Invest in Style: Why Stone Necklaces are a Must-Have for Your Jewellery Collection

Invest in Style: Why Stone Necklaces are a Must-Have for Your Jewellery Collection

Women love their accessories, especially necklaces. It's a fashion statement itself. The options of designs and materials in necklaces are unending. There is something for every occasion and outfit. History says man first started making accessories out of stones. Necklaces are the oldest of all. The traces of stone accessories date back to the 17th century.

Jewellery made out of stones is still in vogue. Simple and sober, the stone necklace has a secured place in women's jewellery boxes. A coloured stone wrapped in a thin metal wire hanging on a chain is one of the standard stone necklace designs. With time, the options in designs and patterns have increased. From a simple chain necklace to a heavier one, there is something for every occasion. A stone necklace set is colourful and lightweight. The shapes and colours of stones used in the necklace are the show stealer. One can pair a stone necklace set with both traditional and western outfits.

Types of Stone necklace

Stone necklaces offer many options to choose from. There is something for everybody. We've listed a few types of stone necklaces below:

White stone necklace

Versatile and elegant, white is a sophisticated and stylish colour. The colour is easy to pair with any other colour which makes it a must have. The design of a white stone necklace is a bit different from the standard stone necklace design. Instead of hanging, the stone is fixed on the alloy in different shapes such as leafs and flowers. The stones used are small as beads at times to get the shapes of the designs.  The designs enhance the neckline, hence the necklace is of collar length. A perfect choice for a traditional look!

Blue stone necklace

Royal and stylish, blue is an attractive colour. A blue or turquoise stone strung as a centrepiece on a silver chain is a classic example of blue stone necklace. More like a chain necklace, a blue stone necklace grabs the attention of the onlookers. It is simple and classy.The stone can be cut into many shapes. However, oval or round shaped blue stone necklaces are the most widely worn.

Green stone necklace

Studded with emerald or jade, green stone necklaces are a popular choice for weddings. Green colour is very natural. The design of the necklace is heavy and v-shaped. Rows of different sizes of stones are used for the necklace to give a look of a waterfall. With its intricate design, the necklace looks regal!

Gold Stone Necklace

To put into words, a gold stone necklace is a gold necklace adorned with a stone. The colours and shapes of the stones can vary. The traditional and ornate look of a gold stone necklace distinguishes it. Often worn because of astrological or religious beliefs, gold stone necklace is a part of daily wear. For festive options, a thicker gold chain with a stone fixed on the middle would be a wonderful choice.

Ad stone necklace

Diamonds are the richest of all the stones and humans love to adorn themselves in them. A bit on the pricey side, diamond is the most sought after stone. AD - American diamonds are a pocket friendly man made substitute of diamonds. A necklace made with american diamond stone has gained popularity in the past few years. Single layer of a collar bone necklace studded with AD stone looks artistic and basic. Heavier designs are also made of various AD stone sizes for a more dressy look. Confused about what to wear on a date or party? Ad stone necklace has got your back!

Ruby stone necklace

Ruby is a red coloured precious stone used in jewelleries since ages. Deep red hues of ruby adds texture to the look. No wonder ladies love red colour the most. A simple chain necklace with a square ruby stone pendant is the most loved choice of minimalist. Ruby is often used to add a pop of colour with other materials such as diamonds or white stones. Accompanied by beads at times, ruby stone necklaces are a part of traditional Indian necklace designs. Which makes them a perfect choice for festivities!

Made with a single stone or paired with others, stone necklaces are an absolute beauty. They can be styled in different ways making them highly wearable. Confused about styling them? Here are a few tips for styling them on different occasions.

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Styling tips for stone necklaces


Wearing your best attire on a date, you want accessories that are minimal and eye catchy. Ad stone necklace or a blue stone necklace would be a great choice. It looks equally beautiful with a saree, a dress or gown. Chic and elegant, a simple chain necklace decorated with stud will make sure to enhance your facial features. Making sure your date can’t take his eyes off you.


Weddings are flashy dressy affairs. A show of Colourful clothes and accessories. For necklaces are easily noticeable, the heavier the better. Pair your ethnic attires with a ruby stone necklace or a green stone necklace for a pop of colour and harmony. For a more of a traditional look, a gold stone necklace would be a perfect choice.

Daily Wear

What could be better than a chain necklace to wear on a daily basis? A blue stone or white stone necklace with a single strand of gold or silver and a tiny pendant is ideal for daily wear. It puts the comfort first and is light weight hence, easy to carry.


Parties are where stone necklaces rule!! In party accessories, the less is more. Go for any single strand stone necklace of princess length and you will make every head turn!

The design, colour, length and texture - everything about a stone necklace makes it a must have piece in your jewellery collection. The delicacy and femininity of a stone necklace is unmatched. Blingvine offers a number of styles and designs under one roof. Browse through the collection to have the perfect stone necklace to elevate your style.