Bracelet For Boys, From Protective Gears To Style Accessories

Bracelets for boys are style accessories worn on the wrists. Boys prefer them because of their versatility and ease of styling. Bracelets for boys use gold, silver, and leather as the most popular raw materials. The designs are simple, heavy, and edgy, some preferred styles by different age groups. Boys wear bracelets with their casual college look for a stylish look. Sometimes as a meaningful message to themselves too.
Bracelets have travelled a long way through history, from being the symbol of status and wealth to protective gear for warriors. Modern boys, however, like to wear bracelets for aesthetic purposes.

Different Types Of Bracelets For Boys

There are different types, styles, and patterns of bracelets worn by boys these days. Some of these are more common than others, while others are more popular. The designs are made keeping in mind the fashion of Indian men and what they prefer to wear in their day-to-day lives. Let us take a look at some popular kinds among boys.

Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets are the most primitive type and favour the edgy fashion that young boys love to carry. The persona of young boys is always striving to be styled in a way that makes them look mature and handsome. Beaded bracelets made up of wood, plastic, and pearls do exactly the same for them. Beads used in bracelets for boys are black and brown, which are dark colours that also appeal to youth.

Rope Bracelets

Rope bracelets are bracelets designed like rope with a knot in the centre. Rope bracelets use gold, silver, threads, and leather as raw materials. Gold rope bracelets are a perfect match for traditional events and outfits. While silver rope bracelets are appropriate for wearing with formal office wear. Thread and leather bracelets are often worn by boys with casual college wear or while hanging out with friends.

Chain Bracelets

Chain bracelets are the best and most popular kind of bracelets for men in general. Chain bracelets have gold and silver as raw materials. . It is available in various thicknesses to suit various styles, providing options within the same chain bracelet. Chains can be made into different designs, like snake chains, or links can be added together to form a bracelet. You can wear a chain bracelet with almost any look; it may not favour the formals, though.

Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets are a trend among college boys. Leather wrap-around bracelets and leather rope bracelets are the popular styles. Leather bracelets provide that edgy, masculine look to a simple jean and t-shirt. They look good with a leather jacket worn during a party or a bike ride for fun. For aesthetically pleasing styles, leather bracelets are combined with silver and other metals. Some of these are decorated with charms inspired by bohemian lifestyles, adding to the rustic visuals.

Materials Used In Bracelets For Boys

Bracelets for boys use a lot of different raw materials to make bracelets for boys. Boys prefer to wear bracelets made of silver, leather, and beads. These materials are not much bling and add to their masculine features. Let us learn about the materials that make bracelets for boys.


Gold bracelets for boys are simple and heavy in weight. The designs in gold include chain bracelets, cuff bracelets, and bangles made of gold. Gold bangles and cuff bracelets are often worn as symbols of a religious faith. Gold bracelets combined with silver and stones are the staple for traditional outfits and occasions.


Silver bracelets for boys are the most common type of bracelet among boys of all ages. They like to wear silver bracelets with their daily college or school wear. Silver bracelets for men are made in a vast variety of designs. From bangles, cuffs, and chains to charm and leather bracelets. Silver bracelets are also available in oxidised forms with designs inspired by modern fashion.

Different Styles Of Bracelets For Boys

Boys wear bracelets for style and as fashion accessories. They know their style and the styles they can carry and want to try. The style of bracelets affects the outfit to wear on an occasion. They match their outfit and style to choose a particular bracelet to wear it with.

Classic And Traditional Designs

Classic designs in bracelets for boys are chain bracelets, beaded bracelets, and bangle bracelets. Bangle bracelets made of gold have a traditional meaning for different religions and people of faith. Chain bracelets in gold and silver are the classic vintage design. Chain bracelet with a lion head in the centre or the chain made in the form of a rope tied in knots. These styles of bracelets for boys make their way directly to the traditional events with the traditional outfits.

Sports-Inspired Designs

Boys love sports, whether it is to play or just watch and cheer their teams on. Wearing bracelets to cheer for their favourite sport, team, or athlete is creative, to say the least. Sports-themed bracelets are often made of silicon or rubber with a name or symbol related to the sport or team. The name is written with fluorescence that glows in the dark, adding light to even the darkest of alleys.

Modern And Contemporary Designs

The most contemporary designs of bracelets for boys are the cuff brackets and wrap around leather bracelets with charms. Charm bracelets are the modern trend, made with oxidised metals and silver for the rustic aesthetic. Gold and silver cuff bracelets are engraved with personalised messages, quotes, names, and even dates. The modern design of bracelets for boys has a personal touch.

How To Style Bracelets For Boys

Styling bracelets for boys isn’t much of a task; just match the material and occasion better, that's all. Take into account the occasion, outfit, and style you want to carry for that particular look. The easiest is to go with the kind of outfit you're wearing and match your bracelet to it.

Formal Suits

For a formal event or daily office wear, a silver chain or cuff bracelet is a good choice. The grey or black suit, or the white shirt with blue pants, can be worn with a chain bracelet peeking out of the sleeves.

Casual Jeans

Pairing casual jeans and t-shirt attire with a leather bracelet or a rope bracelet is a nice match. The black and brown leather complement the blue and black denim with their undeniable charm. Rope bracelets in silver with charms are another casually fitting bracelet to wear.

Traditional Kurta

The traditional outfits like kurta-pyjamas worn during a ritual or wedding also ask for an accessory to match them well. The traditional types of bracelets are the bangles and cuff bracelets made in gold or silver. Beaded bracelets are also quite suitable to wear to a wedding or pooja in a temple.

This is all you need to know about bracelets for boys that are in style in modern times. From types of bracelets for boys to the outfits they will look the best with, we learned it all. Go ahead and get a pair or two for you, your friend, your son, or anybody else you want!