How to Style Jewellery for College: Gold Plated Earrings Edition

College has the most amount of fashion brewing. It is where people usually start buying clothes, jewellery and discover their personal sense of style. Everyday College look shouldn’t be too complicated to style and we are here to help you accessorize it the right way!

At a time when bling is In and every fashion magazine is giving us tips on how to style them, Gold Plated Jewellery for College is your way to go about it. It’s not exorbitantly priced and and it’s not over the top to make you look like a shiny disco ball who has forgotten the way to the ramp and ended up in campus.

We have handpicked a few gold plated earrings from our collection to help you find your high quality earrings that include modern studs, danglers and loops with an year of warranty. The designs are exclusive which are made keeping in mind the diverse needs of jewellery in our country who is  obsessed with accessorizing.


These can be paired with your classic blue jeans white(or black) top/shirt/oversized tee and you are good to go. Gold Plated and not too flashy, these danglers are a win everytime.



Loops are always a winner. A tight bun with middle partition or a pixie cut, these loops are Gold Plated and ideal when you are out for a day of running between classes, managing quick canteen runs and just cannot afford to lose time with vanity.



A perfect gold Plated danglers for the times when you want to go traditional and feel like the original Desi girl, these work beautiful with a saree or even your daily patiala look. Pair them with something green for it will bring out the essence of these danglers.



In Rose Gold, these are to be worn to spruce up your entire fit. Some days it is all about bringing the whole vibe around and these are the danglers that will save the day. Always make sure to keep your hair off your neck so the danglers can shine around it.




A perfect dangler, with minimalist features, these are idyllic to create a summer look complete with a dress (with florals) and shoes that make you feel light and airy just like the earrings, which is gold plated jewellery, fit for the daily schedules. Pair it with deep necks or striped to match it’s pattern.


A modern stud to go with easy breezy daily attire, these are ideal if you want to make a statement and not make too much of an effort. Throw in your favourite dress or shirt and these gold Plated modern stud Jewellery is all you need.



Another college-appropriate earring, these gold plated studs are minimalist yet will give you an edge over all your daily grinds. Pair it with a white blazer or white shoes and you are a bound to create an impression.



Feeling a little over the top, these danglers will make you feel extra all day. Pair them with your dainty dress and you are good to slay all day. Use a bit of a glam and wear some sequins. And if you want them to shine heartily, let them dangle on to your neck and make heads turn.



The Colorful modern studs are for the days when the mood is low and life seems like a drag. Put these on, grab your favourite attire and become the talk of the town in no time. Pair them with solid pastel colors and don’t be scared to be colorful with your outfit too.




These danglers are made to keep you in the spotlight all day long. If you want to dress down, these danglers will give it the right spark. If you want to dress up, these are the statement earrings that will be  star of the college all day, everyday. Maximise your chances to feel like a bling queen.

We hope this article will help you to choose some awesome blings for your next college visit and will make you shine bright like a star all day! ;)