Jewellery For Banarasi Sarees: Where Beauty Meets Elegance

Jewellery For Banarasi Sarees: Where Beauty Meets Elegance

Banarasi sarees look best with minimal jewellery, which gives them room to shine with their art and elegance. The colourful borders of Banarasi sarees are the main attraction of the attire. The perfect type of jewellery is one whose design and material complement the vibrant colours of a Banarasi saree. From traditional designs to modern, contemporary ones, banarasi sarees can match both well in their own delicate way.

Banarasi sarees are generally accessorised with necklaces and earrings. These necklaces can be statement necklaces that catch eyes and hearts, or minimal and stylish necklace designs that exhibit elegance. Matching earrings like studs, danglers, and jhumkas are the staple earrings worn with sarees. The earring design may change according to the type of necklace you are wearing.

Now let us take a look at the jewellery that matches a Banarasi saree the best.

Traditional Jewellery Steals the Show

jewellery for banarasi sareejewellery for banarasi saree

A Banarasi saree, being a traditional Indian saree, will definitely look good with traditional jewellery. Traditional jewellery designs like kundan, polki, and meenakari are among the top choices to match with banarasi sarees. Kundan and polki jewellery are quite elaborate, made up of gold and diamonds to give them a regal look. While meenakari jewellery is full of colours and hence can really match different shades of banarasi sarees.

Wearing traditional jewellery with a Banarasi saree is the best wedding look. Brides wear banarasi sarees paired with traditional jewellery for an elegantly enticing look.

Contemporary Jewellery to Twist the Traditions

jewellery for banarasi sareejewellery for banarasi saree

The trending choker necklace sets and statement pendant necklaces can really add a lot to a banarasi saree's look. A choker necklace made up of pearls or a gold choker are the top two recommended types of jewellery for banarasi saree. A choker necklace set with a banarasi saree is bold and beautiful, a look loved by young women.

Statement pendants, which are elaborate and heavy in design and lie just below the collar, are the best fit for a sophisticated look. For formal events, statement pendant necklace sets made up of gold and gemstones in different colours are the perfect jewellery for banarasi saree.

Fashion Jewellery Because Style Matters

jewellery for banarasi sareejewellery for banarasi saree

Fashion jewellery, being the most popular kind among women, is another piece of jewellery that matches banarasi sarees with style. Pearl jewellery and American diamond jewellery sets are perfect to wear with a banarasi saree. Made in all styles and designs, both of these types of jewellery, when worn with a banarasi saree, add their characteristic elegance. Pearl jewellery is already known for its versatile elegance, a fitting contrast to the colours of Banarasi sarees.

American diamond jewellery in different colours can be matched with your saree colour. You also have the option of styling in contrasting colours.
Stone pendant sets are another minimal style of jewellery perfect for a pretty and chic look favourable for office and formal events. Again, the colour of the stone can be the criteria for picking the right one for your saree.

These are a few types of jewellery to match your banarasi saree with. If you are somebody who likes to wear heavy clothes, you may go for traditional jewellery to match your banarasi saree. If you like to keep it simple and chic, then modern minimalist jewellery like chokers and statement pendants can be a good match with your saree. As for fashionistas who love to experiment and are looking for affordable jewellery types, they can go with American diamond jewellery. The variety of colours of American diamond crystals does give you a lot of choices to pair your banarasi saree with the best.

Explore our jewellery collection and find the best jewellery for your Banarasi saree. We've got the traditional, the modern, and even the fashionable. Go ahead, check them out, and pick the ones you love the most. Also discover our insightful guide on pairing jewelry with your silk saree for enhanced styling.