Pendant And Necklace: Are They The Same?

Pendant And Necklace: Are They The Same?

One of the most common mistakes people make with jewellery is categorising pendants and necklaces as the same. A necklace is an ornament worn around the neck which, as the name suggests, acts as a lace around the neck. It can be a short necklace, or a long one, accentuating the neck and collarbones, and the torso respectively. A pendant set, on the other hand, is a sort of locket that dangles from a chain necklace. In other words, all pendant chains are necklaces, but all necklaces aren’t pendant chains. Necklaces are usually on the heavier side, while pendant chains are usually lighter and shorter.

Moreover, pendants can actually be worn with a number of other ornaments as well. For example, they can be worn along with charms on bracelets or anklets. Pendants can actually be attached to any kind of jewellery since they come with clasps at the top, so a lot of pendants are also removable. Blingvine has an attractive range of necklaces and pendants that can be styled with many different outfits.

What Is A Pendant Set?

A pendant set typically consists of a metal chain from which an ornament dangles. This is called the pendant. The pendant design can feature a range of abstracts, such as ornate natural themes such as flowers and leaves, or studded stone designs. The most basic part of a pendant is that it is removable from the chain and therefore, can be accessorised with a variety of different kinds of outfits.

These can be purchased either as a pendant set or separately as a locket too. Blingvine has a beautiful range of pendants, from the classic love knot to the timeless teardrop pearl. You can buy a pendant separately and pair it with a chain you already have. Mostly, you will notice that these sets come with matching earrings as well. They are typically the best choice for semi-formal outfits.

One of the most popular pendant styles is a diamond pendant set. These are the most popular gifts given during the wedding season or during Valentine’s Day and anniversaries.

Types Of Pendants

If you are looking for a new way to style up your wardrobe, pendants can be your go-to choice. The best part of a pendant is its versatility. You can customise a pendant with any outfit you want and select the right chain to make the perfect pendant chain. You could even pair it with a necklace to create a layered look.

Custom Pendant Necklaces

These have become very popular as gift options. You can customise a gold pendant to have the initials of a person or your anniversary engraved on it. Moreover, you can also customise the design. For example, a lot of people customise pendants in the shape of a paw to have a keepsake of a beloved pet. A custom pendant set speaks a lot about how much you love someone and can be an amazing gift. Custom pendant necklaces are also very popular among the youth due to their special appeal.

Heart Pendant Necklaces

A classic symbol of everlasting love, the heart pendant necklace is a clear crowd favourite. Usually, it comes in the form of a gold or diamond heart-shaped pendant attached to a simple gold chain and matching gold or diamond earrings. This pendant set has been a bestseller in almost every jewellery store for years. If you are thinking of gifting your significant other a memento that talks about your everlasting bond, this is a wonderful choice.

Gem-Studded Pendant Necklaces

These are very popularly seen in many celebrity wardrobes. They consist of a single chain necklace, from which a stone pendant dangles. These are best suited for both formal as well as festive occasions. You can match your outfit with the colour of the gemstone and rock the look. Birthstone necklaces can be used as excellent gift options, and they also show a deep sense of intimacy between the giver and the recipient.

Thus, we can see how a pendant set can be an innately romantic and intimate gift option. Their versatility plays a very important role in their popularity. Moreover, they can be customised and paired with different chains to create different kinds of looks.

Pendants can create a signature look when paired with different kinds of outfits. You can never go wrong with a classic pendant set. Are you still thinking about whether you should give in and treat yourself to a pendant or a necklace? Blingvine has just the right ones for you.