Evil Eye Bracelets - Fashion And Spirituality.

Evil eye bracelets have made a lot of sounds recently. They are stylish to look at and have a sense of faith. These bracelets come in many different colours and types. They are easy to style and go well with all kinds of outfits. Before diving any further, let us take a look at the history of the evil eye symbol.

Short History Of Evil Eye Symbol 

The evil eye symbol has existed for thousands of years. The oldest evidence of this symbol being used dates back to ancient Greece. This symbol was said to ward off any bad luck wished on you. The symbol first appeared on a Chalcidian vessel. It is believed to be the oldest finding of the Evil Eye symbol. Evil eye symbols were later found on many other items. As time passed, the symbol made its way into the jewellery world. Let us now take a look at why evil eye bracelets are so popular.

Why Evil Eye Bracelets Are Popular? 

The symbol of the evil eye is very unique. Apart from being unique, they are very stylish to look at. Bracelets too have a charm to them which makes them sought after. Bracelets come in many different styles and each style is unique in its own way. The evil eye symbol also comes in many different colours. All this combined makes evil bracelets trendy.

The youth have their own way of showing belief in spiritual items. The evil eye bracelets make a strong case as it combines both the aspects of style and belief. Though they can be worn for either of the two purposes, the combination makes it very convenient.

Evil Eye Bracelet 

Anything that wraps around the wrist can be considered a bracelet. Bracelets, as we all know, come in many different styles. These styles have incorporated the evil eye symbol with grace. An evil eye bracelet is beautiful to look at. Bracelets are elegant to style with and when the evil eye symbol is added to the mix, the entire look is elevated.

Evil eye bracelets can either be very simple with nothing but a thread and the symbol. It can also be a sophisticated bracelet with other elements other than the evil eye symbol. With this information in our arsenal, let us look at the different types of evil eye bracelets.

Types Of Evil Eye Bracelets

Evil eye bracelets are trendy and rightly so. The plethora of styles that bracelets come in, makes a very strong fashion statement. The combination of the symbol and a bracelet adds depth to the entire look and makes a compelling fashion statement.

Traditional Evil Eye Bracelets -

A traditional evil eye bracelet is both simple and sophisticated at the same time. These bracelets usually consist of evil eye charms or beads. Bead bracelets are the most common bracelets to have the evil eye symbol. These bracelets are simple to look at and colourful at the same time.

Another traditional evil eye bracelet can be a simple thread or a strap around the wrist. These bracelets are very simple and have a sense of elegance to them. A single bead with the evil eye symbol or a single charm also goes a long way in the fashion sense. Both these traditional bracelets can be paired with casual outfits with ease.

Modern And Contemporary Designs -

As time passes, evil eye bracelets have also evolved. Modern bracelets come in many different kinds of styles. The chain bracelet is very popular for its elegant style. The evil eye symbol is usually more appealing to look at in these kinds of bracelets. The charms used for making the symbol are made of many types of materials. Stainless Steel and GunMetal are the most common materials used.

Modern designs also mean that designers have added their own flair to the original design of the symbol. These symbols, though they maintain the traditional structure, are made of different materials. These types of bracelets can be styled for all kinds of events with ease.

Evil Eye Bracelets With Other Symbols -

The concept of negative energy and envious energy is prominent around the globe. The concept of the evil eye too is very common making the symbol almost the same worldwide. Every region has its own culture and symbols. Jewellery has made sure to combine both aspects beautifully.

We can often find evil eye symbols in tandem with other cultural or religious symbols in ways of charms and beads. In India, symbols like the 'Om' are used often. In Italy, the cross is fairly in use. Other than religious symbols, shapes are also used as a sign of belief or just as a novelty. These types of bracelets can be paired with both casual and formal outfits with ease.

Designs Of Evil Eye Bracelets

The beauty of bracelets is the fact that they are available in many designs. The designs range from simple designs to complex designs. This factor plays a major role in styling and fashion in general.

Cuff Bracelets -

Cuff bracelets are simple yet elegant bracelet designs. Small charms and beads of the evil eye symbol can be used to make the evil eye bracelet.
The various materials that they are made from make them very flexible to style. The sleek design and convenience of the cuff bracelet are one of the most sought-after bracelets.

Rose gold and silver bracelets with evil eye charms are trendy. These bracelets can be for more formal events. Cuff bracelets blend well with traditional outfits like sarees. The evil eye charm with other decorative elements like gemstones and diamonds adds depth to the entire look.

Chain Bracelets -

Chain bracelets are one of the most popular bracelet designs. The different kinds of links that they are made of make them exquisite. The many materials that they are made of make them easy to style. The flexibility of their design makes them a must-wear jewellery for all events.

Chain bracelets have incorporated the symbol of the evil eye quite well. Evil eye bracelets have become very common these days due to their fashion appeal. When the symbol and the chain design are combined it gives birth to an elegant bracelet. Chain bracelets can be styled with sarees and lehengas with ease. They can be worn to all cultural events with great style.

Beaded Bracelets -

One of the most common evil eye bracelets is beaded bracelets. These bracelets are very trendy and resonate with the younger generation. They are not only stylish to look at but also comfortable. They can be styled with all kinds of outfits. The simple design grabs just the right amount of attention.

The many colours of evil eye symbols make these bracelets sought after. Glass beads are the most common type of material used in making these bracelets. Other materials used are stone and pearls. The casual style of these evil eye bracelets makes them an instant hit at all times.

Bangle -

Bangles are the most traditional kind of bracelets. They are simple to style. Bangles provide a lot of room to work with in terms of designs. Small charms can be used to make evil eye bracelets. Small beads can also be embedded in the bangles with the evil eye symbol.

We can also find the evil eye symbols etched on a few bangles. Bangles are also the most common type of bracelet and can be paired with any outfit. Bangles bring a lot of life to the entire look. This design of evil eye bracelet is simple and elegant at the same time. This makes them very flexible to style for all kinds of events.

Materials Used For Evil Eye Bracelets

The number of materials used for making evil eye bracelets and bracelets, in general, is numerous. This aspect of these bracelets gives a lot of flexibility when styling. Let us take a look at the various materials used in making evil eye bracelets.

Traditional Materials -

The traditional materials used while making evil eye bracelets are glass and resin . Glass beads are typically used for making bead evil eye bracelets. Traditionally these bracelets were very common. The reason why they were popular is because of their design and the aspect of the evil eye symbol.

Resin beads are also considered a traditional material. This material is very sturdy and does not break easily. These beads are also used in making thread bracelets, chain bracelets and bead bracelets. These materials are pretty to look at. This makes them flexible to style at all events.

Contemporary Materials -

As time passed, the materials used for making evil eye bracelets also evolved. These days metals are used for making evil eye bracelets too. Gunmetal and stainless steel are the two most common materials used. Gold and silver too have been used in making evil eye bracelets.

These materials are used to make chain bracelets and bangles. The evil eye symbol is usually etched on the bangles. Chain bracelets have beads in them which makes them very stylish. The combination of beads and various metals makes these bracelets very popular and sought after.

Gemstones & Crystals -

The evil eye bracelets also have gemstones in them. Generally, the symbol is made of gemstones and crystals. Gemstones and crystals are also used in making the entire symbol look more appealing. The gemstones add depth to the entire look and make the wearer stand out.

These materials are beautiful to look at and when curated well, make the entire look gorgeous. This makes them very popular among everyone and makes them a hit at every event you visit. They can also be styled with various types of outfits with ease.

How To Wear And Style An Evil Eye Bracelet?

Layering With Other Bracelets -

Simple evil eye bracelets are very flexible to style with. Bracelets in general can be layered with other bracelets. Evil eye bracelets can be simple and this plays a major role in layering. You can layer your evil eye bracelets with other chain or cuff bracelets.

Layering adds a lot of sophistication to the entire fashion statement. While evil eye bracelets act as a deterrent to ill intents, other bracelets can complement the design. Layering can also elevate the entire look if styled properly.

Choosing The Right Size & Matching With Outfits -

Evil eye bracelets as we know are made of various materials. The beads and charms play a major role in defining the evil eye bracelets. Charms and beads come in many sizes which makes evil eye bracelets easier to style.

Depending on the look you are going for, you can choose the size of the beads and charms. Larger beads and charms go well with casual outfits. Smaller charms, etchings and beads are suited for traditional outfits. No matter what, evil eye bracelets can be styled with all kinds of outfits with a little bit of creativity.

Wearing With Other Jewellery -

The beauty of evil eye bracelets is that they can be styled with all kinds of jewellery. Evil eye bracelets can be both simple and sophisticated. These bracelets serve a dual role as mentioned above. They act as both jewellery and spiritual items. The characteristics of the evil eye symbol make them trendy.

With enough creativity, these bracelets can be styled with various necklaces and earrings. Evil eye bracelets do not divert attention but their presence can be seen amidst other jewellery pieces.

Caring For Evil Eye Bracelets

Cleaning & Maintenance -

Cleaning and maintaining an evil eye bracelet is like any other bracelet. The spiritual aspect of the evil eye bracelets calls for extra care. Let us take a look at how to maintain an evil eye bracelet.

Make sure that you maintain the sanctity of the bracelet by storing them in a clean area.

Wipe the bracelet with a dry cloth.

Do not use chemicals on the bracelet or the evil eye symbol.

If you are using a bead bracelet then, soak the bracelet in ghee every few months. Ghee is said to have purifying properties. This can cleanse the bracelet.

Make sure that there is no moisture in the area where you store the bracelet.

Place the bracelet on a flat surface before storing it away. Hanging the bracelet can damage its structure.

With all these tips in mind, the longevity of the bracelet can be increased.

Final Thoughts -

Evil eye bracelets are not only stylish but also offer spiritual assurance. The many designs and styles that they are available make them flexible to style with. All kinds of outfits can be paired with these bracelets.

Other bracelets can be used to layer evil eye bracelets. This adds depth to the entire look and makes a compelling fashion statement. All these factors make these bracelets highly appreciated with a tad bit of creativity.


What are the benefits of wearing evil eye bracelets?
Ans - Apart from being a stylish jewellery piece, they act as protection from ill wishes. Evil eye symbols ward off negative energy.

Who can wear an evil eye bracelet?
Ans - Anyone can wear an evil eye bracelet.

Is it good to gift an evil eye?
Ans - As evil eye bracelets are stylish they can be gifted. For a believer, this gift can be the best option.

What does dark blue evil eye mean?
Ans - Dark blue evil eye bracelets signify peace, love and protection.

Can you get an evil eye bracelet wet?
Ans - It is recommended to not get your evil eye bracelets wet.