Oxidised Bangles: Experience Aestheticism With The Rustic Charm

Oxidised bangles are the trend in jewellery fashion. The tarnished colour of metal gives it an antique look which fascinates youth. It is generally sterling silver made to react with sulphur to give it a rusty effect.

Oxidised bangles, nowadays are paired with traditional as well as semi-traditional looks by women of all ages. They add that customary elegance with an edgy charm like a dynamic combination of beauty and beast. They are made in different designs inspired from both historical art and culture. 

Enhance Your Style With Oxidised Bangles

Planning to wear a saree to your cousin’s wedding? Pairing that bright and beautiful saree with the hoary, vintage charisma of oxidised bangles. It’s not only sarees that enjoy the company of oxidised bangles with aesthetic pleasure. A partial salwar-suit, or that kurti with jean look etc., all these ensembles accommodate oxidised bangles for a fashionable experience. 

Designs In Oxidised Earrings To Pick From

Oxidised bangles are available in a variety of designs for every style and personality. Most of these designs are an inspiration from folk art, tribal lifestyles and modern preferences. There are still very few people who actually know about the different designs in oxidised bangles. Let us learn about them here. 

Tribal Style Oxidised bangles

This design of oxidised bangles is inspired from old tribes that reside in the East and West of the world. They have an ethnic base of inspiration for specific patterns and designs. They are made in metals like brass, copper or silver which are oxidised with other metal for a vintage look. They represent a whole culture and tradition.  

Bohemian Style Oxidised bangles

The Bohemian style oxidised bangles are inspired from the North American lifestyle of cowboys and cowgirls. They are made in materials like beads, threads and tassels. The brass, copper and silver metal is decorated with elements like flowers, and geometric patterns. They symbolise creativity, individuality and free-spiritedness. 

Minimalist Style Oxidised bangles

These oxidised bangles sport a modernised aesthetic design and look. These are designed in a contemporary style that emphasises simplicity and neatness with beauty. They are decorated with minimal gemstones for a subtle visual charm. They are the choice of modern women who prefer a natural look over a decorated one. 

Advantages Of Wearing Oxidised Bangles

There are a few characteristic features of oxidised bangles specific to the category. Let us take a look at three main ones.

Less Maintenance

Since the appearance of oxidised bangles is already quite rustic it needs almost no maintenance. Cleaning them gently with a cloth dipped in soap water after use will be all you need to do in the name of  maintenance.  

The Edgy Rockstar Look

Oxidised bangles appear all edgy like the rockstar fashion of the 90s. This gives youth quite a good reason to choose oxidised bangles over the shiny glass or some other metallic bangle.

Adds A New Colour

Most accessories being all colourful, gold or silver can be quite mundane if you like to play with looks. Oxidised bangles add one more colour to your jewellery collection for you to mix and match for the next occasion you are to attend. 

This was about oxidised bangles, their importance in fashion today and the merits it may add to your jewellery fashion. Now go ahead play with all those looks that oxidised carry with pleasure!