Other Artificial Jewellery V/S Blingvine Jewellery

Other Artificial Jewellery V/S Blingvine Jewellery

 We often come across this question that what is the difference between other artificial jewellery and Blingvine Jewellery? Or what is so special with Blingvine Jewellery? Why should we choose you when there are thousands of cheap fashion jewellery choices available in the market?

Before we go deep into answering the question, here’s a question for you. Do you feel the same owning an iPhone and a cheap Chinese Phone? Quality matters, doesn’t it?

The difference lies in Excellence. Plus, the benefits associated with it.

There are thousands of vendors selling artificial jewellery or fashion jewellery for really cheap. You know why? Because that's their ONLY source of revenue. If they don’t sell it to masses, they would end up earning nothing. 

But that’s not it.

From a small roadside vendor to a store in a mall or a jewellery website, you have gone through many different types of fashion jewellery online and offline in the market. Does it all look the same?

The Real difference between other artificial jewellery and Blingvine Jewelry.

The real difference between the two lies in its attributes. There are plenty of low-quality accessories available at 1/10th of the price. Metal jewellery made from non-precious metals or artificial pearls and stones that may be enough to accessories for a few hours at an event but you really feel like removing them as soon as possible. The jewellery so made is crafted in the most cost-effective manner just to solve the purpose of carrying something fancy for an occasion.

But at Blingvine, we have gone a step ahead. For us, jewellery is not just an accessory you carry for an occasion, it is an asset that you own! Jewellery holds a very sentimental value for women across the globe especially if it is a gift from someone close or special. While getting a ‘real’ jewellery every season with changing trends is not everyone’s cup of tea, we want to make a difference with imitation jewellery. Blingvine Fashion Jewellery takes you through the trends in vogue while keeping it luxurious and classy in a budget. Whether it’s a matter of a couple of hours or your will to carry it every day to your workplace like a daily wear jewellery, Blingvine makes sure to suit your every purpose.

Blingvine Jewellery Quality Standards

Made from high-quality lead, nickel and cadmium free environmental alloy, it is the most suitable jewellery for women with sensitive skin. It is not just the best jewellery for your skin but for the environment too. Our jewellery is free of any harmful elements to give you only happy memories. The jewellery is then coated with high quality 18K gold plating that is done using state of the art electromagnetic plating techniques and finished with a thickened polish that locks in the shine for years to come which you can cherish and keep close to your heart for a lifetime.

The pearls and crystals used in the jewellery are the top quality raw materials available worldwide. The crystals studded in the jewellery are either Swarovski crystals or top quality AAA Austrian Crystals and American Diamonds that imparts a luminous and luxurious look to our jewellery. Similarly, the pearls used in Blingvine jewellery are Venetian pearls, cultured pearls, or high-quality shell pearls that are no less than royal pearl jewellery to make you elegant and classy. The stones used in our modern jewellery are high-quality faux cat eye, opal, ruby & other high-quality stones that make it vibrant like precious gemstone jewellery.

And to top it all, BlingVine signature jewellery goes through an advanced process of 360 degrees grinding that ensures that BlingVine jewellery looks smooth and well finished from all angles. Even if you look at our jewellery from the back, it'll have a quality shine and finished surface. This ensures that the jewellery is well protected from the elements and there are no problems of rusting or cracking of polish.

For us quality and service mean everything. We go through crazy levels of detailing and quality check before we put out our designs in the market. Blingvine’s customer service teams is always on its toes to help and resolve every query or complaint that pass by it.

The Blingvine Advantage – One Year Warranty

We take our products and our customers very seriously. Even though we go through extremely stringent steps of quality control during the manufacturing, packing and shipping of BlingVine jewellery, we still keep a window open to cover for oversights. If in a rare case that any customer experience any issue with our jewellery, we offer a one year warranty on all our products counted from the date of purchase. Please also look at our warranty policy for more details on the same.

We understand that jewellery is an extremely personal and sentimental piece of any woman’s wardrobe. It not just completes the look but adds more to it. Blingvine is here to change the perception of people towards imitation jewellery. Today imitation or fashion jewellery has undergone a complete overhaul with the introduction of technology, methods and highly qualified and experienced technicians and jewellery makers. Good quality fashion jewellery is now at the same level as real jewellery in terms of class, elegance and fashion statement that one needs to carry at high profile events. From fashionistas to celebrities, everyone is fond of designer fashion jewellery that can take them from a day in office to a night at a club without having to worry about damages to the skin or getting robbed at the same time.

Check out our collection of elegant and stylish jewellery online at Blingvine Jewelry store. Visit us at www.blingvine.com for detailed information on all our products and raw materials used. Also, check our customer reviews for reference.

Once you own our jewellery, it is hard to resist! ;)