Expensive Looking Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend

Shopping for your girlfriend's birthday can be a nerve racking experience. What do you get her? There are so many things you can get her, so many experiences you can get her, so finding that right balance in answering which is the best birthday gift for your girlfriend can be difficult. This is all the more nerve racking when your girlfriend can appreciate gifts that look and feel expensive. But not to worry, we’ve got you. This is what we’re best at. 

We’ve curated a list of birthday gifts for your girlfriend that look and feel expensive. We suggest clubbing a few of these together and make the ultimate mega gift for her. 

Aromatherapy diffuser

For a gift that will calm her and keep her feeling refreshed,we suggest getting your girlfriend a good quality aromatherapy diffuser with oils like eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, lemongrass and any other scents she particularly enjoys. It’ll create a spa-like atmosphere and she’s bound to turn it on after a hard day's work.

American diamond tennis bracelet

We haven’t met a single person who doesn’t cherish a piece of good jewellery that comes from love and thoughtfulness. For a classy, timeless and expensive looking gift, we recommend giving her an American diamond tennis bracelet. It’s one the best pieces of jewellery a woman can own. Tennis bracelets fit the bill when it comes to looking and feeling expensive. You can’t go wrong with her.


Everyone has a very specific scent profile they prefer and when you know your girlfriends, it makes for an easy and expensive feeling gift. You can get most high fashion and designer brand perfumes at surprisingly affordable prices. A perfume is an incredibly personal gift, and we’re certain it’ll be an instant hit with your girlfriend.

Silk Eye Mask

Continuing the theme of gifts that will help your girlfriend relax and rest, you can get her a high quality silk eye mask that she can wear before sleeping. 

Self Care Package 

Remember we mentioned an ultimate mega gift hamper earlier? This is it. For your girlfriend's birthday gift this year, if you want to go big, we recommend curating a self care hamper that she will enjoy. You can curate the hamper with gifts like scented candles, you can also include the silk eye mask, alongwith with silk scrunchies. You can get her favourite chocolates and snacks. You can get really specific with what you include a self care package for your girlfriend as per her individual preferences and with the things she enjoys. You can include skincare products like masks and make up. You can also include pieces of jewellery in this hamper. Get as creative as you want with this package, afterall, you know your girlfriend the best.


For girlfriends that are into fitness and prioritise their health, you get to invest in a good smartwatch for her birthday this year. There are a wide range of smartwatches available at all price points so whatever your budget, you do a thorough research and get her one that she will like. A few things you can consider while doing your research include checking specifications like display, battery life, accuracy of trackers, what kinds of workouts it tracks, how it will integrate with one's smartphone.


For girlfriends that enjoy dressing up and having a lot of options to select from while accessorising their outfit, you can get her bags, belts or hair accessories. This is a birthday gift for your girlfriend that she can use daily or save for special occasions, whether it's a handbag or an elegant clutch. You can get a silk scarf or you can explore accent pieces with outfits like belts.


For a gift that prioritises quality time, you can also get your girlfriend a trip, solo or with you. You can book the most comfortable stays with scenic views or explore hidden gems that are bound to get social media attention.

Gifting can be a wonderful experience for the gift giver and the receiver. In this case, you can really make your girlfriend's day by selecting gifts that will not only make her day but also feel expensive and high quality. Whatever you end up choosing, as long as you convey the thought and affection you share for her, her birthday gift will be a success.