Jewellery Ideas for different Seasons – Seasons trends in Fashion Jewellery

Jewellery Ideas for different Seasons – Seasons trends in Fashion Jewellery

If you’re a jewellery fanatic and deep into current trends, you know that every season calls for something a bit different in your jewellery box. While summers are all about cool refreshing shades, winters need sparkling crystals to catch every bit of the light.

Transitioning fashion trends through 4 Seasons is all about cherishing the natural vibes of the season and keeping alive the joy of dressing with different tones and styles throughout the year.

Read here to understand the mood of every season and how to go with the latest trends in fashion jewellery every season.


Spring is the most exciting time of the year with the departing winters and warm summer sun. It is time to pick your favourite dress and jewellery and head out of your cosy homes and go places.

Spring jewellery is all about nature-inspired designs and floral prints. You can get playful with statement jewellery, colourful bracelet stacks and oversized earrings to stand out from the crowd.

Mix matching jewellery with outfits is a trendy fashion game during the spring season. You can also go minimal with simple crystal or charms pendants with chain in rose gold plating to contrast the colourful spring outfits.


Summer is a season that is synonyms with sunshine, warmth and colour. Summer jewellery is all about giving our vibrant and cool vibes to compliment the hot weather.

It is a season of breezy dresses and boho jewellery to go funky and light. Colourful gemstones and sea-inspired jewellery like shell necklaces and pearl jewellery sets are the essence of every summer wardrobe.

For a casual day out you can go for a beaded necklace and bracelet or a shell necklace with a bright summer dress or casual top and jeans set.

And if you’re going for a more sophisticated occasion, then pearl or mother of pearl jewellery is your best pick in summer jewellery.

A bracelet is a go-to and a wardrobe staple for accessorising in summers. Your bare wrists need a buddy. Add a powerful bracelet to your attire to add personality and elegance to your look.


Autumn is a transition from warm summer sun to the chilly winter winds. It is time to start layering and get cosy into your knitwear and scarves.

For autumn jewellery trends, go warmer shades like maroon, orange, dark green or classic blue. You can also accessorize with pearls and long necklaces to go with your high-necks and blazers.

If you’re going casual or much into streetwear fashion, go for a chunky chain necklace or bracelet for a bold chic look. You can also layer it with other items to create a unique personal statement.

For a more formal or party look, go for a pearl necklace with pearl earrings set to go classy and elegant with your autumn outfits.


Winters can be a challenging time for all the fashion divas who like accessorizing and experimenting with jewellery all the time. With all the layering of sweaters, coats, scarves, and hats, it limits the jewellery choices and may want you to give up on jewellery too.

However, we think otherwise. Winters can be a suitable time to turn up your style game!

For Winter Jewellery, earrings are your best friend. With all the layering and heavy coats and jackets, it leaves little room for jewellery during the winter season. Here’s where earrings make the best jewellery for winter. Large statement earrings keep you in line with the hottest trend in winter fashion. You can also go with simple stud earrings if you want to keep them comfortable and avoid entangling jewellery with your outfit.

Pearls are a staple of your jewellery box during winters. Nothing competes for the class and luxury of pearl jewellery. Go for a long pearl necklace set or pearl earrings if you wish to keep it minimal yet graceful.

For a festive or party look, you can go for crystal jewellery to sparkle in the monotonous dimness of the winter season.

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