How To Store Pendant Sets At Home

How To Store Pendant Sets At Home

Jewellery has been an integral part of the culture for centuries. The love felt for the jewellery is unexplainable. Pendant sets are the ones that easily catch the attention of the viewer, being the epitome of delicacy and very close to a woman’s heart. No woman has ever been fully satisfied with her collection. Hence, they never miss an opportunity to add a few more items to their collection. From a piece worn every day to one purchased for a distant special occasion, every chain pendant purchased or received has sentimental value attached to it. Whether you have a few assorted pieces or a full-fledged collection, storing the much-adorn pendant sets should be a priority because it ensures less damage and a longer lifespan of your prized possession.
To save you the daily hustle of detangling and sorting your pendant set, allowing you a few extra minutes to get ready every day, we’ve created a list of 3 major ways in which you can store your pendant sets. Keep scrolling to find a few amazing ideas you can use to store your pendant sets properly at home.


Drawers are probably the most manageable and widely used for jewellery storage. Find any unused drawer in your room or closet that you can dedicate to only your jewellery. Here are a few ways to use drawers as jewellery storage.

Bowl Collection Organiser

Setting up a bowl collection organiser is the simplest of these. As the name suggests, keep different bowls in the drawer, assorting each pendant set. This is budget-friendly and easy to set.

Velvet Compartment Tray

Going a step above a bowl organiser is getting a velvet compartment tray for jewellery, just like the ones we see in jewellery stores. This is sophisticated and much more presentable.

Plastic Jewellery Trays

You can also go for transparent plastic or acrylic trays. These are less durable as compared to velvet trays, but they match the delicacy of pendant sets, so they could just be the right choice.

Dressing Tables or Other Surfaces

For those who like to keep their pendant sets handy and have a vanity or dressing space, go with storing their pendant sets on the countertop. Here are a few options to choose from.

Stacker Jewellery Box

The most popular way of storing pendant sets on surfaces is with a stacker. It’s like the one we get when we purchase neckpieces from stores, just with extra compartments, making it perfect to store and display pendant sets.

Classic Three-Tiered Jewellery Storages

Vintage and charming, tired jewellery storages have been used for centuries. It has dishes attached to a stick that looks like a candle holder, and the dishes can rotate, making every pendant for girls handy.

Jewellery Stand

The most aesthetic way of storing and displaying pendant sets is on a jewellery stand or holder. Pendant chains are to be hung up in the holder, making them easy to mount and remove. There are numerous designs to choose from, but the current trend is to purchase a tree-shaped holder that appears to be a showpiece. Just make sure it is tall enough so the chains do not touch the surface of the table.

Armoire Doors or Walls

Armoires or wardrobe doors are a classic way of storing chain pendant sets. The doors have hooks or a tiny compartment for hanging or storing jewellery preventing tangles and damage. A step ahead of it is organising jewellery on walls. Here are a few applications for both of these.

Rack Organiser

Mount a wooden rack on the wall of your room, near your dressing table, or inside your wardrobe door. It's an easy and convenient way of keeping chain pendant sets from knitting together.

Metal or Wooden Jewellery Frames

Get yourself a stylish and elegant jewellery frame to hang your pendant sets. It looks chic and vibrant. The pattern could also be matched with the interior of the room or could be a pop of colour on a blank wall; either way, it doesn’t fail to impress.

Monogram Hanger

Adding a personal touch to your jewellery storage, monogram hangers look delicate and aesthetic. Get your initials, name, or any other personal memory carved on a wooden board, adding just the required hanging spots for your chains - a great way of customising the design of the storage.

You can protect your prized pendant sets from tarnish by investing some time and effort. Choose any of the aforesaid ways to store your jewellery, it helps to keep it shiny and tangle-free. The most important aspect of storing your accessories is to keep each item separate from the others, ensuring that one item does not rub against another, which can cause damage and oxidation. For the time being, until you choose one or multiple ways of storing them, just wrap each piece separately in a silk or cotton cloth. It will make sure they are separated.

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