Must have bracelets in your jewellery collection

Jewellery is an integral part of a woman's life. Choosing trendy yet elegant pieces of jewellery has always been very tricky. These are changing times and women from every walk of life, now like to stay one step ahead of the game. Keeping that in mind, we think that if you wish to own a few precious and timeless pieces of jewellery, then thinking about bracelets would surely help. 

Bracelets make the most elegant and chic form of jewellery. And since women of the 21st century are moving towards the world of simplistic and sustainable jewellery. We thought that this should serve as the first bible to you all.  Here we have jotted down a list of most loved bracelets that every woman should have in her closet by an online store that has been driving massive success in the Fashion and imitation jewellery industry. We are talking about, Blingvine online store. This brand has made it to our list which makes it worthy of being checked out.

The mantle of quality, affordability and trendy designs has been passed onto them, as they live and breathe. When it comes to imitation jewellery, they are the real deal. These bracelets from Blingvine's exotic collection, are worth checking out. They will blow you away, as they did to us.

  1. Chain Bracelet : 

Originated from the Mayan civilization, the chain bracelet is one of the oldest forms of jewellery. This popular jewellery piece goes perfectly with your everyday chic outfit. Crafted in 18k gold plated link chains and studded with AAA quality Swarovski crystals. Since these are simple and lightweight, it makes them a perfect accessory to carry with your casual as well as your office look. 

  1. Pearl Bracelet :

If you looking for an accessory to slay your friend's wedding, you can never go wrong with lustrous pearls. Pearls are indicative and a mark of unprecedented jewellery. If you are in urgent need of redefining elegance with classy pearl bracelets, then Blingvine's exotic collection will surely melt your heart. Wearing a layered pearl bracelet on an ethnic dress or pairing it with a contemporary gown for evening functions.

  1. American Diamond Bracelet 

This bracelet comprises everything you need if you're looking for something that goes with any outfit. Then let us tell us, it has enough sass to light a room. This platinum plating with Austrian crystals puts a tasteful design on your wrist. American Diamonds studded over this necklace 

  1. Tennis Bracelet :

These adorable luxurious bracelets are all you need to adorn your pretty wrists this season. The tennis bracelet is inspired by simplicity and symmetry. This American diamond bracelet is eternally a charm. This bracelet comes with high-quality AAA clear American diamonds. Their luster is something that compliments the sparkle of the crystals. 

This accessory goes very well with the traditional as well as western ensemble 

This bracelet makes sure, that it's putting the spotlight on you. 

  1. Bead Bracelet :

This Egyptian-originated bracelet is made of gold or silver plated beads. A perfect minimalistic look can never be complete without this bead bracelet.

You can choose to add some fun elements to it like colored stones,  chained loops, etc

If you own these trendy bracelets, your love for jewellery will never fade, and neither the name Blingvine from your mind. Wearing those sparkling bracelets over your wrists makes your ensemble complete even if minimalistic was your initial plan. Check out Blingvine's online store, we are sure that you will be enchanted by its presence. 

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