Effortlessly Chic: The Simple Necklace Guide

Effortlessly Chic: The Simple Necklace Guide

Necklaces are a part of women's jewellery collection for ages. They are noticeable and have the ability to take the look to another level. This piece of jewellery is adaptive to changes and fashion trends. Which is why it is very popular in all age groups. Some may argue that necklaces can only be heavy and suitable for special occasions. Here, a simple necklace is making a difference!

Why Simple Necklaces Are A Great Choice ?

Simple necklaces have every quality of the traditional necklace minus the heavy designs. True to its name, a simple necklace is very light and elementary. A thick chain with a basic leaf or flower pattern on it. A minimal design single layer necklace is a perfect example of a Simple necklace. A chain necklace with or without a pendant also falls in this category. Women love simple necklaces for their fuss free chic look. A Simple necklace looks fashionable with both western and ethnic wear. They are effortless and beautiful. Hence, a perfect choice for every occasion.

Simple Necklaces For Everyday Wear And Special Events 

Simple necklace is delicate and lightweight. It is easy to carry and. looks elegant. Perfect for everyday wear and special events, it puts comfort and style together. For those aiming for a minimalist everyday look, wearing a simple necklace is the best choice. If one wants to go for a dressy look for a special occasion, add another long necklace. It looks wonderful layered up with other necklaces as well. Styled in either way, it looks attractive.

Simple Necklace Designs For You

The range of options in simple necklace designs can be surprising. There are plenty of materials used in a variety of simple necklaces. Here is a compilation of a few:

Simple Gold Necklaces 

Gold always comes first. Made of a thick gold chain with basic designs, the simple gold necklace looks serene. The designs can be of flowers, coins, leafs perfect for a minimal traditional style. A little more detailed than the chain necklaces, it is perfect for every occasion.

Simple Bridal Gold Necklaces 

Simple bridal gold necklace is inspired from south Indian wedding jewellery. To suit the occasion, the design on the chain is a bit detailed. Often it has a temple design or flower designs with trinkets. The necklace is thicker as compared to others. The design of the necklace falls on the collar bone.

Simple Diamond Necklaces  

Diamonds are called the symbol of eternity. Ladies love every form and shape of diamonds. Simple diamond necklace is of collar length & has silver or gold plating. The necklace is decorated with diamonds only using various delicate designs. This is a white beauty, perfect for a date!

Simple Ruby Necklaces 

Ruby is a widely used gemstone in traditional necklaces. Simple ruby necklace is a part of old Indian designs that is still popular. It has a single layer of chain studded with rubies and a big pendant hanging below. The red colour looks regal when paired with ethnic wear. 

Simple Stone Gold Necklaces 

Other than rubies, there are other gemstones that are used in jewelleries. Such as emeralds, jade and turquoise. Simple stone necklace designs have a thin chain in gold or silver with a pendant. The pendant is of different stones. Stones wrapped with thin wires hanging below a chain is also a very popular style of this necklace. Lovers of boho fashion love its subtle shades and different shapes.

Simple Silver Necklaces  

For the lovers of subtle shades, silver is a pocket friendly and trendy option. A simple silver necklace set has a silver plating instead of gold. Decorated with mirrors and zircon, the necklace looks snowy. Its beauty is enhanced when paired with dark coloured attires.

The list is inclusive but of course, every now and then a new design of simple necklace is introduced. And they all receive a huge welcome from ladies. For when it comes to jewellery, the more the better.

How To Style A Simple Necklace?

Styling a simple necklace is not that easy of a task. People often neglect a few aspects of styling them. Ending up ruining the whole look. Here are a few basic things to keep in mind while styling a simple necklace.

Wear them with V-necks. The big pendant or other designs of simple necklaces are in the middle of it. V necks are perfect to enhance their dimensions.

Try to pair it with other accessories such as stud earrings or bracelets. It puts the whole look together.

Go from short to long while layering up. The shortest one will be worn first followed by longer necklaces. This helps in adding fluidity and flair.

Go after contrasting - For bright and warm shades of clothes, go for silver or diamond designs. Choose a gold and ruby necklace for cold and light colours.

Go by the occasion. Traditional designs such as bridal necklace, ruby necklace are perfect for festivities. For casual outings and parties, choose a stone or diamond necklace.

Staying mindful of these basic things will help you take the look on another level.

Care And Maintenance

For a long life of any jewellery, it needs to be taken care of.  The basic things to consider are storage and cleaning of the jewellery. Here is what you can do at home:


Follow a thumb rule of storing each piece separately and refrain from storing in humid places. Investing in jewellery containers is a bonus but wrapping each piece in velvet will also do.


 A mild washing liquid added in warm water will do wonders for cleaning. Avoid scrubbing and brushing harshly, wipe off the water with a soft cloth. And that's it.

Easy right? Simple necklace is a versatile piece of jewellery. This might just be the missing piece of your collection. Blingvine has an exquisite collection of simple necklaces of various designs. 

"Whether you're looking for a simple and elegant necklace design or a bold statement piece, the variety of necklace designs available ensures that there is something for everyone. So explore the different styles, materials, and gemstones to find the perfect necklace that complements your unique style and personality."