Best Jewellery Styles to Wear With Saree In 2020

Best Jewellery Styles to Wear With Saree In 2020

As overused as it may sound, sarees are indeed one of the most versatile outfits women can wear. They go well on a myriad of occasions. And as important sarees are, so are the variety of jewellery out there.  Traditionally, jewellery represents a symbol of prestige, wealth, and power. Jewellery has the ability to highlight women's personalities and accentuate the best features when wearing the right jewellery with the right outfit for the right occasion.

We usually choose the colour, design, texture, material, and method of draping the saree based on the occasion we are attending. However, an equally crucial aspect that you must pay attention to is the way you style your saree with suitable jewellery.

What better can you do than to stay on par with the latest trends? Here are some excellent jewellery styles to wear with sarees in 2020.


Pearls are a classic and have been in style for a long, long time. They were popular 50 years ago, and they are popular now.  Elegant and versatile, they pair up well with almost any types of sarees. Pearl sets can be used in unusual and unique ways to spice up your outfit. Add pearl necklaces to keep the jewellery contrasting, while not overdoing it. Bold pieces should be allowed to stand out, so do not over-crowd your look by wearing similar pieces close to one another. This looks brilliant with sarees that have maroons and blues. Something like the Moonlit Luxury Necklace set can be the perfect accompaniment for your saree.


Large statement earrings can work exceptionally well with sarees that have heavy work on them. These earrings can as a larger-than-life adornment while not taking away attention from the heavy work of your saree. However, it is necessary to maintain a balance and keep it subtle. You can skip wearing a necklace if you choose a large pair of statement earrings. The Mastani Danglers can work perfectly as statement earrings for your outfit. 

Look for more tips on how to style earrings with saree.


You can virtually never go wrong with a good set of crystal necklace. These can include various special crystals such as diamonds, rubies, citrines, etc. You can choose these depending on the mood of the event and the shade of your saree.

A simple crystal necklace can look stunning paired with beautiful lace or sheer sarees. The speciality of crystal pieces is that they inherently possess so much poise and character that you do not require any additional accessories for a complete look. 



Bold and charismatic statement necklaces pair extremely well with simple sarees to give you a quirky yet elegant look. The statement necklace acts as the centrepiece of your outfit and attracts all the attention. Metallic jewellery can work very well if you wish to pull off this style. Metallic shades with abstract patterns can help you achieve the cool and edgy vibe you may be seeking. The Tasha Necklace Set is the perfect piece to capture this type of look.


An exaggeratedly long string of pearls or gold, wrapped in tiers around your neck, makes for a dramatic statement necklace with an alluring retro vibe. You can add a bit of style and old school sophistication to any saree with long necklace jewellery. The Champagne Long Necklace Set is an exquisite choice if you’re going for this style.


Long danglers are a perfect match to your sarees if you like your ear candies to be sleek and tasteful. Chic and attractive, crystal danglers work very well with light coloured sarees that have crystal work done on them. The Trisha Long Earrings are one of our favourites in this style.

Pamper yourself with these amazing trendy jewellery designs and flaunt your saree with utmost grace.