Manushi Chillar’s Disney Princess Vibes Take Over The Cannes Film Festival 2023

Manushi Chillar’s Disney Princess Vibes Take Over The Cannes Film Festival 2023

Like a fantasy, the former Ms World Manushi Chillar debuted on the red carpet on the first day of the Cannes film festival 2023. With a mesmerising aura surrounding the model-actress, Manushi wore a white princess gown giving major Disney princess vibes. The actress's simple, serene look took over the Indian media with awe. She paired the princess gown with red heels and a green statement necklace adding a pop of colour to the ensemble.
Let us discuss her complete look for the red carpet, focusing on the statement necklace that adorned the actress’s neck.

Wows For The White Dreamy Dress...

The Prithviraj actress walked the red carpet at Cannes in all her glory wearing a white flowy gown. Manushi Chillar’s Cannes Day1 look stunned the world with its pure and posh appearance. Although the look wasn’t something we hadn't seen before, Manushi managed to pull it off as her own. The white ruffle gown spreads with elegance and grace on the red carpet imparting major princess vibes. The striking beauty of the Ms World added to her couture contributing to the poise of the look.

A Little Boldness With Red Heels

Manushi Chillar matched her white princess gown with red heels adding a bit of boldness to the pure innocence of the ensemble. Well, actually glass heels decorated with a red bow on the top. The heels look awfully familiar as the Cindrellas’s shoes from Disney World. The red heels complement the white gown like a cherry on the cake. Dissipating confidence to the debutant, the red hot heels were a perfect match for the big day.

The Eye-Catching Statement Necklace

Last but not least, what caught the eyes and hearts is the green statement necklace that sat at the collarbone of the Ms World. The green-coloured collar necklace obeys the current trend in fashion jewellery with perfection. The statement piece decorating the actress’s neck and the whole ensemble with a chic elegance fits just right.

The serpent-style collar necklace has been in trend and watching our beloved Ms World establishes the trend as a long-lasting one. Decorated with white pearls, the green statement necklace that Manushi wore during her Cannes debut is alluringly attractive, to say the least.

Manushi’s Film Debut Regal Look

The former Ms World debuted in Bollywood with Akshay Kumar as the costar in the historical action drama film “Prithviraj”. She starred as the emperor’s wife, Sanyogita. Her look therein was a royal beauty. She represented a queen wearing Indian traditional saree and heavy traditional jewellery. Wearing a whole queen jewellery set, from headband to nose rings and a heavy statement necklace paired with matching dangler earrings.

It seems impossible to not talk about the royal jewellery ensemble she sported all throughout the movie. Let us tackle a look at the whole jewellery set of Sanyogita aka Manushi in Prithviraj.

The Queen’s Majestic Jewellery Set

Manushi wore a layered necklace set made of gold and kundan stones decorated with the elegance of pearls. The pearls in white and green made a beautiful contrast between her red outfit and each other. The necklace starts off as a choker reaching the collar covering the collarbone with grace and magnificence.

The nose ring or nath catches the eye of itself every time. The gold nath ring combined with white and green pearls adds to the royal elegance. The traditional nose ring is designed intricately and beautifully bringing out a mesmerising aura to the queen’s look.

The headband or matha-patti is made of Kundan stones and pearls adorning the head with charismatic presence. Arranging both the mirror-like stones and pearls in two to one strands respectively, ending in an elaborate pendant that hangs on the forehead with supremacy.

The last accessory that punctuates the whole look is the statement earrings. The danglers made of Kundan and pearls with gold as the partner are gorgeous and elaborate in design. The moon-like top with three domes dangling at the bottom makes it all the more royal. The fusion of contemporary dangers with the traditional jhumkas can be seen perfectly in the statement-making earrings worn by the queen.

Each article in the jewellery set contributes to the royal elegance and grace of Queen Sanyogita bringing out her unmatched beauty sung in the legends.

From Ms World to Queen Sanyogita and now stunning the whole world with her Cannes 2023 debut Manushi Chillar has managed to gather a thousand awws and millions of wows. Wish she achieves even more achievements and heights in her life!

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