Can Gold Plated Jewellery Be Worn In The Shower?

Gold jewellery is a want. The sparkle and austerity this one shiny metal brings are incomparable. Starting from gold and diamond necklaces to dangling earrings and more, gold jewellery is an integral part of every household. These lustrous ornaments are often safely locked away in safe cases or almirahs and only brought out during festive occasions. So you won't find women wearing pure gold jewels in their everyday lives. However, people often express displeasure if they have to step out of their homes empty-handed. Thankfully, there's a solution to this, and it's called gold plated jewellery.

What Is Gold Plated Jewellery?

Made with a base metal like copper or silver, gold plated jewellery, as the name says, consists of a thin gold layer. This layer is referred to as 'plating'. To create this plating, jewellery has to be submerged into either pure gold or an alloy that's a gold-coloured solution. After this, the piece is hit with an electric current to activate a chemical reaction. This causes the thin gold layer to coat the upper surface of the bauble.

It's an affordable substitute for an expensive metal. From heart-shaped gold plated necklaces to crystal studded bracelets and pendants, every conceivable ornament or trinket can be gold plated. Since these adornments are economical solutions to extravagant pure gold offerings, women tend to wear them everywhere. These gold plated ornaments are durable and last long even after consistent use. As such, women and girls tend to favour them for everyday use. However, in the hustle and bustle of their tumultuous everyday lives, they often forget to take them off while showering or washing their hands. As such, one question comes up- is it alright to wear gold plated jewellery in the shower?
Let us decode that answer.

Is It Safe To Wear Gold-Plated Ornaments In The Shower?

The answer is no. It isn't safe because, after repeated underwater trips, the gold plating on the jewellery will gradually begin to chip and tarnish. So at best, its lustrous shine will darken and dull, and at worst, it will chip off. In the end, all that will remain is a damaged bauble. So whether it is white pearl gold plated earrings or yellow gold plated choker set, you need to remove it before taking a shower or diving into a swimming pool to ensure its longevity.

Yet, is that enough? Not really. There are other precautions you need to take to prevent damaging your gold plated jewellery.

3 Precautions To Prevent Your Gold Plated Adornments From Tarnishing

Here are the three precautions to observe to ensure that your gold plated ornaments last longer

Don’t Use Perfume Or Cosmetics On The Plated Jewellery

Spray perfume or cologne before wearing your ornaments. The same is true for cosmetics. First, put your makeup on and then your bauble. This will ensure that the chemicals present in the products don't blemish your accessory.

Regularly Clean Your Plated Ornaments

Mix a couple of drops of dish washing powder or liquid with lukewarm water. Then gently bathe your gold plated jewellery in the mixture. After this, use a clean white towel to wipe it dry. As the last step, leave it out to completely air dry.

Keep Your Jewellery In A Bag

If you aren't wearing your gold plated adornments, keep them enclosed in a plastic or zip-lock bag. There it will interact minimally with moisture or air. So it will stay gleaming and glossy for prolonged periods.

What Kind Of Jewellery Can You Wear While Showering?

The kind and number of ornaments you can wear in the shower or while swimming is low, but not none. Stainless steel trinkets, glass or plastic jewellery, and sterling silver baubles are ornaments you don’t have to worry about in the water.

What Other Jewellery You Shouldn't Wear While Showering?

Apart from gold plated jewellery, refrain from wearing any Pearl necklace sets or earrings in the shower. Along with this, Platinum adornments and American Diamond jewellery like bracelets, necklaces, or large earrings should be kept away from water. These precious metals are delicate and lose their lustre easily if improperly cared for.

Gold plated jewellery is an inexpensive solution to pure gold ones. These ornaments can last long if they are appropriately cared for, and you can do so by never wearing them if you are anywhere near water.