How Global Fashion Trends Are Shaping Up This Year

How Global Fashion Trends Are Shaping Up This Year

Jewellery designers today strive to consider a woman’s active lifestyle and her desire for versatile signature pieces that can be worn every day, while at the same time maintaining a collection that is up to date and in keeping with current style trends.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at global jewellery fashion trends for 2017.

Global Trends for 2017

Jewellery trends for 2017 generally focus on individuality, variety and uniqueness in design.   Jewellery design tends toward large and unusual pieces, boasting bright and colorful gems, stones, crystals, and beads.

Emeralds and pink gold are the tones of the moment, and our Emerald Green Vibrant Bracelet and Aurora Dangle Earrings shown here highlight that trend:

Vibrant Bracelet

Aurora Danglers

Jewellery trends this year focus on floral motifs, and styles reflect the decorative richness typical of the Renaissance period, as well as the femininity inherent to the Boho Style.  These trends are perfectly captured in the Royal Affair Necklace Set featured in the BlingVine Signature Collection.

Royal Affair Necklace Set

Necklaces, pendants and bracelets this year trend toward voluminous pieces featuring beads, crystals and colorful stones, such as the featured Asymmetric Allure Vintage Necklace and Fairy Dust Bracelet from the BlingVine collection.Assymetric Allure NecklaceFairy Dust

Earrings are the go-to piece for Spring this year, and select pieces are voluminous and feature classic designs, such as the Pretty Lady Earrings from the BlingVine collection.

Pretty Lady Earrings

Personal Style

On trend this year is a focus on personal taste and preference.    Creative and imaginative pieces are also in keeping with the focus on originality and individuality typical of this year’s jewellery trends.  Those pieces that are relatable and in keeping with individual lifestyle work best.  Select pieces that are individually cherished and desired.  Trends that highlight an individual’s character, personality and style should be the focus for jewellery this year.

Choose BlingVine

BlingVine offers a high quality, stylish jewellery collection for the modern woman.

Our jewellery is plated with 18-karat gold using a state of the art electromagnetic plating technique and thickened polish that allows our jewellery to easily retain its shine for a longer period of time than most other fashion jewellery providers.  BlingVine uses high quality stones, Swarowski elements, and AAA Austrian crystals with a smooth surface and clear interior for extra special sparkle.  And, our advanced 360 grinding technique provides a smooth, finished surface.  BlingVine uses only high-quality, base metal alloy free of lead, nickel and cadmium that is gentle on skin.

BlingVine designs are simple, elegant and glamorous. Our pieces reflect our appreciation and understanding of the modern woman, who desires to tastefully transcend the every day with a unique, contemporary twist on traditional jewellery. We value every woman’s individual sense of style and taste, and we strive to provide modern designs of the very latest and greatest in jewellery fashion.  Choose BlingVine for the latest in modern jewellery design, featuring ultra luxurious and tasteful pieces of impeccable quality.


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