Make a Statement with Long Necklaces: The Ultimate Guide to Trends, Designs, and Styling Hacks

 Make a Statement with Long Necklaces: The Ultimate Guide to Trends, Designs, and Styling Hacks

Necklaces have been gracing the world of jewellery since centuries. The variety and designs necklaces offer is surprising at times. From chokers to princess necklaces, there is something for every occasion. They bring in the traditional flair to the look. They all look ethnic and elegant.

One that steals the heart of everyone is long necklaces. As the name suggests, long necklace set is a necklace with a standard length over 20 inches. Long necklace design is also known as opera necklace, ropes, matinee. Whichever name we choose, long necklaces never fail to leave us awestruck. 

Types of long necklaces

There are many types of long necklaces to choose from for there is one for every occasion, some of them are as below:

Gold long necklaces

Gold long necklaces have been in vogue for ages. It is a part of Indian traditional jewellery. Long gold necklace still holds an important role in social functions. Gold long necklace designs have a thick gold chain with a few motifs. A heavy pendant attached hangs in the middle. The pendant and chain both are made up of gold only. Long gold necklaces are very prominent in South Indian weddings.

Bridal long gold necklaces 

Popularity of long necklaces is not limited to South India. With some twists and updates in designs, long necklaces found their home all over India. Brides like to wear long necklaces on their big day. Bridal long gold necklaces have gold plating and have been more affordable than before. The pendants in gold long necklaces are studded with gemstones. It’s a fresh and fashionable touch to traditions.

Long Pearl Necklaces

If we are talking about necklaces then how can we forget pearls? Long pearl necklaces are the royal adaptation. With one or more layers of pearls accompanied by emeralds are becoming the choice of women. It looks serene and stylish. Pair it with ethnic or western wear, it takes the look to a whole new level.

Long Chain Necklaces

Also from south India, long chain necklaces are thick chains without pendants. The chains are flat instead of regular circular shapes. Company of intricate trinkets fills the absence of pendant. Long chain necklace is a perfect choice for layering up jewellery. It looks royal when paired with other shorter necklaces. 

Kundan Necklaces

Heavier of all, kundan necklace has its own fan following. Kundan necklaces have intricate designs instead of the usual simple chains. It is often decorated with beads for a splash of colour. gold plated metal studded with kundan looks royal. Wear one at a social function and it will grab all the eyeballs.

Oxidised long necklaces

A popular choice of youngsters, oxidised jewellery has its own charm. It is budget friendly, unique and trendy. Oxidised long necklaces come in a variety of designs to suit different needs. The look eye-catching blending well with both traditional and western wear. The youngsters love to pair it with western attires aiming for the boho look.

Long diamond Necklaces

The glitter and shine of diamonds is undeniable.  The love for diamonds that ladies have, never subside. Long diamond necklaces are for the lovers of royal and fashionable jewellery. Diamonds studded long necklaces have gold or silver plating. The highlight of the necklace is intricate designs. They are often decorated with rubies and gemstones. Pairing it with a silk saree or a gown would make all the heads turn for sure.

Long beaded necklaces

Beads mean vibrant colours. For centuries, the light weight beads have been a part of human accessories. Long beaded necklaces come in single strands or layers of beads weaved together. Either way, it looks classy and elegant. The colour choices it offers makes it a perfect choice for college going women. It looks like a rope and gives a wonderful effect when worn on western attire.

Tips to style Long Necklaces

There is vast versatility in designs and materials used in long necklaces. The flair and flow they add to the whole look is on another level. The way to style a long necklace varies for different occasions. We have listed a few occasions with some tips to look your best wearing a long necklace.

For Festivals

Festivals are all about dressing up, meeting friends and family and of course, food. The authenticity of the festival lies in ethnic wear or indo western wear. And jewellery enhances the beauty of the clothes. Kundan necklace or pearl long necklace elevate the ethnicity of the attire. They blend well with the colours and shine of traditional attires. If you are aiming for a heavier look, layer it up with some other necklaces!

For Parties

Today's women believe in breaking the monotony and myths. gone are the days when wearing jewellery was only a traditional affair. Women have brought their love for jewelleries to the parties. Comfortable and lightweight oxidised, pearl and beaded long necklaces are the perfect choice for parties. They look effortless and chic. It elevates the elegance of a lady in an instance.


Weddings are where wearing a long necklace comes from. They form a part of south Indian traditional jewellery a bride wears on her big day. Brides from all over India choose to wear bridal long gold necklaces on their big day. If you are attending a wedding as a guest, a long chain necklace or a diamond necklace would be perfect to wear!!

A tradition that looks fashionable - Long necklaces never go out of trends. The designs keep getting updated with time but its authenticity doesn't diminish. Each long necklace design you invest in has a long fashion span. Aiming for a boho look or a subtle traditional look? Classy and beautiful long necklace designs at Blingvine has got your back!