7 Earrings For Salwar Suit Which Are A Perfect Match

7 Earrings For Salwar Suit Which Are A Perfect Match

Looking for earrings that will match your salwar suit the best? Salwar suits are one of the most commonly worn Indian traditional dresses by women. Exhibiting perfect versatility, salwar suits are worn casually for comfort and as kurtis in workplaces. Meanwhile, shararas and patialas are the perfect wedding and festive wear. Now, to match the versatile styling of salwar suits, the earrings that go with your look must follow. Different looks call for different earring styles, and different preferences need different designs. Earrings that match your salwar suit can enhance that simple look of yours a multiplefold.

In this article, we bring you some of the best earrings commonly and uniquely worn with salwar suits. Some traditional earring styles with new designs, along with the newly trending styles of earrings that can be matched with your salwar suits. Let us take a look at seven of these earrings, which are bound to look good with any version of a salwar suit you wear.

Sui-Dhaga with Straight Kurta-Salwar

Earrings For Salwar Suit

Sui-dhaga earrings are a perfect office-wear look. Wear sui-dhaga with a straight-cut kurta-salwar to the office or casual hangouts. The elegance of the sui-dhaga matches the simplicity and comfort of the salwar-kurta very well.
Gold, silver, pearls, and diamonds Sui dhaga are available in all kinds. You can choose the one that suits the style and colour of the outfit. Sui dhaga are back in style, and it's time you flaunt some of these in your everyday style.

Jhumki with a Patiala Suit

Earrings For Salwar Suit

Partial salwar-kameez is rich in itself; wearing a jhumki will bring a perfect balance. It makes sure that the earring gains just the right amount of attention. The tiny, delicate jhumkis made in gold, silver, or oxidised metal look pretty with a patiala salwar suit.

Patiala suits are meant to garner attention; they will make you stand out anywhere. Pair your patiala with jhumkis for work, dates, or just casually having fun with friends. The jhumki's colour, material, and size can differ from person to person. You can choose one according to your face shape, skin tone, and outfit colours.

Chandbali with an Anarkali Suit

Earrings For Salwar Suit

Chandbali are a surprise pair with anarkali suits. Chandbalis, when worn with anarkali suits, provide a complementary balance between the girth of the anarkali and the flat earring shape. Chandbalis are in style and made in all shapes, sizes, and designs, providing you with a wide range of choices to match your anarkali with.

Anarkalis are generally worn on festive occasions; it is important to consider the occasion for which to wear them. If it’s a wedding, then a statement-style chandbali will be a better fit, and if it's just some family gathering, a simple and oxidised chandbali can do well too.

Jhaalar with Sharara Suit

Earrings For Salwar Suit

Jhaalar are the traditional tassel earrings with tassel-like extensions dangling from behind the ear. A jhaalar with a sharara suit is the best wedding look. It adds a pretty woman vibe to any kind of sharara suit. Shararas are again a staple wedding attire and a beautiful bridal outfit.

Jhaalars in different materials like pearls, gold, and diamonds can suit both the bride and bridesmaids. Just wear a jhaalar earring with your sharara, and you don’t need any other accessory. Jhaalar earrings are the perfect statement earrings for salwar suits.

Charms with Kurti-Jean

Earrings For Salwar Suit

The staple college look of young women's kurti jeans complements them best with charms. Charms are made into studs, hoops, and even dangler-drop earrings. Charms provide a fun and playful vibe to the kurti-jean look. Women wear them casually everywhere because of their adorable and versatile style.
Flower studs, fish, seashells, etc. are some of the pretty charm earrings loved by women. They are even made in gold for those who are allergic to imitation jewellery. Silver charms with colourful stones are one of the most popular charm earrings worn with kurtis.

Ear Cuffs with Kurta-Palazzo

Earrings For Salwar Suit

The trend of palazzos is a big hit among ladies of all ages. Ear cuffs, on the other hand, are gaining wide popularity in the modern world too. The designs on ear cuffs have a wide range of styles, from oxidised to flowery, gothic, and angelic. Each of these ear cuffs, when matched with a palazzo-kurta set, will give off a totally different vibe. Young women may like cute and adorable angel wings and butterflies, while the flowers may appeal to adult women.
This is new and unique, and it's the trend today, which doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Chain Drops with Westernised Kurti

Earrings For Salwar Suit

Chain drops are the newest addition to drop earrings from the K-pop fashion trend. Wearing a chain drop earring with a westernised kurti is a bold, statement-making look. Best to wear at casual hangouts, dates, and even parties. They can make your simple kurti hip enough to be the star of the party. Chain drop earrings are bold, beautiful, and eye-catching. Try this new trendy match of Indo-Korean cultural fusion, because you won’t know until you try.

These are the seven best earrings that will match your salwar suit. According to the type of salwar suit you wear, the type of earring changes. Like studs and hoops with kurti jeans, jhumki with a patiala suit, drop earrings with a straight cut kurta, ear cuffs for a palazzo kurta, and jhaalar earrings with sharara suits. Just take a look at the occasion and choose the style and material of the earring types you can pair your suit with. Gold, diamonds, and pearls for traditional events, while silver and metal for daily salwar suit looks. The westernised kurtis can accommodate any western earring with an eye-pleasing design. Explore, experiment, and enjoy your new and unique salwar suit looks with different types of earrings.

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