Bracelet for Men: A Versatile and Fashionable Accessory

Bracelet for Men: A Versatile and Fashionable Accessory

Bracelets for men are stylish accessories worn as a part of daily appearance. The material, design and pattern of a bracelet add a dapper to the look. Men’s bracelets are versatile piece of accessory that goes well with all kinds of outfits. However, they are generally worn as a statement piece to an ensemble. Bracelets for men are made of gold, silver, leather and diamonds. The blue stone bracelet worn by Salman Khan still enjoys great popularity among men. Bracelet designs for men have evolved through the years incorporating a mixture of both feminine and masculine features. With the generation that prefers style over gender, race, or religion bracelets are doing their best to cater to the demands of it.

Growing Trend of Men’s Bracelets

Men have been wearing bracelets since ancient times. From the emperors and kings to the warriors and workers. They wore bracelets as armour to protect their wrists during battle. Till a few years before, men wore kada or a bangle bracelet as a symbol of faith and promise. Bracelets for men have carried a lot of meaning and significance for years. Recently, bracelets designed for men have joined the fashion and style scene in men. Men giving a little more thought about their style and appearance are wearing bracelets as an accessory. This trend may have got its tides from the pop and K-pop culture. The sudden burst of K-culture has revised the fashion definition in ways that weren't seen before. Making the most out of it are the boys entering into the fashion world with their own take on the trend.

Dapper Bracelet Designs for Men

Men’s bracelets are available in all kinds of materials, designs and styles. From the simple chains to the complex and dandy. Every design adds to their looks and personality of them. A chain bracelet is worn during an office meeting or a leather one at college. The design speaks for the person wearing it. Let us take a look at some of the popular designs of bracelets worn by men.

Metal Bracelets for Men, The Luxury Kind

Metal bracelets are the most common and early bracelets worn by men. Men wear metal bracelets as a symbol of status and wealth. Bracelets made up of gold, silver, platinum or stainless steel, every bracelet has a meaning for men. Sometimes they carry stones and diamonds for an additional significance they want to display through the band on their wrist.

Types Of Metal Bracelets

Gold bracelets for men are common among men to wear at traditional events like weddings and family functions. Some even wear a single gold chain bracelet as daily wear as they simply like to wear gold or as a symbol of wealth.

Silver bracelets for men are the most in-demand kind and a favourite of young men. Silver as a metal is cool and induces calmness in the person who wears it. Men prefer to wear silver bracelets to remain calm and collected as they tend to lose their temper easily.

Platinum bracelets for men are luxury-style bracelets worn for a special reason. Platinum bracelets are worn by men as they are often a symbol of a relationship like a wedding or anniversary gift.

Stainless steel bracelets for men are the most worn bracelet by men because of their long-lasting shine and affordable price. Young college men regularly love to wear a steel bracelet as an accessory.

Designs Of Metal Bracelets

Metal bracelets for men come in designs like cuff, Id and dog-tag bracelets. A cuff metal bracelet is open at one end for the adjustment of the bracelet around the worst. They are often engraved with something meaningful to the wearer and are great gifts for a loved one. Then there are Id bracelets that have the name of the wearer often with their birth date written on it. The design was inspired by the identification tags used by military personnel. Dog-tag or label bracelets are another kind popularly worn by men; these have a tag hanging from a chain bracelet. The tag consists of some quote or a meaningful word or name.

Rope Bracelets for Men, The Laidback One

Rope bracelets for men are long like a rope wrapped around the wrist into a bracelet. The casual and laid-back style of rope bracelets is quite attractive to men and women. Young adult men loved to wear rope bracelets for a fashionable party look.

Types Of Rope Bracelets

Rope bracelets are made up of a variety of materials like cotton, nylon and leather. Each of these bracelet types has its characteristic value to style and fashion. Cotton and nylon bracelets are worn as daily wear accessories because of their comfortable and easy features.

Leather bracelets are one of the most popular rope bracelets. Leather bracelets are decorated with charms inspired by the bohemian lifestyle that appeals to young men. Men wrap leather bracelets around their wrists as they are a part of their personality.

Designs Of Rope Bracelets

Rope bracelets are made in different designs like knot-like, braided and wrapped. Nautical bracelets are inspired by life at sea. The anchors, the rope, compass etc., are the main motifs featured in nautical rope bracelets. Then there are braided rope bracelets, wherein the strand of nylon, cotton or leather braided into ropes. Rope bracelets long enough to be wrapped around the wrists are the wrap bracelets, quite common and popular in young men.
Wrap bracelets are worn by college students, at parties and even casual hangouts.

Beaded Bracelets for Men, Vintage Style

Beaded bracelets for men are the oldest kind of bracelets worn by all men, women and kids. The edgy aesthetics of beaded bracelets make them suitable for all. Men can wear beaded bracelets with formal, traditional and even casual hangout outfits. Bracelet designs for men inspired by the tribal people's lifestyle in the north of America are one of the most liked designs in beaded bracelets.

Types Of Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets are made up of various different materials. Beads made out of glass, wood and stones are some popular types of beads. Glass bead bracelets are worn by men for their glossy and fashionable visuals.

Wood beaded bracelets have always been the accessories of the tribes, they came into mainstream with rockstars and popstars sporting them. Stone beaded bracelets are another kind of beaded bracelet worn for their spiritual and mystical benefits.

Men who don't want to wear a big stone on their wrist or hanging from the neck go for stone beads. Stone beads can be made into more designs and provide different easy to wear those stones.

Designs Of Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelet designs for men are made in single strands, multi-strands and stacked. A single-strand beaded bracelet is beads strung in a single strand worn by men as daily wear as they are suitable for all formal and informal occasions. Multi-strand beaded bracelets are worn for their fashion and style. They add a statement to the style and personality. While stacked beaded bracelet designs consist of single and multi-strand bracelets stacked into one making a broad band worn as a party look.

Leather Bracelets for Men, The Bad Boy Style

Leather bracelets for men symbolise the bad-boy aura. Bracelets made up of leather are popular among young men. The mysterious and edgy vibe that a leather bracelet brings to one’s style and attire is attractive to most women. Hence, men often use leather bracelets as a means to get their women to fall in love with them.

Types Of Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets are often combined with metals like silver and steel for a glossy addition. The metals, charms and tags added to leather bracelets bring out a whole different side to the edginess of leather. Leather bracelets with silver are the most common among all types of leather bracelets. Silver is affordable, shiny and subtle just what most men love in fashion.

Designs In Leather Bracelets

The design of leather bracelets complements the rusty aesthetic of the material. Braided leather bracelets, cuffs, and wraps are some of the popular types. Some of the others include nautical leather bracelets and charm leather bracelets, each of which is gaining popularity in recent days. Braided strands of leather wrapped around the wrist are the favourite of fashionable men, some men like to add a personal touch with an engraved cuff, dog tag or an Id. Charms are the other decorative items often seen in leather bracelets for men. These charms are mostly inspired by the sea, the bohemian tribe or the cowboys in North America.

Occasions For Men to Wear Bracelets

Men wear bracelets on all kinds of occasions from formal, and casual to traditional events. Every occasion has a style and design they offer and prefer. And yes, it can look obnoxious if you wear the wrong design and style on the wrong occasion.

For Casual Outings

Men’s bracelets are quite versatile in style and design, and hence they can be worn at casual outings and hangouts too. They need not require a special occasion to wear on or a special person to wear with. A beaded bracelet or a simple rope bracelet made of leather can do the trick for the hangouts at least.

For Work/Office days

Bracelets are worn by a lot of men at their workplaces because they are too meaningful to not wear. Any bracelet that isn’t too loud and shouts unprofessionalism can be worn to the office daily and even during meetings. Metal chain bracelets are the best to wear as office wear accessories. They are subtle, sure and give a strong personality vibe to the wearer.

For Formal Events

Formal events require something minimal but fashionable. Wearing a stone metal bracelet or a metal cuff bracelet is the best pairing for a formal event. Weddings or charity fundraisers or office parties all these occasions are appropriate for men to wear a metal bracelet with stones.

Styling Tips for Men to Wear Bracelets

Well, styling tips for bracelets aren’t quite something one needs to fret about. But yeah, if you know how to do it well and better than it will sure make a difference. 

Consider the style you prefer, is it a minimal dandy or a more handsome one? If you are a minimal-dandy kind you can go for metal chain bracelets, cuff bracelets or bead bracelets. As for the ones who love it more handsome, the leather and rope bracelets are the thing to go. You can choose the charms you like, or maybe add a quote engraved tag or an Id that announces you to the world.

Mix and match is the next thing you can go with, metal bracelets are often matched with leather bracelets and rope bracelets. This adds a complementary attribute to both of them. Then you can even stack a few different types of bracelets for a statement-making look.

Stacking chakra bracelets and birthstones with zodiac signs and inspirational quotes is believed to provide a collective positive effect on the wearer. Then there are nature-inspired bracelet charms made up of live or dried nature to balance the energy of the stars with the freshness of nature.

These are some of the tips for men, they may want to know about while wearing a bracelet.

Maintenance And Care

Bracelets are easy to take care of and clean. Cleaning and storage of bracelets are necessary for a long-lasting shine and quality. Wipe them clean every time you wear them and clean them regularly with a damp soap-soaked cloth. Then dry them with a towel and store them in an airtight container away from other accessories to avoid entanglement. That’s all needed, do it well and it will remain as new as always.


Is it cool for men to wear bracelets?

Well, yeah bracelets do add a certain coolness to a man’s attitude and style with their aesthetics.

What Colour bracelet should men wear?

Men can wear all colours in bracelets. If they have a favourite colour or a favourite material, then they can go with the colour of that.

Is it OK to wear a watch and a bracelet?

Yeah, there is no problem to wear both a bracelet and a watch. It just adds to the style and there are a lot of bracelets that come with a watch attached to them.

How do men choose bracelets?

Men choose bracelets based on their style, preference or benefits. A leather bracelet chosen by a man can be for fashion or expression of self both. However, metal with stone bracelets is often chosen for their spiritual benefits.

Should guys wear bracelets on the left, or right?

Bracelets can be worn on either of the wrists. Most guys wear them on their right wrist as they have a watch on the left.