Bracelets For Couples - A Band Of Forever Love

Love is a feeling best felt when expressed well! Bracelet for couples, wristbands shared between couples with the symbolism of love, peace, and trust. An emotion of enchanting love and the fulfilment of feelings is what every couple desires to live for. The care, kindness, and affection you have for your better half are incorporated into a bracelet. A couple’s bracelet is a thing that has emerged quite recently and is popular among young couples. Wearing a couple bracelets is like having a piece of your loved one always along with you. It is a way of accepting and expressing the mutual love between a couple.

Types of Couple Bracelets

There are a variety of couple brackets available in the market and inline. There's a bracelet for every style, from bangles to cuffs to charm bracelets. Designs made into couple bracelets are quite adorable and pretty to look at. There are a lot of designs, some witty, some sweet, and others moving. Let us take a look at a few of these bracelet designs loved by couples today.

Match the Love

Matching couple bracelets are the most common bracelets among couples. It‘s like wearing a part of the same bracelet and sharing the love of each other. Matching brackets have been made for all kinds of items, like cuffs, chains, and tie-knots. From being made of threads and beads, couples bracelets are now even available in gold and silver. Soon-to-married couples gift couple bracelets as a bond of forever love, promising to lead a life together.

Customise It Yours

Love, being an emotion that is generally shared between two people, asks for a certain personal touch in accessories. Every couple has their own song, a quote or a promise special to them. The sun, the moon, or the star—and sometimes even a single strand of thread—can carry a meaning worth millions. Thus, a simple customisation to bracelets is quite important and meaningful to couples.

Promises To Keep

Every relationship stands on two pillars, one being trust and the other being understanding. To commemorate a promise made by one partner in a relationship, a promise bracelet is presented to the other. The bracelets may or may not have that promise engraved on a metal plate. Promises in a piece of jewellery remind the couple of them whenever it is worn.

‘His and Hers' or ‘Mine’

A fun little reminder to each other that the other person is mine is adorable, to say the least. A pair of bracelets with a tag reading ‘his’ or ‘her’ have the additional benefit of announcing to the world that my lovely partner is taken. This helps keep the traffic off the road in the line behind your better half. His and her bracelets are generally chain bracelets in gold or silver with a tag hanging by the side.

Materials Of Couple Bracelets

Couple bracelets have a wide range of raw materials that make them. From the simple thread, beads, and rubber bands to pearls, beads, and diamonds. The charms that hang off the chains are decorated with stones, diamonds, and even magnets. The materials have evolved with time, expanding in the designs and patterns that couple bracelets are made in. The funky style includes metal tags and leather with a boho vibe. Then there are silk thread and rubber band bracelets that, though quite cheap and primitive in design, still capture feelings all the same.

Designs for Couple Bracelets

Designs in couple bracelets are a wide array of cute, pretty, and unique patterns. The style and preference of couples, along with the generation they are from, are all factors considered while designing a couple bracelet. Let us take a look at a few designs of couple bracelets.

Classic Designs for Vintage Lovers

The couple, who are retro fans, love to wear something that has a vintage touch to its style. Classic designs of couple bracelets include a silver or gold heart broken in half. Each member of the couple is expected to wear a part. Matching bracelets made up of thread, metal, or beads is one of the classical ones loved till date.

Modern Contemporary For Minimalists

The modern-day couple who like to have the best of simplicity loves designs that are simple but elegant nonetheless. Charm bracelets with a significant meaning to the particular couple are one of the contemporary designs quite popular today. Simple tag bracelets with a quote or promise engraved on top also follow the 'less is more’ criteria.

Personal Customised For Unique Lovers

Couples, with the need to personalise everything for a clear possession, love to customise their bracelets. Some may add their name initials, while others their anniversaries. The map coordinates of a place that is significant to the couple are the most prevalent and unique carving designs these days. Couple bracelets made in gold or silver with his or her are another design used in customising bracelets for couples.

Styling Couple Bracelets Right

Styling a couple bracelets is no big trick. The versatility of bracelets to go with all kinds of outfits and occasions makes them quite flexible with styling. Let us see what all factors can be considered in the styling of couple bracelets.

Pairing with Jewellery

You can pair your couple bracelet with other simple chain or link bracelets for a more rich and fashionable look. A silver bracelet can be paired well with a few other silver or even gold bracelets for a rich and fashionable look. If the couple bracelet is decorated with stones or diamonds, keep the other bracelets light; if the couple bracelet is a light one, then you can add a stone bracelet with other simple ones.

Mix-N-Match Style

A funky couple bracelet made in leather, thread, or rubber band can be mixed well with your petite summer dress for a graceful look. Stone couple bracelets can be worn with casual outfits and in the most formal situations because they bring elegance with them. Just pick an outfit for the occasion and wear any matching bracelet with it. The meaning behind the bracelet matters more than what it is worn with.

Match the Outfit

The colour of the outfit can be chosen in contrast with the bracelet. A blue stone couple bracelet can suit a purple or a pink dress. While a silver or gold bracelet looks best with any colourful outfit. A heavy outfit can complement a simple couple bracelet better, while a heavily studded bracelet demands a simple outfit for full attention.

Care and Maintenance

Taking care of bracelets isn’t so difficult. If you wear your bracelet only on special occasions, always remember to wipe it off before storing it. For a daily-wear couple bracelet, just try to keep them away from water during showers, swimming pools, and daily chores.

Wear the bracelet last when getting ready to go out, and try not to let the chemicals in cosmetics and sprays get in contact with the metal of the bracelet.

This was about the love in couples, the bracelets for couples, and the love of couples in bracelets. From the types of couple’s bracelets to the materials used and how exactly to style them when you basically are wearing them daily. Let your better halves know how much they mean to you with one of these bracelets this love season. Because it's felt when expressed!