Bridal Jewellery Trends 2023, Fulfilling Every Bride's Fairytale

Bridal Jewellery Trends 2023, Fulfilling Every Bride's Fairytale

With time, people change; their love changes, and their likes change too. Trends are what keep track of the changing minds, thoughts, and wants of people today. Marriage has been a ritual carried out between two people for as long as civilization has existed. There have been different types of marriages, traditions, and even brides and grooms. Brides are the centre of attention and attraction in every kind of wedding at any point in time.

The bride is all dolled up for the big day with the ornaments of that time in the best way possible. The best and most trending fashion and jewellery are the only options for bridal attire. This very need to get the most prevalent and liked fashion of the day for the bride gave birth to "bridal jewellery trends. Bridal jewellery trends are thus, by definition, all the beauty and styles of the present incorporated into a bridal collection, giving out a fashion statement with every ensemble.

Indian Bridal Jewellery, A Customary Collection

Bridal jewellery in India has great significance both jn fashion and tradition. The tradition of bridal jewellery started with presenting the bride with an investment in gold and silver for unfortunate times. Now, it is more of a way to celebrate the new beginning of the bride's new life with trendy styles. Indian bridal jewellery makes it point to be flamboyant and royal. It has to have a queen necklace with traditional jhumkas and a headband with anklets and bangles that cover all arms.

A bride in India is imbricated from head to toe in small- small pieces of jewellery all of which comprise the bridal jewellery. Every article of jewellery has its traditional significance and alluring beauty. The bride is adorned from all angles and at every part, with no corner left empty or incomplete.

Bridal Jewellery, A Tradition That's Beyond Trends

Bridal jewellery in Indian, or Indian weddings follow traditions with their heart and it may or may not agree with the trends. No matter how much the trend changes, time changes and people change some of these jewelleries are constant and will remain so.

The mangalsutra, the chooda or bangles, the wedding ring and the toe rings are the constants that must not be left out of an Indian bridal jewellery collection. Each of these articles are customarily significant to the bride and her family. The auspicious thread tied around the bride’s neck by the groom is called mangalsutra. A typical mangalsutra is made up of gold and black beads with a pendant hanging at the centre.

Then comes the chooda or bangles worn as a part of wedding ritual like the rings that are considered the sign of a married woman in India. These meanings and beliefs attached to each of these jewellery articles are too important to be laid off the collection.

Popular Types of Indian Bridal Jewellery

From the cultural and varied heritage of our country, we can say that we are blessed with a variety of folk art and craft. These art forms along with the craft are carried and passed on to the generations and generations making it available for us within its purest forms. Bridal jewellery in India too, has various types of native to certain parts of the country. The polki jewellery from Rajasthan, the kundan jewellery from north India, the meenakari bridal jewellery from punjab and the temple jewellery originates in the southern part of the country. All these types of bridal jewellery are designed by taking inspiration from historical art and culture using the crafts of their ancestors in modern styles. Let us learn a bit more about these Indian bridal jewellery types:

Kundan Jewellery

An ancient craft that originated from the state of Rajasthan and spread over Bihar, Punjab and then all over the country. Kundan literally means, pure gold which can fit well with its reality as they are made of gold beaten into foil that is stuffed in between glass gemstones. Kundan jewellery is elaborate, intricate and bold with big glass stones arranged into a beautiful pattern decorated with gold.

Kundan jewellery has been an active part of the bridal jewellery collection in India, birds have opted for kundan because of its unique craft and irresistible beauty.

Polki Jewellery

Polki are the specialty of the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan from where this beautiful craft of jewellery making came into being. Polki is made from the jadau technique wherein uncut and unrefined diamonds are studded into gold moulds. These polkis are then made into different kinds of jewellery. Polki is expensive and valuable and is often presented to brides as an heirloom.

Polki jewellery is among the few Indian types of bridal jewellery that have been in trend this year.

Meenakari Jewellery

Originating from the green fields of Punjab, meenakari is the craft of making traditional jewellery with stones, beads and enamel. Meenakari is generally coloured and uses bright and beautiful colours to bring out the best of the jewellery set. A meenakari set is designed with intricacy and inspirations from nature. The natural beauty of followers, leaves and fields is perfectly incorporated into metal of gold and silver decorated with colours.

Temple Jewellery

Temple jewellery is a jewellery craft and design that originated in the south of India. The design is basically inspired by the temple sculptures, deities and religious art. A temple jewellery features a pendant, or a necklace designed as female goddesses or holy animals. Goddesses like Laxmi and Saraswati are the common motifs in temple jewellery.

Pearl Jewellery

Pearl jewellery is trending in the jewellery category on its own. Its entrance into bridal jewellery trends isn’t a surprise considering their versatility and elegance. Pearl jewellery are made into different necklaces and in combination with diamonds and gold for a regal bridal look. Pearls are a symbol of purity and integrity that goes well with the aura of a bride. Pearl jewellery is the choice of the modern bride, and it seems it will be the same for a long time.

Latest Bridal Jewellery Trends For 2023 Brides are Loving

The bridal jewellery trends this year broadly can be termed as “traditional with twist”. Brides are going back to the traditional ways by choosing jewellery articles that have been a thing of the past. The headband, the big nose rings and the tie rings all are demanded by the bride to be there in the collection but with a twist of modernity. They are getting them designed and styled their own way, from minimal to statement style. From american diamonds to polki and kundans, every other design is combined, mixed and matched for a mesmerising look.
From lariat and rani haars to chokers and pendants the bridal jewellery has evolved and is presenting trends that aren’t easy to comprehend but super easy to look beautiful. Let us take a look at some of these trends that bride’s today is making every other day.

Necklaces And Chokers Now Go Hand in Hand

So, chokers were a western thing and a party accessory, but with this new bridal jewellery trend it looks like chokers were originally made for a bridal jewellery collection. The traditional touch to the choker necklaces with polkis, kundans and gold has made them the lead in the desi look. Choker necklaces are being worn by brides in different styles and ways, but they aren't losing the fashion game here they say.

Bridal chokers are made in gold, diamonds and gemstones like rubies and emeralds. Worn with all kinds of traditional bridal outfits like saree, lehenga and even shararas they are the most versatile pieces of jewellery today. Layered with long necklaces, rani haars and matching matinee necklaces complement each other so well giving out a queen vibe to the bridal look.

Earrings Are The Fun Part

Earrings work as the confident fun part of the ensemble, they are to match well with the necklaces to get the most out of the experience it offers. The most traditional of the bridal earrings making the bridal trends this year again are the Bridal Jhumkas. Yes, no surprise here jhumkas have always captured all the earring trends in bridal jewellery.

Making new trends with different materials like pearls and american diamonds jhumkas have forever decided to evolve and stay in trend forever. With the perfect mixture of tradition and modern jhumkas have managed to bring the hearts of all the brides right to them.

After, jhumkas come the bridal stud earrings. Studs are another trend never going out of time, they are timeless and ageless. Summer brides love studs with all their might and majesty. Gold studs, studs made of stones and pearls are some popular types in bridal earrings.

Nose Rings, A Graceful Addition

Nose rings made in different materials, types and designs are the reason that they are once again in bridal jewellery trends. Brides are again returning back to the elaborate naths, latkan, pullaku, laung and pallaka from different regions of India. All these nose rings with their unique characteristics and styles, made up of gold, American diamonds, gemstones and pearls. A big and elaborate design to go with a less intricate necklace and earrings.

They add the finishing touch to the bride’s face, and it’s no problem if not worn but it can do a lot if worn with the whole set. Brides know this fact well enough to add nose rings they prefer according to their style and outfit to the ensemble. The extra elegance it provides to the whole bridal look is extravagant and enticing.

Bangles And Bracelets Are Excellent Accessories

Bangles or bracelets or bangle bracelets whatever you may call they will add their clinking beauty just as surreal as ever. Bangles are a tradition, and they are an integral part of the bride's attire. A bride wears them as a symbol of a complete woman after marriage. Bridal bagels today are thus made in consideration with the bride to wear them daily after marriage as a ritual.

Pearl bangles are hence in great demand and this trending the bridal jewellery scene. The versatility and comfortability of pearl bangles and bracelets have made them a great choice for the bride. Brides prefer light weight bangles made up of glass and steel, decorated with mirrors and stones that match well with their other jewellery articles.

Bangle bracelets are the other choice for bride's as they are elaborate and intricate and wearing a single bracelet is enough for loads of elegance and beauty. Bangle bracelets made up of gold, studded with gemstones, kundan and American diamonds are stealing the scene with their shine.

Anklets And Toe Rings to Adorn Your Feet

Anklets and toe rings both have a traditional meaning to them and thus are a must for the bride and bridal jewellery. Anklets and toe rings made up of metals like gold and silver have always been in the traditional jewellery category worn by brides at weddings. The new trend in anklets however include charm anklets and kundan anklets adorning the feet of brides with their unmatchable beauty.

The bold designs of kundan anklets and the personal touch of charms in anklets are the reasons for their popularity among brides. The fact that the bride can wear something she has great admiration for on her feet where only she will know is like a guilty pleasure to her on a big and exhausting day.

Anklets are the symbol of responsibilities she will have to carry after she becomes the newest addition to another family, a pretty pleasure like a favourite charm can really mean a lot to her.

These were some trends in bridal jewellery that brides have been choosing for themselves recently. Bridal jewellery trends are made by the chives, likes and dislikes of the brides all over India.

This sweet thought carries a heavy load philosophy which is rarely seen in Indian weddings. Indian weddings though look like are for the bride and groom but rarely are in real life. It is beautiful to see that the brides today are choosing their outfits, jewelries and even their groom.

Choose The Perfect Bridal Jewellery for You

While choosing your bridal jewellery it is important to take a look at a lot of factors, but the first is “look at self”. Take a good look at yourself and ask why exactly are you getting married? Is the guy you are marrying the right one? Will this marriage make you happy? Will it be the same forever?
Done? Okay if you’ve answered all these answers to yourself without a moment of hesitation then go ahead and read the tips to choose the perfect bridal jewellery for you.
Oh, and if not? Then go back and read this article again. It may give the answers to you.

What Kind Is Your Bridal Attire?

The first thing that goes into consideration is the type of outfit you are wearing. Indian traditional outfits can be quite heavy and demand a lot of attention on their own, so you need something that will not only stand out as much as your outfit but also complement it at the same time.

If your outfit is light coloured like a baby pink, ask pink or some other pastel colour then you must consider going for a contest with the bridal jewellery. A light colour lehenga or sharara will look great with a dark coloured bridal jewellery. If you are to wear a dark red or pink, then a matching coloured bridal jewellery or a colourful jewellery set will complement your outfit better.

According to the necklines, if your blouse or kurta is a short necked one then an elaborate and long pendant or lariat necklace is the one that will look great for that one. The trend today is to wear a v-neck with a bridal choker necklace with big jhumkas and bangle bracelets.

For sarees, going with temple jewellery is the best, for shararas the pearl jewellery has taken the spot. As for lehengas, kundan or polki jewellery is the best choice to go with. Outfits affect a great deal to the king of jewellery that goes well with it.

What Do You as a Bride Prefer?

As the bride and the main character of the day, you must consider what is your style and preference. Wearing something that isn't your style can be uncomfortable and may make your big day the worst memory for life. The wedding is something that generally happens once in life and you must have a happy memory of your new beginning. Hence, give it a thought that what would you like to wear on the day of this new beginning.

If you are somebody who likes lavish…
Then you can go with an elaborate queen like kundan or polki bridal jewellery. The set comprises all types of necklaces, earrings, bangles, anklets, headband, waistband, nose rings and toe rings. This way you can decorate every corner of your body with the same elaborate-ness.

If you are somebody who likes it comfortably…
Then you can go for the pearl jewellery bridal collection. It will add the same elegance and beauty with more comfort and versatility. From necklaces to earrings, bangles to anklets, all types of jewellery made in pearls can be easy and comfortable even for a summer wedding. You can look all the same graceful with comfort.

If you are somebody who likes it minimal.
Then you can go for the temple or meenakari jewellery, or any other type actually. You can choose a few types of bridal jewellery like necklace, earrings and bangles. A statement pendant necklace made up of american diamonds, a drop earring and chain bangles are the simplest bridal look for you. Just go ahead with this collection and you’ll still rock that mesmerising bride look.

How Much Exactly Do You Want to Spend?

Budget is the most important factor when choosing the perfect bridal jewellery but only for those who know the answers to the questions asked before. Let us see how you can get the same bridal beauty look in your own budget.

If you have a luxury budget…
Then go for a diamond bridal set, if you want that traditional touch go for a polki jewellery set. Just wear all the diamonds by making them your best friend for a day and then enjoy your investment for life.

If you have a middle rich budget…
Then go for the kundan or gold bridal jewellery set, it will add that regal vibe to you. Wear all the traditional jewellery pieces made in gold and kundan. Just that kundan glass stones aren’t real diamonds, just pure gold cases so it won’t be much of a big investment, gold can help though.

If you have a middle-class budget…
Then you can go for gold-plated jewellery and American diamond jewellery. These two types are quite trending these days with their fashionable and statement-style jewellery pieces. You may not get all the articles of a traditional bridal jewellery set but the most important ones will be there.

Well, if there is a will there's a way. So, if you’ve decided to get married no budget can stop you from looking the best bride ever.

In these times, where a celeb wear something today and it becomes a trend tomorrow the trends can’t be trusted with even a leaf’s life. Hence, although these are the Bridal Jewellery Trends of 2023, these will change and may even have changed by time, and we will be updating it too…the bottom line is, just wear what you like the best. Wear what you think will make your big day memorable for your mesmerising bridal look. It is your day, and no one can tell what will make you happier than you!

So, these were the bridal jewellery trends of this year, the types of Indian bridal jewellery in trend, the types of jewellery that have come back to trend and new ones making the trends this year. Explore our bridal jewellery collection, you may find something that suits your style, budget and happiness!