Pearl Bracelet: A Regal Elegance on the Wrists

Pearl Bracelet: A Regal Elegance on the Wrists

Pearl bracelets are accessories that carry a specific charm that reflects the wearer. They are made up of different shapes, sizes, and colours of pearls. Bracelets and pearls have enjoyed a long journey in history. Where pearls were a symbol of power and status, bracelets were protective armour for warriors.

Pearls have travelled a long way to gather the symbolism of innocence, serenity, and wisdom. Whereas, bracelets now have become a pretty piece of jewellery worn by women as a means of expression.

Bracelets are a versatile accessory that goes with all types of outfits and occasions. The reason that bracelets are quite popular among women today. Pearl bracelets are simple and sophisticated, just as they are favoured by women. Made in different types and designs, from trendy charm bracelets to traditional bangle bracelets. Let us learn about pearl bracelets in some detail.

Popular Types of Pearl Bracelets

Pearl bracelets are available in different styles and designs. Every design has its own charm and meaning for the wearer. Bracelets are often used by women as a means to express themselves. Pearl bracelets may be used by women to express their innocence and integrity. Let us learn a few designs of pearl bangles.

Single Strand Pearl Bracelet

A single strand of pearls made into a bracelet. Single-strand pearl bracelets are simple but meaningful designs. They are worn by kids, women, and grandmothers. The comfort factor of a single-strand pearl bracelet makes it suitable for all. They are often worn with formal and casual wear. Made in different colours, shapes, and sizes, the vibe changes with each type of pearl.

Multi-Strand Pearl Bracelet

A bracelet made of multiple strands of pearls arranged in a particular manner. They can be wrapped concentrically or in a whirl. The design of multi-strand pearl bracelets is suitable for an elaborate effect. Again, the pearls can be the same size and colour, or they can be different sizes and colours arranged in an order. They are worn with traditional as well as modern outfit styles and looks.

Pearl Cuff Bracelet

Pearl cuff bracelets are modernised bangles. They are open on one side for adjustment around the wrist. They can be single or multiple layers of pearls of different or the same colours. They can be made in combination with gold, silver, and diamonds. Wear it with your traditional look or casual college look to add a pinch of grace. Pearl cuff bracelets are a perfect fusion of tradition and fashion.

Pearl Charm Bracelet

Pearl bracelet decorated with adorable charms. The charms can be anything they like, are inspired by, or express themselves with. They are made in combination with silver, gold, and diamonds. Sometimes studded with gemstones for a pop of colour. Pearl charm bracelets are a trend among women. Women love to wear adorable charms on their wrists with pearls for a balance of funk and fineness.

Materials Used to Make Pearl Bracelets

Pearl bracelets are made up of pearls that form naturally. They also use a few different raw materials that add to its beauty. Diamonds, crystals, and gemstones often combine with pearls for a fashion statement. Let us take a look at a few other materials they work well with.

Pearl with Gold

Pearl and gold are a royal combination often used in pearl bracelets. Pearl and gold bracelets are heavy and perfect to wear with traditional outfits. Made into bangle bracelets and cuff bracelets, they are the top choice for weddings and parties.

Pearl with Silver

The second-most royal is pearl with silver. This combination is rather affordable and common. Women of all ages wear this combination with zest. There are numerous designs in silver pearl bracelets accommodating every style. They can go well with casual and formal wear due to the minimal bling feature.

Pearl with Diamond

The luxurious partners in a bracelet are pearl and diamond. They are worn as bridal jewellery or gifted to loved ones due to their valuable nature. Pearl and diamond bracelets may have gold or silver as the base metal. They are worn as a subtle style statement at formal events like weddings and charity events. They look their best in party gowns and even sarees.

How to Choose the Right Pearl Bracelet

Choosing the right pearl bracelet can be a task with so many choices on the market. You need to consider the outfit it is to be worn with or the style you prefer. The type of pearls that will resonate with you. Let us take a look at some of these factors that you can keep in mind when you are looking for a pearl bracelet.

Metal Used

Pearl bracelets are made with different metals. Each metal with pearls has a different look, style, and vibe. Choose the metal that suits your skin tone, the occasion, and is comfortable to wear.

Size and Shape

Pearls are available in all sizes and shapes. Pearl size is important to determine the style and design that will suit you best. Pearl shape and size are factors that influence the price of the bracelet. Hence, for shoes, the size and shape that fit you and your budget are necessary.


Pearl bracelet type and design differ with every occasion. A pearl cuff bracelet will suit a formal event or office party. While pearl charm bracelets look good with casual hangouts and parties. Wearing the accessory according to the occasion is necessary to feel comfortable in your surroundings.

Care and Maintenance

Pearls are the easiest to take care of and need the least maintenance. Wearing them regularly can keep them shining for as long as possible. Pearls are different from other jewellery materials in this manner. They shine better if they are worn continuously daily for long periods of time.


To clean your pearl bracelets, soak a fine cloth in soapy water and wipe them clean. Dry them with a soft cloth or leave it to air dry. Never soak your pearls in water; this can damage the shiny layer called nacre.


Wipe your pearl bracelets after every use to clean up the oil, dirt, and sweat. Again, avoid wearing them while showering or swimming. Water can damage the shine. Try to keep them away from household chemicals that can be dangerous for the surface of the pearl.


Store your pearl bracelets in a porous cloth so that they get both air and moisture. Pearls need both air and moisture to breathe and thus keep shining. If they aren’t subjected to air, they will die and lose their shine.

Keep your precious pearls in the best state possible by following these few things. This is all about pearl bracelets, their types, and the designs popular today. Enjoy the simple elegance of pearl bracelets with every look possible!