Matching Jewellery For Pink Sarees: Gorgeous Is The New Fashion Trend

Matching Jewellery For Pink Sarees: Gorgeous Is The New Fashion Trend

A pink saree is the epitome of delicate and feminine beauty. Jewellery just adds a touch of grace and elegance to the genteel colour pink. Matching the right jewellery with a pink saree isn't difficult unless one doesn’t take it too far. Knowing different shades of pink and matching the jewellery that suits you best is a basic that you may want to start with.

Still, if it seems difficult to you to style your pink saree with jewellery, you can read the following article: It brings to you the best combos of pink saree and jewellery you can try. So let’s see what jewellery is a good match for a pink saree.

Lavish combo of pearls and diamonds.

jewellery for pink saree

That's how Sonam Kapoor stole the show at Cannes 2023! So, becoming the talk of town once again, the Bollywood fashionista rocked the red carpet in a westernised pink saree, and guess what she accessorised it with? Pearls and an uncut diamond necklace were the highlights of her serene look. A pearl necklace combined with gold and glass stones is the traditional way to match your pink saree. Pearl jewellery with pink is like a combination of feminine grace and elegance, while diamonds bring rich beauty to the look. This combination of jewellery and a pink saree is the best for a traditional event or an Indian wedding because of its statement-making quality.

Match the colours.

jewellery for pink saree

Match the colour of your saree with jewellery to wear, and enjoy the magnetic monotone. Pink stone jewellery, pink pearls, pink diamonds, or pink polki jewellery are some of the options you can pair your pink saree with. Pink-coloured diamonds combined with pink stones are one of the most commonly worn western looks. While one can go for polki jewellery in pink and pearl jewellery for a traditional touch. Matching the colours can be a bit troublesome; it is very difficult to find the exact same pink with both the saree and jewellery. However, wearing a little darker shade of pink with a light pink or lighter pink jewellery with a bright pink saree can be a good and fresh pair too.

Try the contrast trend.

jewellery for pink saree

Experimenting with different colours can be fun too! Pairing the pink saree with a contrasting colour like red, orange, blue, or green is quite in trend. It won’t be much of an effort considering the versatility of the material you choose. Pearls are very good when it comes to different styles, colours, and designs; one can never go wrong with pearl jewellery for a pink saree. Then there is oxidised jewellery, which can really be a great aesthetic addition to the femininity of a pink saree. Oxidised jewellery is again made in combination with stones, which can again bring a totally different look.

Wear pearls for extra elegance.

jewellery for pink saree

Pearls can never go wrong! And yes, you can pair pearl jewellery with a pink saree to increase its gentle grace by a few notches. Pearl jewellery such as a choker necklace, jhumkas, or a long necklace—any style can be a good match with a pink saree. Pink pearls or white or golden yellow pearls are worn with a pink saree for an alluring attraction to the look. Now one can wear a single-strand pearl necklace or a multi-strand pearl necklace, or layer both of them for a heavier look. The size and shape of the pearls can be chosen according to the occasion on which they are to be worn. For formals, small and round pearls can be quite fashionable, while larger and random-shaped pearls are for traditional or party looks.

Try the traditional jewellery set.

jewellery for pink saree

A traditional jewellery set that consists of a necklace, earrings, headband, bangles, anklets, and everything else we can think of can be a nice wedding function look. Pink has been a favourite of Indian brides recently, and hence, pink sarees are bound to look perfect with a traditional jewellery set. Be it gold jewellery, diamonds, or pearls, you can pair a pink saree with every jewellery set and enjoy their characteristic beauty. Traditional jewellery is the best pink for a wedding, festivals, and holy rituals.

Pretty perfect polkis are a nice match.

Polki jewellery is one of the most commonly and popularly worn Indian traditional jewellery items of all time. Pairing polki jewellery with a pink saree can be the best thing you can do for your look and your jewellery investment. Polki jewellery is beautiful and elegant, with designs inspired by the historical art and culture of the states of India. Worn as bridal jewellery, they are often heirlooms presented to the bride. However, bridesmaids can also pair the polki chokers with dangler earrings for a perfect fusion look. Pink polki jewellery is a luxurious look that one can carry to a charity event or fundraiser to display their status and wealth.

The striking shine of kundan is great too.

jewellery for pink saree

Kundan jewellery, or glass stones woven in golden wire, is another traditional piece of jewellery from India that can be a great choice for a pink saree. Pink sarees, when paired with mirror-like stones of kundan jewellery, bring out a tantalising look. Kundan jewellery can provide you with the luxury of diamonds at an affordable price. Kundan stones with gold, diamonds, and silver are often worn as bridal jewellery and festive jewellery. Made in all types of jewellery, from necklaces to earrings and bangles, kundan can complete your pink saree look all by itself.

Minimal is the trend these days.

Wearing "less is more" has been a principle with sarees since long before. One can totally ditch all the accessories and go for a single statement piece of jewellery to match the pink saree. A statement necklace like a choker or a long necklace or statement earrings like jhumkas, danglers, or chandelier earrings can do. Pearls, diamonds, or oxidised jewellery—you can go for any type of jewellery and choose the one point of attention you wish to wear. A diamond necklace can be the centrefold in itself, while a jhumka is the perfect centre of attraction whenever worn. You may want to go for these, for they are some of the tried and tested pairs.

These are some of the ways you can pair your pink sarees with jewellery. Jewellery for pink sarees is easy but style-oriented. Read, try, and enjoy the gorgeous look of pink sarees.

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