Neck Chains And The Process Of Making Them

Neck Chains usually comprise a variety of chains worn around the neck by both men and women. Neck chains or Necklaces may be of many different types depending on the metal or beads used to curate the design. Popularly known as the necklace chain, the term is used to refer to a wide range of accessories worn around the neck.

Any jewellery piece used to adorn the neck is broadly classified as a necklace chain. Whether it be a simple metal chain, a combination of a few chains, a chain with a particular bead to embellish it further or even a chain with pendants of different shapes and sizes all come under the umbrella term of a necklace chain.

Though both men and women wear necklaces around the necks, chain necklaces for women are much more popular than those for men and have an ever-growing market. Women's necklaces range from simple threadwork strings worn around the neck to expensive gold and diamond embellished neck chains. Chain necklaces for women have an expansive range of base metals used for making the chain and innumerable design options to curate the different patterns and motifs.

The Art of Making Magnificent or Necklace Chain

Goldsmiths and jewellery designers have curated durable, and royal-looking necklaces with sturdy metals like silver, gold, platinum, etc. Sometimes inexpensive yet strong metals like steel are also used to make a necklace chain.

The workmanship that goes behind making a finished piece of jewel is not perceived by the buyer’s naked eye. Making jewellery pieces of various types, like finger rings, amulets, bangles, necklaces, etc. requires a great deal of learning and attention to detail. Chain necklaces for women have been made for centuries now with immense care and thorough knowledge of their art by jewellery designers.

First, the jewel is cast, and then the process involves wax carving and polishing to make the final product shine bright. Coming to necklaces- necklaces are made in a few steps. To begin with, the artisan has to select the string material (various threads) they want to employ or a chain material to use, like gold and silver.

A basic necklace chain once ready, becomes the canvas for the artisan's imagination and then he/she further decides whether to decorate such a chain with beads, gemstones, or precious stones. The artisan uses particular clasping techniques to embellish metallic chains with various stones.

Chain necklaces for women are sometimes made by using simple threads as well. In the case of thread work necklaces, the artisan usually ties the entire piece together with a dextrous play of hands. To enhance the look of the necklace chain even more different beads are strung together with great care.

Thus, as you can assess for yourself the process of making a piece of jewellery from scratch is quite painstaking and creative. Chain necklaces for women which form a big chunk of the different jewellery items curated across various metal types are made with equal parts labour and innovativeness.

Depending on your budget, choice of metal, and liking for a particular type of design you can choose which type of necklace chain will be your pick.

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