Haldi Jewellery: Enjoy the Golden Glow with Glamour

Haldi Jewellery: Enjoy the Golden Glow with Glamour

Indian weddings are grand and spectacular affairs that are admired by people all over the world. The main attraction being the hierarchy of functions. One of the most fun functions of weddings is the haldi or turmeric ceremony. During a haldi ceremony, the bride is given a turmeric pack by women and girls. Young girls and boys often play with haldi running around applying turmeric on brothers, sisters and cousins. It gradually becomes a whole riot every other person is running around playing and throwing haldi on each other.

Haldi, A Glow-Up Ceremony

Haldi is a ceremony that generally happens just before the day of the wedding. It is a tradition that was started in order to prepare the bride for her big day. To make the bride the most beautiful ever on her wedding day, flaunting her beauty in the best possible way.

In haldi, a bowl of haldi face pack is made with sandalwood, rose water, and turmeric. Turmeric is known to provide an instant glow, and its antiseptic qualities prevent any kind of possible infection. This pack is applied by women and girls to the bride, wishing her the most beautiful bridal look.

This article talks about Haldi jewellery you can wear to your haldi or to a friend's haldi. It will tell you all about Haldi jewellery, its types, designs, and trends. How exactly do you choose the right one for you, and what are they made of?

Let us take a look at some of the jewellery articles you can wear to a haldi ceremony.

Popular Types and Designs of Haldi Jewellery

Haldi jewellery is generally white or yellow, matching the golden hue of turmeric. The outfit of the bride herself determines the design and types of jewellery that will suit her the best. The bride's jewellery type determines which one will complement the theme of the day.

Some of the popular types and designs of Haldi jewellery are listed below. If you are looking to wear something at your friend’s or sister’s wedding or if you are a bride-to-be, you will find your choices right here.

Floral Jewellery

The most common and popular kind of jewellery at Haldi. Brides love to wear floral jewellery on haldi; it's almost a ritual, with so many brides opting for the same. Floral jewellery can be made of fresh flowers, dried flowers, or even gold. The design is naturally floral and can be made into a headband, earrings, necklaces, or even bracelets.

Pearl Jewellery

Pearl jewellery is another choice to wear at a haldi ceremony. Pearls are elegant and white, which makes them an immediate choice. Pearls are the second-most-worn type of haldi jewellery by brides. Pearl headbands and bracelets, along with necklaces and earrings, are so elegant that they bring out the tenderness of the bride.

Meenakari Jewellery

Tiny, colourful beads are designed into a nice flower-like pattern. Its resemblance to flowers and pearls is surreal. Meenakari necklace sets for haldi ceremonies are quite popular for their variety of vibrant colours. One can either wear a yellow meenakari necklace or a purple or blue contrasting-coloured necklace set for the occasion.

Trends and Styles in Haldi Jewellery

The trending styles of jewellery worn by brides and guests at a haldi ceremony are:


Among haldi jewellery trends, the most popular is the colourful jewellery trend. A colourful necklace set provides variety to the bride's outfit colour as well as making the bride the centre of attention in an instant. Wearing a colourful set at a haldi function can add colour to both the occasion and your style.


Minimalist, modern jewellery types are the way to go if you aren't a mess person. The ceremony itself involves getting haldi on oneself, so wearing something simple and less formal can be helpful and neat. A simple gemstone pendant or necklace set can do it all too well.

Tips to Choose the Right Haldi Jewellery

Consider the season; if it is a summer, spring, or winter wedding, it can change the choices to great degrees. Summers will require something light and comfortable to wear so you won't feel discomfort during the ceremony, especially for the brides-to-be.

Then comes the outfit you are going to wear. If you are wearing something that can complement a contrast colour match, then go for dark-coloured jewellery like maroon, green, etc.

Materials Used in Haldi Jewellery

Haldi jewellery is generally made of lightweight materials for the comfort of the bride.

From live to dried flowers, to fabric, made flowers, and colourful beads, all are used in different types of haldi jewellery. Then there is the gold and pearl-made jewellery worn in haldi, generally by guests and family members, for an elegant touch.

Tips and Tricks for Brides-To-Be to Choose Haldi Jewellery

The brides-to-be are the main characters of the day at the haldi ceremony; after all, it's her that we all gather to decorate for the coming big day. She should look her best for her preparation day. To help her with her big day preparation ceremony, which is the haldi ceremony, here are some tips to go for:

Outfit and jewellery should complement each other in such a way that they stand out among the crowd as a centrepiece.

With the contrast trend, go for a dark colour like maroon, purple, or green. When every other bride is going for yellow or white, opting for purple or blue can be a statement-making fusion choice.

For a floral jewellery design, go for flowers that resonate with you, your personality, and your likes. This way, you can dress up in your favourite flowers, representing the meaning they have for you.

Last but not least, go for something comfortable and familiar and enjoy your day to the fullest because it ain’t coming back.

This was about haldi jewellery worn at haldi during Indian weddings. Go ahead and explore our bridal jewellery collection; it has the latest contemporary designs worth adding to your collection.