Bracelets And What They're Made Of

Bracelets And What They're Made Of

Bracelets are minimalist jewellery articles that you can wear on the go to make a statement. Not only are they convenient to wear, but can be paired with different looks to enhance your style. However, to pair your bracelets with varied outfits and attires you must know which type of bracelet will complement the different fabrics and fashion choices in your wardrobe.

Blingvine offers you an assorted collection of ladies' bracelets that come in different materials to appease every woman’s taste in jewellery. Every single bracelet that we offer displays an intricate design to complete different looks. But to know your bracelets, you must know the material that goes into their making.

Different Materials For Different Occasions So You Never Run Out Of Options

Bracelets are jewellery articles donned by women since times immemorial. Traditionally, women used simple brass or copper bangles to adorn their bodies and satisfy their fashion sensibility. The simple bracelets made with brass and copper as metals were simple and the options in those days were limited. So, most women wore similar if not the same bracelets.

Gone are the days when you had limited styling options when talking about bracelets. Today, bracelets come in different materials and designs, giving you a wide range of choices and easy access to indulge in your distinctive style.

Mentioned below are some of the top materials used in making different bracelets:

Luxury Gold Bracelets For Women

Gold has been a symbol of affluence and class from ancient times. Thus, wearing a gold bracelet not only makes you stand out in the crowd for the style but also because of its value. Whether it is a yellowish tint, white tint, or rose-gold tint today you have multiple looks and designs available in gold bracelets to suit different occasions. From traditional designs to modern minimalist bracelets for women, you can have it all.

Silver Bracelets For A Minimalist Fashion Approach

Silver bracelets are the perfect option for women who prefer maintaining a sophisticated look without much bling. Whether it is a simple brunch with your girl besties or an important presentation in the office, silver bracelets will complement your outfit well. To amp up the appeal, the silver in the varied bracelets is perfectly curated with gemstones and charms. This combination of silver with gemstones is sure to make heads turn when you make your way anywhere.

Classic Pearl Bracelets For Women

Pearls, when added to any piece of jewellery, become the epitome of finesse and elegance. Pearls apart from being widely used to create necklaces, are used creatively, to curate some of the best bracelets for women. The traditional pearls are offered in different shades today, like white, black, champagne, and black. These pearls are then used to adorn various jewels like bracelets.

American Diamond To Add A Touch Of Sparkle

If you are looking for some sparkly and high-end ladies’ bracelets, then we are here to cater to your needs. Our American diamond bracelets offer you the best opportunity to make an entrance. With the best quality material used, our American diamond bracelets will make you no less than the diva that you are. So make sure to add glamour and allure the audience with an American diamond bracelet.

Stone Bracelets For the Confident Ladies

Stone bracelets are amassing popularity for their simple and vibrant look. Stone bracelets make perfect accessories for women looking to elevate their style while keeping it colourful and casual. Whether you enjoy wearing accessories or not, we are sure stone bracelets will attract you with their bright and simple look.

Enamel Bracelets to Make a Statement

Enamel bracelets are a sure-shot way to add versatility to your jewellery collection. Enamel bracelets come in a variety of colours like blue, green, black, and red. You can either pair a simple enamel bracelet band with a formal outfit or an extravagant floral design to get the main character feel.

Accessories play a significant role in representing your personality and sense of fashion. They also give a boost to your confidence. You can come shop for all your jewellery needs at Blingvine. We have a wide range of bracelets, necklaces, statement earrings, and pendants to help you enhance your jewellery collection.