Bridal Jewellery Designs: A Tradition of Wishes and Blessings Through Generations

Bridal Jewellery Designs: A Tradition of Wishes and Blessings Through Generations

"Son Chiraiya ek din udd jayegi...", and the day a bride flies off to a faraway home is beautiful, emotional, and exhilarating in many ways. The bride’s big day is full of a roller coaster of emotions, nervousness, and fascination. A bride's wedding day is more than just a day of adapting to a new household and family. A couple's identities are born that day; her bridal outfit and every piece of her bridal jewellery witness this transformation with beauty and grace.

Bridal jewellery becomes her tool and brochure for her new life, encouraging her to stand tall and gorgeous no matter what. Each ornament that comprises the bridal jewellery collection has its own appeal and significance to the bride. Every bangle on her wrist, the ring on her finger, and the anklet on her foot wish her a happy married life in their own way.

Bridal jewellery, history, and cultures

Bridal jewellery is a tradition started by our ancestors as a financial aid to their daughters. Their worry about their daughter’s wellness and needs was the reason they would give her bridal jewellery. It was something she would own and could use to fulfil her and her family's needs in times of crisis and misfortune.

Started by a thoughtful father’s worries, it went on to become a matter of wealth and status in later years. Rich and wealthy families would decorate the birds with a lot of gold, silver, and stone jewellery as displays of wealth in front of the groom’s relatives. The intention again was to tell the man marrying their daughter that she has been brought well and he must do the same for her.

Whether the bridal jewellery was a means of savings for bad times or a display of prosperity to demand the best life, it is just another form of a father’s concern for his daughter.

Significance of Bridal Jewellery

Once it's a tradition, it's always one. Bridal jewellery is an integral part of any wedding—for the bride, her family, and for a beautiful beginning. A bridal jewellery set completes the whole bridal ensemble with memorable and mesmerising beauty. There is a traditional bridal jewellery design for every part of our country, religion, and state.

Designs crafted by folk artists over generations are made into bridal jewellery sets, accounting for the whole traditional look that a bridal look demands at weddings.

Essentially, a bridal jewellery set comprises a necklace, earrings, bangles, and anklets. The necklace is generally the mangalsutra that signifies the new relationship between the bride and groom. Bangles are traditionally known to symbolise "a complete women ''.

Anklets, bindis, toe rings, and rings are other symbols of a married woman making their way into a bridal jewellery set.

Some traditional jewellery set designs include the polki bridal jewellery set, the kundan bridal jewellery set, and the meenakari bridal jewellery set. Among modern designs, there are pearl bridal sets and diamond bridal sets making a big impression these days.

Bridal jewellery is a bundle of emotions strung into a thread of bonds and beauty. Let me take you through every piece of bridal jewellery, its design, and its significance for the bride and her new family life.

Bridal Necklaces: An Embodiment of Grace and Courage

A necklace on the bride’s neck is a symbol of the new relationship she has to enter on her wedding day. Mangalsutra, i.e., a simple thread with beads necklace, was the first ever bridal necklace. It was meant to be worn as a protection cover for the bride, her family, and her fortune.

Bridal necklaces are the centrepiece of the whole bridal ensemble. They add a statement to the bridal look, making her the most mesmerising bride ever. This is how important a bridal necklace is for a bridal look.


A bridal necklace set is made up of a lot of raw materials. Anything that can add to the beauty of the necklace and, in turn, make the big day of the bride the best ever, is added in. Traditionally, bridal necklaces were made of gold, silver, and even copper.

Decorated with different coloured stones and diamonds for a luxurious look. Gold necklaces, diamond necklaces, and silver necklaces were the most commonly worn bridal necklace sets.

Later, pearls and stones like Kundan came to join the bridal necklace with their versatile and elegant features. Pearl bridal necklaces are in trend with pearl jewellery trends. Brides love to wear pearls with diamonds and stones for a combined statement-making look.

Popular Styles

Bridal necklaces are made in all designs, styles, and patterns to accommodate all kinds of brides. Brides that love to wear it all heavy and intricate to the ones that prefer it light and minimal. Bridal choker necklaces worn on the necks, however, are in the middle, with traditional and intricate designs made in a minimal style.

Bridal chokers are a trend that is being loved by brides all over the country. A lariat necklace or a rani haar paired with a matching choker necklace is the statement bridal look trending these days.

Bridal long gold necklaces, diamond tennis necklaces, pearl necklaces, and statement pendant necklaces are some other popular styles of bridal necklaces.

Tips to Choose the Best

While choosing a bridal necklace that is perfect for your bride can be a bit tricky with all the colours in the ensemble. There are a few tips from our side to make your shopping a bit simpler and faster.

If you are the bride, you can take a person with you for a spectator view. Try not to increase the spectator numbers, as it could make it even more difficult with different views and opinions that are difficult to come together with.

As for the colours you should go for, take into account what season you are getting married in. A summer wedding will ask for lighter colours, while a spring wedding would look best with bright colours. A winter wedding look will complement darker shades best.

For the style to wear, you must go with what you think will resonate the best with your personality. If you have a distinct and definite style of your own, going with that will be easy and comfortable.

As for the parents who are looking for a bridal necklace to give their daughter, buy whatever you feel will make her prettier like never before. That’s all you need to be concerned with; just enjoy the wedding to the fullest.

Top 5 Bridal Necklace Designs

These are the top five bridal necklaces that are in style these days. Brides are loving these bridal necklace designs; you can take one of these if you want too.

Diamond Necklace 

Diamonds are really a girl’s best friend; we can see that in the popularity that diamond necklaces are enjoying among brides. Bridal diamond necklaces are made in tennis designs, halo designs, and statement-making designs. Combining diamonds with gold and platinum is a rich and luxurious partnership for a bridal necklace.

Kundan Necklace

Kundan stones are traditional and pure, perfect for a bridal jewellery design. A kundan necklace is designed with mirror-like stones mixed with colourful stones to give it a simple but flamboyant vibe. An art of north India that has spread its elegance and mesmeric beauty on brides all over the country. Kundan bridal necklaces are made in combination with gold and decorated with beads and diamonds for a mesmerising bridal look.

Pearl Necklace

Pearls, with their innocence and purity, have been incorporated into bridal necklaces for an elegant look. Bridal pearl necklaces are the modern and most recent types, gaining popularity with the trend of pearl jewellery.

A pearl choker necklace or a long lariat pearl necklace are some popular designs of pearl necklaces for brides. Pearl and diamond necklaces are another design often worn by brides for a sophisticated and rich look.

Pearls are often combined with gold, silver, and gemstones of different colours for a colourful bridal necklace.

Polki Necklace

Rising from the crafty hands of Rajasthani craftsmen, polki is another design that is popular in bridal necklaces. The Polki bridal necklace design is made up of uncut diamonds placed in gold foil.

The stones are arranged in an intricate manner inspired by the art and culture of the past. Made in the golden combination of stones, gold, and diamonds, polki necklaces are heavy and statement-making necklaces, attracting all eyes to the bride.

Temple Necklace

Temple necklaces are a design rooted in southern India. The designs take inspiration from temples and deities. Statement-making necklaces made up of gold and coloured metals with beads and diamonds. The pendants comprise a large bridal temple necklace with a halo-type design.

Female goddesses like Lakshmi and Saraswati are the most common motifs in bridal temple necklaces. Some temple necklaces may even feature elephants as holy figures.

Bridal Earrings: A Symbol of Fun and Confidence

Bridal earrings are the second-most integral part of a bridal set. Bridal earrings have no other significance than beauty and confidence. Wearing earrings provides a sense of strength and assurance. They are something that a bride may wear just because she likes them. It's something specifically for, of, and by the bride.

Bridal earrings are the supporting accessory to the centrepiece necklace. A matching earring to the necklace gives a sense of harmony, working together to bring out the best bridal look.


Bridal earrings are heavy statement-makers made up of precious metals like gold, diamonds, and platinum. The traditional bridal earrings are gold earrings decorated with silver, gemstones, and diamonds. The most common bridal materials these days are kundan, polki, diamonds, and stones, each of which has its own characteristic beauty.

A bridal earring generally comes with the bridal necklace set and is made of the same material as the necklace. Pearl earrings are a recent addition to the bridal collection of earrings. Pearl bridal earrings are mostly present in combination with gold, diamonds, and stones for a pop of colour and elegance.

Popular Styles

Bridal earring styles are a mixture of styles that have been prevalent in the past with contemporary additions for magnificent beauty. Bridal jhumkas are the first and most popular types of earrings for brides.

Gold jhumka with diamonds and stones studded for a prominent traditional look. Then there are chandelier earrings made up of stones, mirrors, and metals dangling low from the earlobe. Another popular bridal earring is the bridal stud earring.

A simple but showy design that is favoured by brides for an elegantly chic look. Hoop earrings are another style of bridal earrings that are perfect for a summer wedding. Hoops made of gold, silver, and diamonds are decorated with mirrors and stones for an elaborate look.

Tips to Choose the Best

It is quite rare that a bridal earring is bought separately; hence, there aren’t many tips to go by. The fact that earrings often come with bridal necklace sets makes it quite easy for the bride to match earrings with the necklace and her outfit.

However, you should consider what sort of earring will go best with the necklace design you're wearing. If your bridal necklace is a choker, then going with a long dangler or chandelier earring will be the best.

If you are wearing a statement necklace that covers all of your shoulders and bust, then you can go for a stud earring for a complementary effect.

As for a layered necklace style, a hoop or drop can really add to the layers with their complementary design.

Top 5 Bridal Earring Designs

These are the top five designs in bridal earrings loved by brides these days. You can wear any one of these that suits your outfit and wedding style best.


Jhumkas are the traditional bridal earrings that have never left the trend of bridal earrings. Jhumkas attached to decorative strings that extend up to the back of the head around the ears are the commonly worn ones. This design, made in gold and diamonds and decorated with stones, is elaborate and enticing. Bridal jhumkas are made in various contemporary designs that add to the beauty of tradition with a twist of modernity.

Chandelier Earrings

Chandeliers are long, dangling tassel earrings shaped like tiers hanging on the earlobe. They are generally made of diamonds and colourful stones for a completely charismatic look. Bridal chandelier earrings are more colourful, with heavy work of kundan or polki that adds to the traditional design. Brides wear chandelier earrings with minimalist bridal attire. Chandelier earrings add a touch of modernity to the culture of beauty.

Stud Earrings

Bridal studs are mostly worn by brides in the summer. Summer weddings can really be tiring, but with bridal studs, it became a bit easier to look beautiful with ease. Bridal studs are made up of gold, diamonds, kundan, and stones. The designs are intricate, with inspiration from the past, and generally floral in design. A big diamond or stone surrounded by smaller stones that contribute to a cluster of diamonds or stones.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings for the bride are made of gold and diamonds arranged in a tennis-like manner. Other materials for bridal hoop earrings are kundan stones and gemstones, which provide the best traditional look. Bridal hoops are simple and stylish and can be worn with all kinds of bridal outfits because of their versatility. The fact that you don't need to worry about your outfit design and style because hoops can complement them all.

Drop Earrings

Drop earrings made up of gold, diamonds, and kundan are the most popular types of drop earrings. Pearls are the most suitable material for a drop-style earring. Pearl drop earrings for the bride are simple and serene, adding to the elegance of the ensemble. Drop earrings are the best to pair with a wedding gown.

Bridal Bangles: A Clinking Beauty on the Wrists

Bangles are a tradition of the past, meant to announce the commencement of a new beginning. Bangles, when worn by a married woman, are a symbol of a complete woman. They symbolise a happy and fortunate household. When a woman wears bangles, she experiences a sense of protection for herself and her family.

Bangles in a bridal jewellery set are an integral accessory. They complete the void in the ensemble with their eccentric and enticing beauty.


Bridal bangles are made up of gold, diamonds, gemstones, and even lac. Gold bridal bangles studded with diamonds, kundan stones, and colourful stones are the staple designs. Bangles made of plastic have been a tradition in some states of India, like Punjab and Rajasthan.

Women are expected to wear these bangles for a certain period of time after marriage. The materials used in bridal bangles are quite diverse, depending on the region of the country.

Some parts of the country also use mirrors and silk threads as materials for bridal bangles. Pearl bangles have just recently debuted on the bridal bangle scene with their versatile elegance and style.

Popular Styles

The popular styles among bridal bangles include gold bangles and diamond bangles. Gold bangles decorated with kundan and gemstones are the most common among brides.

A single big and elaborately designed bangle made of gold can really make a big impression on bridal attire. Kaleere are the other styles of bridal bangles worn by northern brides during their bridal rituals. They are beautiful, with extensions of pearls and beads that hang down the bangles like tassels.

Then, there are diamond bangles that are made like tennis bracelets with colourful diamonds arranged in an array within gold or platinum. Pearl bangles made in a single-strand fashion worn in numbers or a multi-stranded pearl bangle are both popular styles among pearl bridal bangles. Pearl bangles decorated with diamonds and stones can really add a different definition to the bridal look.

Tips to Choose the Best

While choosing the best bridal bangles for you, you must take care that the bangle isn’t too heavy for you to wear. The material should be as light as it can be, or else you’ll be in pain till all the wedding rituals are finished.

Second, take a look at the type of bridal necklace set you are wearing and try matching it with it. Kundan bagels to go with kundan necklaces, white pearl bagels for pearl necklaces, and so on.

All in all, bangles aren’t very difficult if you can fund the matching ones.

Top 5 Bridal Bangle Designs

These are a few types of bridal bangles that brides are preferring these days. You can take a look for a reference to buy yours.


Chooda is an arrangement of red and white bangles worn by north Indian brides during their wedding. These are part of a wedding tradition that brides are obliged to wear for a period of time following the wedding. They are generally made of plastic for the ease of wearing them daily for a month and a quarter.

Gold Bangles

Gold bangles are worn by brides alone and also in combination with oath bangles made of metal and glass. Gold bangles are decorated with diamonds, stones, and mirror stones that give them a nice and elaborate look. A broad gold bangle in the centre with thinner glass bangles surrounded by thinner gold bangles is a typical bridal bangle arrangement.

Kundan Bangles

Kundan bangles are made of gold studded with kundan stones. The designs are less intricate and more random in nature. Kundan bridal bangles can be made in combination with diamonds and stones for a more colourful effect. They are quite elaborate in design and fashion and can be the centrepiece of the look.

Lac Bangles

Lac bangles have been worn for years and generations. They are traditional and made in the same old folk art designs, decorated with stones and mirrors. Lac bangles are beautiful and elaborate, with a touch of customs and traditions that add to the bride's modesty.

Diamond Bangles

Diamond bangles are made in tennis fashion, wherein diamonds are arranged in a linear fashion. Diamond bangles for brides may contain colourful diamonds in gold, silver, or platinum. They look best with a wedding gown for a pretty and elegant look.

Bridal Anklets: A Jingling Welcome To A New Life

Bridal anklets are a symbol of the responsibilities of a new life that are put upon the bride during a wedding. Worn as a symbol of a married woman leading a family and a married life. Anklets have been among the traditions of Indian weddings for centuries. It reminds the woman of her pride, integrity, and duties as a member of a family.

Anklets, when added to the bridal ensemble, complete the look as a whole. Anklets are already seen during the wedding functions under the heavy bridal lehenga; they make sure that nothing is left out of the beautification of the bride.


Anklets were made up of beads in the past; bridal anklets today are made up of metals and stones. Gold anklets are the traditional types of anklets that have been worn by brides for years. Gold and silver are the staple types of anklets worn by married women.

They are often decorated with stones, beads, and pearls. Kundan anklets made up of glass stones in gold or silver are other bridal anklets worn by brides all over the country. Anklets are often decorated with metal balls called ghungroo for a pretty jingling sound.

Popular Styles

Mostly, the traditional designs of anklets are quite popular with brides. Payal, made of metals like gold, silver, and steel, is the most common type. They are decorated with stones and mirrors. Some petals often have ghunghroo as a decorative element that adds to the visual beauty with its pretty clinking. Then there are the kundan and charm anklets that have been in style today and have made their way into bridal anklets with their versatility.

Tips to Choose the Best

Choosing an anklet is the simplest. Well, it's just a matter of whether you like them or not. If you like to wear anklets, you can try a heavier design made of gold or kundan. If you don't prefer anklets as a style, then going with charm anklets is best for you.
So just choose the design based on your preference, and that's enough for this one.

Top 5 Bridal Anklet Designs

These are five top bridal anklet designs you can choose your favourite from. They are worn by brides all over the country, so they are the best ones. You can definitely go for one of these.


Payal is made of gold or silver. Decorated with metal balls, beads, and coloured glasses. They are worn by women as daily wear because they are lightweight and comfortable. Payal is the simplest design of a bridal anklet.


Ghungroo anklets are anklets made of metal and decorated with a lot of metal balls that collide to give out a jingling sound. They can be made of gold, silver, or even threads that look pretty with ghunghroos.

Bead Anklets

Bead anklets are the most primitive type of anklet. They were worn by the first brides and are currently used by brides to add an aesthetic touch to their bridal dress. Bead anklets are combined with silver for a more sturdy and shiny appearance.

Charm Anklets

Charm anklets are the most modern type of bridal anklet. With the personalization of accessories by women, charm anklets have gained popularity with married women as a daily-wear anklet.

Kundan Anklets

Kundan anklets are made of gold studded with glass tones. They can be decorated with colourful gemstones or other types of polished stones. Kundan anklets are quite popular with brides who love anklets and want to try something new with their bridal ensemble.

Stun ‘em all with your bridal looks!

Brides’ big day is memorable for a couple things, and bridal jewellery makes the top of this list. Bridal jewellery sets make up the biggest portion of a bride's wedding day. She takes her precious time and puts a lot of thought and emotion into choosing the perfect bridal jewellery set. It is a new beginning for the second innings of her life, and nothing can be less than perfect for her liking.

Hence, bridal jewellery is made with a lot of consideration and care for the wishes, likes, and feelings of a bride. Each thread is woven into elegance, grace, and pride for the big day of the bride. Carrying blessings of health, wealth, and happiness for life, they adore the bride with their angelic allure.

Check out our bridal jewellery collection to buy the best designs that will make this day memorable for the bride for life.