Mangalsutra Bracelet: A Twist Of Tradition On The Wrist

That’s how Shilpa Shetty wore it! It was a surprise then, and it is now a trendy style. Mangalsutra bracelets are an arbitrary trend in fashion for married women, with arguments on both the for and against sides. With the division of preferences, it is gaining popularity among young married women.

Worn on the wrist like a bracelet, it is the sacred thread of marriage between two individuals. Mangalsutra is a very important piece of jewellery in marriages for different religions. Black beads woven into gold with a locket in the centre is the typical design of a mangalsutra bracelet.

The contemporary designs of the mangalsutra bracelet keep the black beads in common while changing all the other materials involved.

Significance Of A Mangalsutra For Indian Women

Mangalsutra is the auspicious thread made up of gold and black beads tied around the bride's neck by the groom. This simple necklace signifies a bond till death and is worn to ward off evils for a happy married life forever.

Science says that wearing a mangalsutra activates an inherent energy that signals the brain to emit positivity. Wearing a mangalsutra around her neck protects her husband and her married life from any kind of danger.

However, it is now worn around the wrists by modern wives. As they say, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you believe in the virtues of good and god.

Materials Used In Mangalsutra Bracelet

There are different types of materials used in modern mangalsutra bracelets. The designs and patterns that they are made in depend on the type of material used and the style that the wearer prefers. Let us take a look at some of the popular materials used in the Mangalsutra bracelets.


The most traditional type of mangalsutra bracelet is made of gold beads alternating with black beads. The pendant or locket in the centre is also made of pure yellow gold. The combination of black and gold beads reduces distressing vibrations and provides a calming effect on the wearer's nerves. The gold can be decorated with diamonds, stones, or pearls. Women generally keep their mangalsutra bracelet simple for comfortable daily use.


Women who don't like the bling of gold should go for silver as an alternative. It is important for gold and black beads to be there in a mangalsutra bracelet; hence, there is little gold added to the design. Gold is generally around the black bead for the auspicious traditional touch. The locket is again made with a mixture of gold and silver, bringing out the royal effect.


Mangalsutra bracelets today often have a diamond locket. A small diamond on a golden thread decorated with black beds is serene and surreal to see. Girls who consider diamonds their best friends love to wear this design of mangalsutra bracelet. The lovely combination of gold, diamonds, and black beads and the contrast of colours it provides are enchanting.


Pearl mangalsutra bracelets are made up of pearls with black beads woven into a gold thread. The royalty of gold with the elegance of pearls and the charm of back beads in a single bracelet. The pearl brings the purity of bonding, while the gold and bead combo bring positivity. The spiritual significance of pearl mangalsutra bracelets is huge, making it one of the most beloved.

Designs Of Mangalsutra Bracelets

Mangalsutra bracelets, a modern twist on tradition, are attempting different designs. The designs of mangalsutra that are available on the market have increased quite exponentially. Despite the difference in opinions about wearing theri mangalsutra on wrists, young women are loving it. Let us take a look at a few mangalsutra bracelet designs.

Tips From The Tradition

The traditional designs in mangalsutra bracelets are more of a symbol than decoration. The designs consist of simple gold bracelets with black beads and a gold pendant in the centre. The pendant may be decorated with gemstones and diamonds, but it is still kept simple. The pendant design is the main attraction and is often inspired by signs and symbols related to marriage. The most common include a two-coin pendant and/or a floral design made in gold.

Modern Contemporaries

The modern designs include the minimalist style of pendants made of gold, silver, or diamonds. A single diamond or gemstone set in gold with black beads is the most common contemporary design in mangalsutra bracelets. The cute little charms decorated with stones and diamonds are the most popular pendants for mangalsutra bracelets. The petite look of the pendant makes it suitable to wear with formal wear.

Making It Personal

In this time where personalization is the trend, mangalsutra bracelets also have the option to get the design customised. Again, what changes is the pendant in the centre. In the strands of gold and black beads, there is a letter or a shape pendant. You can also add a quote or your and your spouse's names to the pendant. The customised mangalsutra bracelets are a great choice for those who love to wear their connections close to themselves.

How To Wear Mangalsutra Bracelets

Well, there isn't much to style when it comes to mangalsutra bracelets. It's a symbol of marriage and worn by women as a daily wear. However, the variety in designs of mangalsutra bracelets provides a range of styles that you can try. Let us see how we can wear the mangalsutra bracelets fashionably.

Where To Wear

Mangalsutra bracelets are to be worn on the wrists of married women. Women wear their dominant hand as a symbol of a happy married life. You can wear mangalsutra brackets anywhere and anytime. They are simple and comfortable, which makes them suitable to go along with any look. You can wear a mangalsutra bracelet to the office, a wedding, or even a party.

Pair It Well

While mangalsutra bracelets are in themselves quite a statement when worn. You can pair your simple mangalsutra bracelet with other simple chain bracelets. As long as the bracelets don’t compete for attention, it is fine. You can pair your mangalsutra with other accessories like necklaces and earrings. A pendant necklace in the same material and stone can match well with the bracelet. The material from which your mangalsutra bracelet is made calls the shots as to which accessories will look good with it.

Size And Fit

The size of the mangalsutra is the most important factor for making it comfortable for daily use. A mangalsutra bracelet that is too long can be worn by wrapping it around the wrists. You can even wear this type of bracelet as a pendant necklace.

Caring And Maintenance

To take care of your mangalsutra bracelet, you can wipe it clean after every use. There is no need for a regular deep clean, a periodic polish is advised for maintenance. Although the rituals say you should not be separated from your mangalsutra till death, it is best if you can avoid showering with the bracelet. Wear your mangalsutra bracelet last while getting your makeup done. If you have to store it, keep it in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

This was a little bit of information you may be curious about regarding mangalsutra bracelets. Now you can go ahead and explore your type of mangalsutra bracelet design. Because what matters more is the meaning, not the material!