Gold Plated Jewellery: Why Women love it!

Women and their love for jewelry is a phenomenon that has stood the test of time over ages and generations. This inexplicable love for jewellery is probably an innate desire of women to look attractive and to be the fairer sex.  Women’s love for jewelry goes back to the beginning of civilization, when women used to adorn themselves with jewellery made out of wood, flowers or stones. With time and the discovery of metal, the bond just grew stronger! Who hasn’t seen and marveled at the beauty and intricacy of the gold jewellery depicted in the statues of Khajuraho or the frescoes of Ajanta and Ellora caves?!

In more recent times, we all have seen how our grandmothers and mothers treasured their gold jewelry, for them owning gold jewelry was an insurance against any financial odds that might crop up in future. Of course, they didn’t shy away from flaunting their favorite Haar at the family wedding or passing on their treasured Kangans to the new bride in the house. Most of us have grown up seeing gold jewelry as an integral part of Indian traditions; be it a festival, a wedding or a pooja in the house.

Coming to the present generation, we still love jewelry, deep within our hearts, we do! But honestly, most of can’t afford the yellow metal that is called GOLD! That’s when Gold Plated Jewellery comes to rescue. Gold plated jewellery is becoming increasingly popular among the younger women and there are several legit reasons for it. In this Blogpost, we will tell you why women are loving gold plated jewellery over real gold jewellery and you will nothing but agree with us!

Affordable – that is one reason that tops all the others! With the gold prices soaring high in the sky and most of us living from pay cheque to pay cheque, buying real gold jewellery might be a far-off dream. But gold plated jewellery is an affordable alternative that provides the same aesthetic and satisfaction at the fraction of price. So, you can buy your favorite necklace set for a friend’s wedding or those cute earrings you loved to wear to office without breaking the bank!

In past generations, a lot of women preferred gold ornaments because in addition to being just beautiful jewellery, it was like their personal bank, a security against the tough times. But now, for most younger women, jewellery in an expression of their personal style. Gold plated jewellery provides an array of designs to choose from. You can choose an edgy ear piece to reflect the rebel that you are or wear a delicate pendant set to flaunt your feminine side. Gold plated jewellery comes in variety of shapes and forms – embellished with crystals, stones, pearls, mother of pearl, American diamond, enamel etc – each piece reflecting a different style! 

The latest technology of micro gold plating coats the base alloy with a very fine layer of 14K or 18K gold. This technique produces very high-quality gold plating which looks gorgeous and lasts a long time. Good Quality gold plated jewellery might cost you around tenth of the real gold jewelry but looks and feels exactly the same. High-quality gold plated jewellery is coated with a thin layer of real gold, so these are non-allergic and perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Another reason why gold plated jewellery is becoming increasingly popular among Millennials and Gen Z is because it is a great option for travel jewelry. So, whether you’re a working professional who’s always on the run for work or just a carefree soul who loves to travel the world, gold plated jewellery is your best bet to travel around without compromising on the style. Gold plated jewellery eliminates the fear of any expensive piece of jewellery being stolen or getting lost and you can just focus on imbibing your travel experiences.

Summing up everything, we can say that gold plated jewellery is an amazing replacement for real gold jewellery. It is practical and beautiful! More and more women are choosing it over real gold ornaments for all the reasons mentioned above. You should give it a try too; you might just fall in love with it!