Kada, The Ultimate Accessory: Style, Faith, and Promises

Kada, The Ultimate Accessory: Style, Faith, and Promises

Kada is a metal bangle worn as a sign of religious faith and blessings in the northern part of India. A metal band worn by men, women, and children of all ages. Kada has been a part of Indian tradition and is just there like salt. People who wear kada on a daily basis feel something is missing if they forget to wear them sometimes.

Kada is one of the five faith symbols of the Sikh religion and a reminder of their commitment to God. Kada has been a symbol of power and strength worn by men. It is also believed by some that a kada protects them from negative energy and evil. Apart from the cultural significance of kada, they are now worn as an accessory by men and women.

A Brief Road in the History of Kada

Kada was found during the Indus Valley excavations; it was made of shells, bones, and stones. Then later, it became a thing for the Sikhs. They added kada to their five articles of belief, and that’s how it became a Sikh thing. That is how it spread throughout the country and became a cultural thing in most parts of India.

However, they are more of an accessory now. Decorated with stones and diamonds or engraved with some initials or message. It is now available in different designs, styles, and colours as a popular choice of accessory.

Types of Kada You Can Find Today

There are different types of kada available on the market for everyone, every style, and every personality. They are made in gold, silver, steel, brass, and every other metal possible. Every metal has its own characteristic appeal that makes it a choice among many. Let us take a look at some materials that kada can be made of.

Plain Metal Kada

A kada made only of metal, often carrying a religious meaning, is the plain metal kada. They are the most primitive types of kada worn as daily wear. Plain metal kada is made in gold, silver, brass, and even steel. The precious metals were a thing of the rich peasants, while low-wage peasants would wear brass or copper kada.

They were just worn like a second skin; no special significance was added to them other than the protection and power thing. Silver kada were and are the most popular among men and women. The versatility and affordability of silver kada make them a popular choice. Brass and copper kada are worn more for health benefits than as ornaments.

Leather Kada

A leather kada, like the name implies, is made of leather. They were the accessories worn by the working sector of society in the times of kings. Today, they are made in different colours and designs appealing to young men and women. The edginess and aesthetic that the leather adds to the ensemble is one of the most desirable looks in the modern generation. Combined with metals like silver and decorated with stones and charms, they just look one of a kind.

Filigree Kada

Filigree kada is made up of wire twisted into an intricate pattern. This wire is thin and easy to fold into a desired design. Wires made up of gold, silver, and copper are turned, folded, and twisted into something that is obviously beautiful to the eye. They look like a pretty mesh of wires decorated with stones and gems, adding to the uniqueness of the design.

Diamond Kada

Kada made of diamonds is the favourite of women. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any diamond kada designs for men. Diamond kada is made in different designs for both men and women, depending on their style and preference. Combined with gold, silver, and platinum, diamond kada are one of the most popular designs in kada for weddings.

Gemstone Kada

Kada made in different metals are decorated with different types of gemstones like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Men and women like to wear stones in kada as they can fulfil both spiritual and ornamental purposes.

Kada Designs You Can Choose From

Kada is made in all types of designs for men, women, and children. Having an audience of all kinds makes it important to customise the designs according to the target audience. Let us take a look at some of the kada designs worn the most.

Floral Design for Women

Kada designs for women generally feature flowers, leaves, and branches. They are beautiful with a feminine inclination. Made in gold and silver and decorated with diamonds and stones, the typical floral-design kada for women.

Solitaire Designs for Men

A single-stone metal kada design is quite popular among men who like to wear them as an accessory. The stone can be a diamond, a gemstone, or their birthstone. Men have been wearing Kada patterns in jewels such as ruby, emerald, and sapphire for many years.

Pandora Designs for Children

Children are often made to wear a kada right from birth. The kada is generally made of gold or silver and decorated with black beads to ward off evil. The beads arranged into a Pandora-style design look adorable on babies and kids.

How to Style Your Kada

Tips on how to wear Kada, what to pair it with, and how to care for your Kada to keep it in good condition.

Kada is a simple accessory that is simpler to style. Worn as daily wear by most, they are versatile enough to go with different outfits and occasions. There are a few tips you can try if you want to get the most out of it.

Take a look at your outfit—what kind and colour is it? Match the traditionals with a gold kada with stones. A western outfit can go with a simple filigree or diamond bracelet.

Next up is the occasion. A party or a wedding demands something heavy and statement-making as an accessory. Pair a stone kada, a gold kada, or a diamond kada and become the centre of attraction at events.

Last but not least, keep it simple. Kada is a delicate accessory and thus looks its finest at its simplest.

Tips for Buying a Kada

The most authentic kada may be found in northern India, where it is worn on a regular basis by both men and women. These kada are made in gold, silver, and other metals, and the pricing is based on the weight of metal it carries. To check the quality of the gold or silver, you can take a look at the hallmark sign behind the product.

Also, take a look at the quality of the stones, diamonds, or pearls used as decorative pieces. The quality factor of these decorative elements can affect the price of your kada in multiple ways. Make sure that you are paying exactly for what you are getting.

This was all about kada, its types, design, and styling tips you may want to know about. Go ahead and explore our collection of kada for women in the latest contemporary designs.