring your enamel dangers with a high neck, camisole, tank-top or carrying it with blazer in windy winters can give your wife a rather statement-worthy look.

Choker necklace set: A confident & cozy affair

In every eventful setting, the title of best dressed finds a mention, if not formally then it definitely in the minds of the invitees. A choker necklace set is exactly for making a mark in those eventful settings. 

Chokers are symbolic to women who like to represent their sense of confidence in whatever they put on regardless of the view society imposes or advises. It for women that are unafraid to assert their choices and don the best of jewels including chokers necklace sets. 

Your wife can style a stunningly crafted choker necklace set with a gorgeous chiffon saree or a long black dress with the right embellishments.

Anaisha Choker Set
Anaisha Choker Set
₹ 3,600

In an attempt to make a classy yet stylish all season jewellery set to complement the personality of a bold and confident woman, Anaisha Choker Set came into existence. 

The two branches of this 18K yellow gold plated necklace are decorated with a high-quality imitation pearl and Austrian crystals on either side.

This trendy choker set has a light and flexible make so that you can adjust the collar as your wish, more or less open, the two branches parallel or not... at your choice!

Stylist's Notes:

This simple and easy to wear choker necklace can be worn to complement any outfit or occasion, day or night! Pair it up with your formals, an evening dress or a pretty saree, it is a statement maker. You can also pair it with thin chains or multiple necklaces for a cool layered look!

What's Included:

  • 1 pair of long earrings
  • 1 Choker necklace


  • High-quality imitation pearl
  • AAA Austrian crystals
  • 18K yellow gold plating
  • High-grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Length of choker: Flrxible and Free Size (36 cm choker frame length)
  • Length of the earrings: 5.5 cm

Pearl Drop earrings: As beautiful as the imagery

The sole reason why anything is designated as classic is because that particular thing brings about a newer perspective each time when read, viewed, performed or as in this case, worn. Pearls enlighten a woman's whole personality along with her attire when worn in the right combination which in fact is the easiest to crack in terms of pearls.

The charm of a beautifully crafted pair of pearl drop earrings is as exquisite as the moon on the evening sky while the sun still showing traces of settling down, as exquisite as the a drop of water falling on a leaf just after the heavy pour of rain has calmed down.

Your wife can glamorously combine her Western attires with a pair of pearl drop earrings as well as pair her classy silk and Georgette suits with fancy pearl drop earrings.

Crystal necklace set: A showstopper’s choice

Crystal jewellery has made an amazing comeback and is dearly regarded as one of the most sought after jewellery currently. The shiny, shimmering, almost delicate pieces of magnificence circulate an aura of jubilance and display the wearer’s sense of content.

Gloriously putting on a crystal necklace puts forth a queenly appeal that lifts up the spirits of the woman as well as rich shine makes everything look super- structured. Your wife can choose to put on a simple crystal necklace set over a coloured dress and instantly get all the onlookers go weak in the knees. With the beautiful magnificent cuts, a crystal necklace set also sparkles brilliantly over an Indian attire of choice.

Gemstone Bracelet: Popping colours over a simple canvas

Besides the popping colours, gemstones are known to a combination of the five utmost important elements of earth which includes air, water, fire, earth, and weather. This makes the gemstones more natural in their state and “Boho” in their fashion sense.

Each piece and colour of a gemstone bracelet is exclusively designed to complement a particular style which means that one must know which bracelet is likely to go with which outfit. However, making the matters simple, it is seen that darker colours look particularly amazing with darker shades of outfit and lighter colours with lighter outfits. This also keeps the tone of an outfit very balanced and makes the wearer rather apt for any occasion.

Hoop Earrings: A must have for the ladies!

Breaking the usual event based jewel stereotype emerges a “HOOP” earring which tears apart the very concept and brings about a charm of its own with every outfit. Hoop earrings are not a modern day jewel item and have rather had a very historical past beginning all the way from Africa.

Particularly, gold plated Hoop earrings steal the thunder of every outfit through their sleek and classy demeanour while being something that conveys the “extra” part in a fancy party and the “simple” part in a garden affair. As amazingly strange as it is, hoop earrings mould themselves just according to the occasion and the outfit, eventually making them a 100% must have jewel for the lady of your life.

Now that you know what to gift your wife, you might as well be wondering where to buy this particular jewel from. We have your answer right here, Blingvine.

Packed with brand new pieces of crystal necklace sets, pearl drop earrings, gold plated hoops, gemstone bracelets, enamel danglers, choker necklace sets and many more such amazingly crafted jewellery, Blingvine holds the key to your wife’s next favourite gift. 

Happy Shopping!