Met Gala 2023: Will Earrings Ever Rule the World?

Met Gala 2023: Will Earrings Ever Rule the World?

Will earrings rule the world? Can earrings rule the world? Or are they ruling the world? All seems to be true with the Met Gala 2023 presenting the world with one of the most vogue earrings ever! There were studs, hoops, ear cuffs, danglers, and ear jackets, and the very best of each category.  

Let us take a look at some of the most unique earring designs that ruled the Met Gala 2023 with their antiquity and attractive allure.

Ear Cuffs Are The Kings!!!

At the Met Gala 2023, the ones dazzling amongst all earrings were the silver ear cuffs worn by Cassie. The singer-songwriter paired shimmery silver ear cuffs with her black gown, making a strong statement with her look. It looks like ear cuffs are the new trend, and they sure are ruling the beauty world with boldness.

Ear Jackets, Be the Queen!

And that’s exactly how the ear jacket earrings of Adwoa Aboa became the talk of the town. Well, apparently this custom piece was a vintage piece picked from a market and made into a masterpiece, captivating all eyes with its sparkle. The intricate and unique design, decorated with diamonds with tassels hanging, is just mesmerising to see.    

Tassels Stole the Reign!

And the clear winners are the tassels! The variety of designs with which tassel danglers were adorned at the Met gala is enthralling. The beautiful Blake Lively herself wore history and art-inspired tassel danglers for the show. The striking beauty of the tassels did make it sure to match her alluring aura with outstanding excellence.  

But What’s That?!

A chandelier? A candle holder? Well, whatever that is, it did its part to be one-of-a-kind and generate curiosity. A different design that held its ground in beauty and inspiration. The gold chandelier earrings worn by Tabitha Simmons were royal, rich, and riveting from all angles! Crowns dangling from earlobes with a regal radiance somehow represents her personality, so damn right!  

These were some intriguing and trending earrings worn by our favourite celebs at the Met Gala in 2023.  

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