Bracelets For Kids - An Adorable Band Of Beauty

From wearing an elastic band to making a band of paper to wear on the wrist, bracelets for kids found their footing. Kids are adorable humans on Earth, always lovely to see. Mothers love to dress their babies up in different styles of outfits. Decorating their children with cute little accessories for a designed look is fancied by most modern parents. Bracelets have been a part of babies’ accessories through traditions and rituals. Babies and kids wear bracelets made up of gold or silver as a gift right from the first few months of birth. Parents choose to get a bracelet for their kids as an article of accessory and also as a symbolism to the bond of a parent and child.

Lovely Little Types Of Bracelets For Kids

There are a variety of adorable types of bracelets for kids. Bracelets made for babies are colourful and cheerful. There are rainbow bracelets, unicorns and butterfly bracelets which are absolutely cute to look at. Let us take a look at some of the types of bracelets made in these designs for kids.

Beaded Bracelets

Bracelets of beads are the traditional and primitive style of bracelet often given to a newborn. Colourful beads woven into a bracelet are the most common design in bracelets for kids. Bead bracelets are sometimes decorated with letter written beads. A bead bracelet with letter beads of kids’ names is another lovely design in beads bracelets.

Charm Bracelets

Charms of cute unicorns, cats, butterflies, flowers and stars etc., are one of the most loved bracelets for kids. Kids read and learn about these pretty fairies and their unicorns. Getting to wear those fantasies and lovely objects in their wrists gives them an invaluable amount of joy. Kids look at charm bracelets for kids with such awe in their eyes. Charm bracelets are the staple type bracelets for kids.

Chain Bracelets

The chain bracelets for kids are simple, safe and comfortable for them to wear. Kids wear chain bracelets decorated with a metal plate of their name or a cute animal. Chain bracelets for kids are made in gold and silver, both these metals are safe to wear. You can add threads or other objects to these chains for a prettier look.

Materials Used In Making Bracelets For Kids

Bracelets for kids are generally made up of gold and silver. Other materials like elastic, beads, threads etc., are also used to decorate the metals. To make it easier for kids to wear and take off bracelets whenever, kids’ bracelets are generally made of elastic. Elastic is easier and safer than clasps hence, apt for kids.

Gold Bracelets For Kids

Gold bracelets for kids are bracelets made in cute and simple designs for kids to wear in the first years of birth. It is best for kids only till the time they aren’t big enough to move around alone. Kids being all energetic have a high chance to drop their bracelets off hence, gold brackets are generally replaced with other material.

Silver Bracelets For Kids

Silver bracelets for kids are another material in bracelets for kids that is common for parents to gift their newborns. The cool and soothing effect of silver is good for the health of the baby and also provides the aestheticism expected of it. Silver bracelets are often decorated with cute little balls which make noise while moving. It is a sight to watch kids play with these bracelets.

Care And Maintenance

Remove your kids’ jewellery before sleeping, it is safer and also better maintained. Clean it with a damp cloth and store it away from the sun. keep them away from cosmetics chemicals. Always store the bracelets in an airtight container away from sun and moisture.

These are some things you may want to know before you buy a bracelet for your kid. Always pay attention to the material and design, and see to it if they are safe for the kid to wear. Kids are cute little creatures who look even lovelier with a bracelet on their wrists.