From Timeless to Trendy: Beads Necklace That Matches Your Style

From Timeless to Trendy: Beads Necklace That Matches Your Style

Necklaces are the most admired jewellery of all. Appealing and attention grabbing necklace has been adorned for centuries. But did you know that just like all other ornaments, necklaces were also first worn by men? You read it right!! Back in the day, women were looked down upon for wearing a necklace. Men wore chains and necklaces as a way of communicating wealth and social status.

Beads have been a part of human jewellery for centuries. Almost every jewellery article such as necklace, bracelet and earring is made of beads at some point in history. Even today, beads Necklaces are a part of many tribal accessories in different parts of the world. Many Asian and African tribes still wear beaded jewellery as a part of their cultural ornaments. Bohemian fashion is also inspired from colourful and vibrant beads.

To know more about various necklace designs, We have compiled a few popular necklace designes for you.

Types of Beads necklace

Bead necklace making is an art that is still prevailing. They are made of sewing together different sizes and shapes of solid beads. As they are handmade they look artistic and as there is no metal used, they are extremely lightweight. Their colours and shine make them aesthetic and vibrant. The variety in beads necklace can be surprising. Here are a few we have compiled for you.

Beaded Ivory Necklace

Rare and precious, ivory has been a part of Asian and African tribal group’s accessories since ages thanks to the high population of elephants at that time. Everyone is aware about their popularity in western land. Many Indian tribes still wear traditional accessories made from ivory passed on from generations. However, laws tightened with the fall in the population of elephants. 

Now beaded ivory necklace is made of plastic beads of serene and soothing white cream family. Beads are laced together in a loose thread or rubber band. Traditional ivory beads were oval and flat, often in the shape of a sword. Now different flatten shapes along with a round bead is used to make the necklace.Usually a loose necklace covering the collar bone is preferred by ladies. It never fails to enhance the neckline.

Crystal Beads Necklace

Often termed as a pocket friendly replacement of diamond, crystal beads are transparent and shiny. They are made of plastic hence, extremely light weight. Shades of different colours are also available to meet different requirements. Crystal beads usually come in small and medium sizes in different shapes. Crystal beads necklace is generally of matinee length - meaning between the collarbone and the bust. They go very well with western attires highlighting the length of the neck.

Peyote Stitch Necklace

Peyote stitch is a way of weaving beads together. The technique is very popular in beadwork. Very small flat or tubular seed beads are weaved together on a loom to make a necklace. As the beads are very small in size, the necklaces have rows of beads stitched together. To make different designs, odd and even counts of row is followed by the maker. The necklace design looks intricate and delicate. Colourful necklaces such as green beads necklace, black bead necklace, red bead necklace are preferred by ladies along with a multicolor stitch necklace. Green beads necklace designs are becoming a preferred choice for festivities. Often worn as a choker, peyote stitch necklace is a delight for the onlookers.

Gold Beads Necklace

Gold bead necklace is for the lovers of everything glossy and shiny. Very popular to be paired with ethnic attire, gold beaded necklaces are a gift from egypt. Back in the day, necklaces of pea size beads made of gold weaved together were worn for religious purposes. Now necklaces are made of plastic beads of golden colour. Naturally gold has its own charm but they are often accompanied by other beads such as red, black, green etc. From choker to matinee - necklaces of all lengths are available for different dresses.

Ruby Beads Necklace

Matching the taste of a fashionista, ruby has always kept lovers of jewellery under its spell. Famous for its cheerful shades and sparkles, ruby is often worn for astrological and religious purposes. However green and red ruby beads necklaces have gained popularity since sometime. They give vintage vibes and look classy. Best choice for a dressy look, traditional ruby beads necklace is one of the must have indian designs in your collection!!

Pearl Beads Necklace

The one that everyone is aware of. Epitome of elegance, a royalty in itself, pearl bead necklaces are traditional and trendy. Very evident in old classic movies, pearl beads necklaces are the love of ladies. Often termed as princess necklace, pearl beads necklaces are single layers of pearls weaved together. Generally left loose on the collar bone, pearl beads necklace looks classy with traditional as well as western attires.

Designs In Bead Necklaces

Along with materials and ways of making a beads necklace, there are various designs as well to get your hands on. A right choice of necklace will enhance your look complementing your attire. Here are a few designs of beads necklaces that are fashionable and dressy.

Choker Beads Necklace

Choker necklace is the shortest and oldest of necklace designs. Worn above collar bone, chokers look modern and fresh. Choker beads necklaces are made of thick rows of beads weaved together. Peyote stitch necklaces are usually designs of a choker. They blend very well with western attire.

Long Beads Necklace

Also known as rope necklace, long beads necklace is a long single row of beads suspended around the neck. Perfect for a beach outing or boho look, long beads necklace look exotic and fresh. Those who like to wear layers of necklaces, can wrap a long beads necklace twice or thrice around their neck. Though, layered long beads necklaces are also available in the market.

Crystal Beads Necklace

Out of all the designs, crystal beads necklace is the most popular for its shine and glitter. Available in different lengths, a single layer of crystal beads weaved together to a length of a princess necklace is popular of all. A shiny option of pearls, crystal beads necklace looks sophisticated and eye-catching. 

Pendant Beads Necklace

Different from all other designs, pendant beads necklace has a heavy pendant hanging below the chain of beads. The pendant could be of gold or silver plating with or without decorations of gemstones. There are multiple rows of beads chain which gives it a heavy look making them the perfect choice for special occasions and festivities.

Styling beads necklace

The variety of beads necklaces can leave one wondering on how to style them the best. They can be worn by both men and women and styling for them both differs. Here are a few ground tips on styling them.

For women

Women don't need excuses to adorn their jewellery collection. It is a part of their daily wear. Simple and subtle beaded necklaces, when worn right, can help you make every head turn.

Here’ how:


Dates can make you nervous all while filling your heart with excitement. Choosing your best outfit paired with a simple but stylish pendant beads necklace or a long beads necklace will make sure your date has all his focus on your face.

Casual Outing

Wearing a white shirt on a stroll with your friends? A black or green beads necklace will add just the right amount of missing colour in your look. Simplicity with a splash of colour.


What else could be better than weddings to show off your ruby beads necklace? Pair your saree or lehenga with a ruby beads necklace brightening your face like no other. 


Who said you can't party wearing beads? Wear a choker beads necklace and rock your party attire. Comfortable and stylish, beads will look fresh and chic.

For Men

Today's men ditch heavy accessories, however, their love towards beads necklaces is undying. Slowly and steadily, beads necklaces are becoming a part of men’s everyday accessories. A few tips to style beads necklaces for men are as below.

A beach outing

Beaches are known for their casual and soothing vibes. Wearing a vibrant colour shirt with a 3/4th short, go for a cylindrical or circular black beads necklace of collar length. Just one accessory making you stylish.


Weddings are full of glitter and shine. Ethnic attires still rule the functions. And what could be better than pearls to pair with your sherwani or kurta? A matinee length pearl beads necklace will always steal the show.

The century old fashion of beads necklaces still thrives to be an irreplaceable part of the jewellery boxes. They never really go out of trend. Suitable for every occasion and outfit, a beaded necklace is a must have.