How to Find Matching Saree Jewellery

How to Find Matching Saree Jewellery

This may be a frequently repeated cliché statement but a saree is indeed one of those versatile garments that can be worn on a myriad of occasions. It never fails to achieve the elegant and serene look women seek. From a casual family get-together to important work presentations, a saree can make that head-turning style statement anywhere, if worn and styled the right way.

While finding the perfect saree is necessary, finding the right jewellery that goes well with the saree is equally important. You need to make sure your chosen piece of jewellery elevates the look of your saree and makes you stand out in the crowd. Whether you choose to wear an exquisite Kanjeevaram saree, or a Banarasi Zardozi, a finely etched Kantha saree the jewellery needs to compliment the look and feel of your saree.  While choosing accessories for your sarees you need to consider numerous factors to help you find the perfect match. These include the occasion, your skin complexion, the shades of your saree, and most importantly your body type.


An important aspect of your saree that you can use to find the appropriate jewellery is the border of your saree. Gold complements sarees with golden and yellowish borders very well. These include saree styles such as Banarsi Silk, Paithani, and Kanchipuram Silk.

Another important factor to acknowledge is the type of saree you’re flaunting. For a saree with a lot of heavy work, try to wear subtle jewellery. A singular statement piece looks stunning in such scenarios. If you’re planning to wear a big earring, skip necklace to avoid the chunky look. For silk sarees, you can choose to go with temple jewellery as it can greatly contribute to enhancing the elegance of your attire. The Jodha Jhumkas by Blingvine are the perfect examples of this style.

The saree draping style can also dictate the demeanour of your jewellery. For something on the lines of a free pallu style, a long chain with a pendant is an exceptional choice. Opt for a short necklace if you’re rocking a pleated pallu.     

Additionally, it is important to take into consideration your underlying skin-tone. For women with a warmer undertone, jewellery of a golden shade will pop better and immensely help your presence. On the other hand, women with a cooler undertone can greatly benefit from diamond, silver, and white-stone jewellery.


If you’re looking for a versatile solution that goes well with various kinds of sarees, consider pearl jewellery. Elegant and exquisite, pearl jewellery works perfectly in a plethora of occasions including a formal setting as well as a celebration. The Midnight Beauty Pearl Necklace Set is an excellent choice for such looks.

If you’re the adventurous type and like experimenting, contrast ornaments can do the trick for you. Go wild and combine unlikely styles to get a unique and experimental look. A great example of this style is pairing up Victorian-era inspired jewellery with modern saree styles like saree gowns, etc.

Carefully consider your options and the above tips while choosing your saree jewellery. Following this guide will help you escalate your style and personality by a large margin. That said, you are the best judge of your look. Go with what feels good and apt to you, and remember to keep it original and classy. Choose from Blingvine’s extensive collection of expertly crafted necklaces, studs, danglers, bracelets, etc. to accompany you in the occasions that call for a saree.