Black Bracelet : The Brilliance Of Bold Beauty

Black bracelets without a doubt carry that air of boldness with them. The symbol of strength, luck and remembrance black bracelets are more than an accessory. Black bracelets made up of beads, gemstones and American diamonds got a big craze among women.

Women wear black bracelets to ward off evil eyes, spirits and black magic. They are made available in various designs, styles and types. From black pearl bracelets to black diamond tennis bracelets, they feature all styles. The simple chain bracelet to the statement style multi strand bracelet. Let us learn some more about black bracelets for women.

Popular Types Of Black Bracelets In Women

The black barcelest is a category that consists of all kinds of bracelets. The black chain bracelets, a cuff or tennis bracelets. A few types that are popular among women are mentioned below.

Leather Bracelet

Black leather is among the luxurious kinds of leather. Black bracelets made up of leather are a big hit amongst youth today. Students love to sport leather bracelets for that edgy rockstar look from the 90s. The pop and kpop wave has gained quite an influence on the designs and styles that leather bracelets are made in. They are paired with silver, oxidised metal and beads for that nice funky look. 


Styling a black leather bracelet can be tricky for anyone who's wearing it for the first time. A black leather bracelet can be worn with an oversized t-shirt and a loose fit black jean for that funky college look. If you are looking to wear black leather bracelet to a party then match it with a short body con dress and boots to get the best out of the look.

Beaded Bracelet

Black beads bracelets are the most primitive types of bracelets. Black beads are known to carry protective powers against the devil. Black bead bracelets are the most comfortable, daily wear style bracelets. They are made into pandora-style as well as single strand bracelets. Black pearl bracelets are also a kind that may be considered a part of beads bracelet for the looks it provides.


A black beaded bracelet is the most common style of bracelet worn by college students. Bead bracelets can be paired well with both western and Indian outfits. They can be worn with the simple check shirt and jeans, and also with the evening gown to the party. The quality of black beads determine its match and occasion it can be worn on.

Metal Bracelet

Black metal bracelets are made of blackened steel or black-coated titanium. Apparently they may be inspired from the rock metal bands of the 90s. The black bracelets are made in designs of spikes, hooks and studs. Black metal combined with silver gives out a totally new edge to bracelets. Known as the design for rebels, black metal bracelets are loved by young women.


A metal bracelet in black can be styled with casual outfits or a fun date outfit. They are like the Indian Kada coloured in black. Black metal suits any western wear the best. Just wearing a jean, or skirt or a dress black metal bracelets will make it fashionable for you.  

Charm Bracelet

The modern designs of charms in black bracelets haven’t taken a back seat yet. Charms like hearts, crosses, flowers and celestial bodies take turns to beautify the normal bracelet. Although the bracelet itself can say a lot about a person, the charms add that definite personal touch to the accessory.


Charm bracelets are loved by women of all ages. The cute charms made in black gems and diamonds encased in a metal of gold or silver is beautiful to say the least. Wear it with any outfit from simple jeans to a party gown. Charm bracelets are known for their adorable beauty.

Caring About Black Bracelets

Caring about black bracelets is the easiest. Just don't wash it often and the shine and lustre will remain as it is forever. Store in a cool and dry container away from sunlight. Wipe it dry after every use and wear it last while doing makeup. These are some tips for you to take care of your black bracelet.

This was all about black bracelets, its types and how to style them right. Black bracelets have various significance that they possess and provide to the wearer. Wear black bracelets for prettiness and protection!