Mystic and Sublime, Charm Bracelets We All Love

Mystic and Sublime, Charm Bracelets We All Love

Chain or link bracelets with charms like pendants and little trinkets are charm bracelets. The charms have spiritual and supernatural powers. They are the talismans and amulets that ward off negativity and ill fortune. Sometimes charm bracelets may represent an emotional or nostalgic connection.

For the love of charms

Women love to wear charm bracelets for beauty, trends, and protection. Girls too sport charm bracelets of all kinds. In ancient times, charm bracelets had religious and supernatural qualities. Charm bracelets became a fashion accessory from the 1890's onwards. The Victorian era adopted charm bracelets for their flamboyance and elaborate designs.

Charm bracelets resurfaced during WWII. American soldiers bought charms from European towns as gifts for their beloveds’ back home. From mere keepsakes, these charms went on to become vintage and antique pieces. In the year 1889, Tiffany created a charm bracelet with a tiny single heart. This quickly became an iconic charm bracelet and a status symbol. It was sported by Hollywood celebrities like Joan Crawford and Elizabeth Taylor.

The fashion industry has now changed the trends and quality of charm bracelets. Charm bracelet designs now range from minimalistic to eclectic.

Women have higher spiritual sensitivities and a better connection with Mother Earth. Women therefore look towards charm bracelets as protection against negative energies.

Charm bracelets, metals and more…

In ancient times, beads and shells were used to design charm bracelets. They had extremely powerful supernatural powers. With evolving trends, charm bracelets are now designed in metals like gold, silver, and platinum.

Gold and gold plated charm bracelets

Charm bracelets in gold can be designed as the charm being an integral part of the bracelet, rather than a dangler. Gold charm bracelets have trinkets like alphabets, enamel pictures, and icons from the religious or spiritual world. They are made with 18th karat gold or less as the charms need intricate styling. Gold plated charm bracelets are reasonably priced. They are therefore more popular with women looking for many pieces of jewellery.

Silver and silver plated charm bracelets

Silver charm bracelets are hip and happening. As a metal, silver and sterling silver are easier to style and design. Creative and sturdy designs like locks and keys, intricate lacy designs in the shape of butterflies, hearts, names in cursive, and what have you! The choice is limitless. When silver is not your first option, silver plated charm bracelets are perfect for everyday styles, and are quite affordable. The charm still works the magic.

Platinum charm bracelets

Platinum made its way into the jewellery industry in the late 19th century. The lustre of platinum is lavish and the metal is sturdy enough for intricate designs. The binds don’t tarnish over time, hence the high prices of platinum jewellery. Platinum charm bracelets have intricate designs with minute engravings, inscriptions and so on. Art deco designs in platinum charm bracelets spell good fortune and haute couture.

Charm bracelets for special occasions

Charm bracelets are perfect for gifting and wearing to celebrate special occasions in our lives. Charm bracelets for every day wear could be simple chain bracelets with sturdy charms and links. Just wear them and forget them, and let the charms do their work! You could use charm bracelets in any kind of metal or beads, and the charms could be ones that work the best for you.

Charms for anniversaries and special occasions are so important to bring in good cheer to your ensemble. These charm bracelets are more lavish and personalized. Charms like solitaires, couple pendants, holy symbols encrusted with diamonds and gemstones look super for those special days.

Weddings are the most important events in any person's life, both for the couple and for the wedding guests. Charm bracelets can also be arranged as return gifts for the wedding party. Special dates, promises of love, and anything that resonates with the emotional quotient of the couple or the wedding guests, can be created as a charm for the most unique charm bracelets ever!

Scrolls, trophies, graduation caps, the year of the graduation, open book, plaques, birthstones and so on can be personalized as charms as per the interests of the graduating student. Graduation day is one of its kind and must be celebrated and remembered. And what better way to remember than a graduation day charm bracelet that is a keepsake for life.

Types of charm bracelets you can pick

Traditional charm bracelets have retro designs and are almost always hand crafted. They have trinkets like religious symbols, amulets, talismans etc., associated with good luck and fortune. Traditional charm bracelets have very strong auras and supernatural powers.

European charm bracelets have modular charms with thin metal chains. You can add as many charms or beads as needed. The charms are threaded into the beads or chains. European charm bracelets sit close next to the wrist. They have a sophisticated look and don’t jingle as much.

The Italian style charm bracelet design has charms as links. Pandora style charm bracelets are typical with large holed beads and balls styled into simple bangle bracelets. The beads and balls are the charms that resonate very closely with the person's life and emotions. They can be expensive as they are almost always made with gold, silver, or platinum. Floating charm bracelets like memory lockets, hearts, names etc., are danglers attached to chain bracelets. This is typically a “one charm” bracelet.

Styling your charm bracelets

Charm bracelets are a creative way to express your personality and style. You can style your charm bracelets in more than one way. Layer charm bracelets close to wrist bangles. The bangles and charm bracelets will stand apart and stand out. Perfect to wear with long white sleeves and turtleneck tops and sweaters.

Combine or mix bold bangles with dainty charm bracelets for a more impressive look. Use charm bracelets of different metals together. Metal and bead charm bracelets are eclectic, especially when you also mix colours and textures for a more harmonious and boho vibe. Personalize charm bracelets with names, birthstones, lucky crystals and anything that exudes your personal style.

Love and care for your charm bracelets

You may wear them every day or every other day that is so special to you. But you need to take care of your charm bracelet, more than any other jewellery, because it runs close to your vibe and aura. Firstly, store the charm bracelet in its original box or then in a soft cloth with a smooth texture. Before you clean it, check for chinks or breakage. Clean it with appropriate polishing liquids, as per the metal of the charm bracelet. Use the right polishing cloth and brush. You can check with your jeweller and pick the best polishing tools.

Charm bracelets do more than just add bling to your wrist. They are key pieces of jewellery that will immediately impact your mood. They have amazing health benefits and spark your creativity. Pick a charm bracelet with care, wear it with style and tend to it with a whole lot of love!